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  1. Does Windows 10 no longer allow you to record from the Windows audio output? Neither my tuning apps nor screencams nor audio recorders can hears the regular Windows sound that goes to speakers.
  2. Boom! I have previously wondered about using A:M to prototype "pop-up" greeting cards. You've got me thinking about that again.
  3. Default project for Chapter 12 Chars and Bools Declare a Bool variable. Set it to False and print out its value. Set it to true and print out its value. Declare several Char variables. Prompt the user for value for each one, then print them out as if they made one word. "Cast" the chars to ints and print out their numeric values Remember to prompt the inputs and label the outputs sample output
  4. Happy Easter, John, and to all the rest of you A:Mers!
  5. i re-compressed it to a quarter-size version that should load and play easier... SimonTest.mp4
  6. You can have the camera background color be any color you want if that is what you want to show through the holes that make the letters. It was the alpha channel effect that was making the background appear black..
  7. Perhaps just try saving to a different directory, with a simpler path. Are you on a Mac? Are you still using the OS that is compatible with A:M?
  8. The white portion of your scene is the camera background color. If that is rendered to a format like PNG or TGA that includes a transparency channel, the background will be made transparent and probably appear as black depending on how it is used. JPG doesn't include transparency. Or you can turn "Alpha" buffer OFF in your render settings when rendering to TGA. The "Intensity" of the Spot light is only 50%. If i increase it to 200% the volumetric effect is more obvious.
  9. Hi Simon, I did a quick render to numbered jpgs and this is what i got. It looks a bit like your first screen capture. Tell me more about how this does or doesn't fit your expectations and we can advance from there. SimonTest000.mp4
  10. You can either make the emitter part of the model, or if it HAS to be a separate model you can TranslateTo and OrientLike constrain it to your model. Either way, it doesn't matter how the model turns or is initially positioned, the streaks will be emitted perpendicular to the emitter surface.
  11. I hope you are staying safe!
  12. If you need an absolutely rigid trailing flame, then the modeled flame will be easier... RocketStreaks03_modeleldFlame.prj
  13. In your project 02_emitter.prj you have the fire and smoke emitters as separate models from the rocket and you are keyframing them to follow the motion of the rocket. That is unnecessarily complicated. It is easier and better to make them part of the rocket model and then they will always follow it exactly. Here is a simple rocket that emits streaks. The streaks always follow the rocket as it turns and always emit straight out the back of it. Load this PRJ, watch it, and then tell me in what way it is not what you are trying to do. RocketStreaks01.prj
  14. I'm still not sure what you regard as the problem. When I looked a Emit08.avi, the flame was slightly behind the rotation of the rocket. Is that what you wanted or didn't want? Did you want it to lag more or less?
  15. Here are some long numbers that can be used as tests for floating point formatting sq root of 2 1.4142356237309504880168872420969807856967187537694807317667973799 pi 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 Avogadro's number 602214141070409084099072
  16. That is a chin! Reminds me a bit of Patton from the side. I'm glad to hear you and your family are pulling through!
  17. the TSM2 plugins only operate in 32 bit A:M For me, v15 A:M is the last version that TSM2 works in. It appears to load and run in 32-bit v16, but it only works properly in v15. You only need to be in v15 when you use the plugins. You can save your model and do CP weighting or smartskinning in a later version. Remember there are 3 parts to TSM2 Builder. This makes the geometry bones. Do your fan-boning/smartskinning/CP weighting after Builder and save your work. Flipper. I don't use this. I use A:M's MirrorBone plugin (in later versions) instead, to mirror bones and weights. If i added any fan bones with constraints, I use MirrorConstraints to mirror those. Then save your work again. Rigger. This hides the geometry bones and adds constraints and controls. Save your work again. You don't have to use TSM2. If you prefer AM2001, that is OK.
  18. Remember, I said you have to use TSM2 in v15. It was compiled for v15. It wont' work in v11 or v17
  19. If you should try that, let me know if it works for you.
  20. It's in the rigging forum. To use it you will need to install v15 first, install TSM2 to v15, and use the TSM2 functions in v15. The character you rig will still be usable in later versions. You can run v15 with your current subscription The TSM2 installer includes a manual and intro tut.
  21. When I have some time, like if the world shuts down due to an epidemic or something, I'll try the whole 2001 Rig process from start to finish and see what happens. I've been using TSM2 forever, so i'm not highly familiar with the 2001Rig.
  22. When I try animating the stock Thom model, which seems to have this rig, it behaves as I expect... forearm rotation on Y only.
  23. Hmmm... my expectation of FK arms (which is what these arms are in by default) would be that the forearm should only turn on the Y axis because the elbow only turns on that plane. When any portion of the forearm rolls on the z axis it would be because it is is following z-axis rotation of the hand, but you would not manually turn the forearm itself on the z axis. And a forearm would never turn on the X axis. That is what I have come to expect of FK arms because that matches what our anatomy does. Is the 2001 rig supposed to do that? I'm not sure. Do we have any 2001 rig experts here?
  24. The zip has so much nested stuff in it can't figure out what to load and it doesn't have anything named "Virgil" in it. Is "Virgil" what we are wanting to fix?
  25. A code is good for one computer only. For a second computer you will need a second subscription.
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