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  1. Bump! Vote now live in top post!
  2. Here is a surprise. Compare the peaks of the hemisphere shapes between these two renders. This first one shows noticeable stair-stepping... When I examine that stair-stepping VERY closely, it is like a plateau, then several short steps packed together, then another plateau, then several short steps packed together... In this version the stepping is not nearly as obvious... Both have the same resolution displacement map and both are OpenEXR format. However the displacement map for the top image was rendered with 5 passes while the map for the bottom used only one pass. I had long presumed that more passes was better when making displacement maps but that is not the case! D'oh!
  3. Do you mean that what the AE tutorial showed wasn't good enough or that you couldn't get what he showed in the tutorial?
  4. This comparison uses the same displacement geometry rendered from the overhead camera at resolutions of 640, 320, 160 and 80 pixels wide, then applied to the same curved model. This frame was rendered at 640x480, 16 passes. Notice that the number of stair-steps on the tall X is the same on each model. This suggests that it is not a lack of resolution in the displacement map that causes it. If it were I would expect there to be 4x the number of steps from the 640 pixel map as from the 80 pixel map. Below is the same frame rendered at 4x4x the resolution (2560x1920) with just one pass, then shrunk down to 640x480 in Photoshop. For most anti-aliasing purposes I would expect this to appear the same as the 640x480 16-pass render since both are sampling the same number of points (4x4) for each final pixel. However, the stair-stepping on the "640" model is greatly reduced now. This indicates there is enough information in the 640 map to produce a better result but it was somehow not being all used. Notice that the "80" model has the same frequency of stair-stepping as in the original 640x480 render. This suggests that the original render was using ¼ x¼ of the information that was present. Could this be as simple as a MIP-map problem? Below is the same frame rendered at 640x480, with the displacement maps reset to BUMP. Here the diagonal lines render nearly flawless.
  5. Here is the same map on a curved surface... BumpCurveTurnH1000.mov
  6. That's pretty good, John.! I was able to get the AVI to play in Window Media Player if anyone is having trouble.
  7. The popping at extreme angles can be mostly eliminated by rendering at a higher res. The difference between the top and bottom here is the big surprise...
  8. Here is a turn-around of flat grids with displacement maps on them. I modeled some hemispheres and pyramid shapes, put a gray gradient on them and shot them from overhead with an orthogonal camera. The render that produced is on the top card. The bottom card has the image blurred and re-saved in Photoshop. The shading results are fairly consistent in the first half revolution when the patch normals are facing us, but get odd when they are facing away. BumpTurnH1500.mov
  9. There's a pretty good rocket flame done with streaks in this thread... https://forums.hash.com/topic/19039-rocket-engine/?tab=comments#comment-148913 Look at the WMV later in the thread.
  10. Hi Rusty! "Rocket fire" can mean many thing. Many different things. Can you show an example of what sort you mean?
  11. I'd prefer to stay with Windows 7 but the end of security updates in a few weeks means it's time to move on. Although MS doesn't promote it anymore, you can still upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 free. Here's how you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade I'm sure it's not an accident that they still allow it, not after all the attention this ZDnet article has gotten. Of course it is possible that some programs you have used on Windows 7 will not work on Windows 10. For now, i am keeping one of my computers on Windows 7 because of that since this upgrade seems not to be reversible.
  12. Hooray! Happy New Year, Roger! May you have a fine year ahead!
  13. This is as far as I got on my Pteranodon. Maybe there'll be another Prehistoric! contest?
  14. That looks like they've been rehearsing!
  15. Hi John First, we can know what Windows you have by checking your "System" Control panel. in Windows 7 it looks like this... If you have 64-bit windows, your C : drive will have two folders for programs... "Program Files" for 64-bit programs and "Program Files (x86)" for 32-bit programs. You can have both 32-bit and 64-bit A:M installed since they live in separate folders. If you have previously run the 64-bit installer there will be a "Hash Inc" folder inside your "Program Files" and a folder inside that for "V19.0" Get your license key in hand, delete the master0.lic file inside that folder, then run Master_64.exe in that folder to run A:M and enter the key anew. Try that, John!
  16. Yeah... but what about the dinosaur? I hear Scrooge is letting you use an extra lump of coal in the furnace tomorrow!
  17. That's charming, John! Santa better hurry, dawn is dawning!
  18. thanks, Tom! Thanks, Dan! That's a better story than I had for it!
  19. I will look forward to it! Have a fine Holiday!
  20. The Prehistoric! Image Contest poll is closed. The votes have been cast! There is a winner! Keep your peels eyed on this spot for the results announcement coming soon! Soon-ish! Not like next week or anything but I'll get to it! This gallery will be updated with artist names after the results video is released. Click any image to see it larger! Competition entry: "Amber Waves" wireframe: Competition Entry: "Time Traveling" wireframe: Competition entry: "Homo Cellphonius" wireframe: Exhibition image: "Travelin' Trilobite Trails" wireframe: Competition Entry: "Prehistoric Cuddle at Sunset" wireframe: Competition entry: "Cave Bears" wireframe: Competition Entry: "Caveman and Friend" wireframe: Exhibition image: "T-Rex Tirade" wireframe: Exhibition image: "Dino Boots" wireframe: Exhibition image: "On the Street Where You Live" wireframe: Competition entry: "Everyone Needs a Pet Mammoth" wireframe: Competition entry: "Top Secret!" wireframe: Exhibition image: "Where Am I?" wireframe: Exhibition image: "Do Not Touch" wireframe: Competition entry: "Plants of Prey" wireframe: Thanks for visiting... Prehistoric!
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