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  1. If you record a new audio from scratch in Audacity, does it work? If you cut your original clip in two halves and resave, does either half work? If you convert your original clip to mono and resave, does it work?
  2. The WAV you sent me worked fine here.
  3. The _02_02_04.wav came from the TWO archive. I presume they were using Audacity to edit audio but I don't know.
  4. Do either of these behave differently? GoodAfternoon_Title.wav GoodAfternoon_NoTitle.wav
  5. All I know is that it worked on my computer. Can you post the WAV you are trying to use?
  6. Charles, does this file work any differently? _2_02_04.wav
  7. Other ideas set wave volume in chor to 99% In the Windows Sound control panel try changing the output device. install v18 or v17 (copy your master0.lic file from the v19 folder) and see if they handle the wave any better Help>Reset Settings
  8. I haven't had that problem but just because it has solved other minor performance problems... try setting A:M to use compatibility settings for a previous version of Windows, like 7 or XP. It will take a minute to try. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
  9. Default projects for our next meeting... 07 Strings - Working with Text Invent a sentence of three clauses, assign each clause to a string variable and print it out three ways... Print each string variable on a separate line Print all three on one line in one cout statement Concatenate all three into a new string variable and print that one out in a cout statement Example output: 08 User Input Modify your chapter 06 project to have the user input a name and input the numeric values instead of hard coding them in the program. Remember to “prompt” inputs and “label” outputs. Example run of program: Alternate project idea... A “mad-lib” program that prompts the user for seemingly unrelated words, then combines them with other text in some amusing way.
  10. I like this gamma test because it is easy. Adjust your gamma until the vertical bars in each color appear same-value at the desired gamma (2.2 typically). However... DON'T view it in a browser. Browsers seem to alter the gamma of this image. Load it into a paint program that does no color management and make sure it is sized to 100%
  11. Hi, Tom. It goes something like this... The Material is a Gradient combiner that increases transparency vertically from 0% at the Start to 100% at the End. It also has a Turbulence on it to make the increase look mottled The cloud is modeled as a long V-shaped channel The Material was dropped on the cloud model (no groups needed) to color the whole model. The material makes the bottom of the V-channel opaque and fade to transparent at the upper edges. In the Chor, the turbulence can be keyframed to move vertically so that the mottled effect of the transparency appears to move up the sides of the V. This is how my Fire! is animated. https://forums.hash.com/topic/49678-fire/ However, the model has a pose slider (Pose 2) that flattens the V-shape so that all the CPs are level with the bottom CPs. This Pose is set to 100% in the Chor. The material, applied on the model, is unaware of this shape change so the animated mottling is still moving up the sides of the V, but the sides are now horizontal because of the Pose slider. The mottling appears to move from the middle of the cloud shape (originally the bottom of the V channel) to the front and trailing edges.
  12. I am still wondering about your monitor gamma. When I view this as posted, almost all the detail of the clothing and tail is lost in black.
  13. Hey, Tom, you gave me an idea! Birth of a Condensation... Stratus007f2_h2500.mp4
  14. I have added it to the post with that movie.
  15. Here is a version that has both 1 and 2 "octaves" together... CellMat004_h1500.mov
  16. I added the PRJ to the top post if you want to mess with it. Note that the model itself is stationary. The materials on it are keyframed to rotate.
  17. Thanks for all your work, Jason. I hope you are on the mend soon!
  18. the Cellular-Webbed turbulence combiner rotated within a cube of patches... CellMat003_H1500.mp4 PRJ... CellMAts003.prj
  19. these are made with the "cellular" noise combiner. cloud12f_h2000.mp4
  20. Thanks, guys! The ones that are primarily a material effect have have the most potential i think... (full screen it) Cirrus7d_h2000.mov PRJ: StratusCloud007d.prj (set your Options>Rendering to "Use settings from the Camera")
  21. A bit more cloud experimentation. I think these are Cirrus clouds... "Lenticular" clouds, that people often mistake for flying saucers...
  22. Update... you can now do Likes, Yays, and Ecstatic clapping. Thank you, Rodney!
  23. I guess, "likes" are not quite back. We have "Thanks" and "Ha-ha" but no simple "like" yet. I guess we'll have to express our likes in written form! For your consideration, these emoticons continue to be available (you have to scroll way down the emoticon menu)...
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