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  1. Hi Charles, What other motion does the bone1 have, beside moving from -5 to +10? There are probably several ways to link the pose slider to bone motion.
  2. You might test out the expression-making process in v19e. I only tried it in v19j. Maybe it still works in v19e?
  3. Creating the expression will work in v18 without a crash if you want to try it. This PRJ created in v18 will work in v19. TwoNullTest03.prj
  4. An expression will do that. (I was able to do it in v15. v19 seems to have a bug I will report.) (tell me if you can't see this) clip4857PathPlus10.mp4 You still have three weeks for your Prehistoric entry!
  5. I'm afraid i can't get the movie to play. Can you edit you post so that the file is just a "link" instead of inline? (I tried editing it with my mod powers and that didnt' work.)
  6. My sense is that because a bug in A:M was fixed, the SDK was changed to still work after that fix.
  7. Here is a little bit done with Classes. I made one class for an Alien that stores its X and Y location as integers and its graphics characters as strings. Then it has two methods. One updates the alien's position by incrementing the location values in the class. The other prints the strings to wherever those locations are. Once that class is made, an array of them can be deployed and each one keeps track of its own location as the update and print methods are called in a loop. while (true) { for (int i = 0; i < NUM_ALIENS; i++) { //cycle through all the aliens in the array alien[i].updateAlien(); alien[i].printAlien(); } sleep_until(system_clock::now() + 0.100s); //delay 1/10th second } SpaceInvadersH1500.mov
  8. I don't know for a fact that it is a needs-to-be-recompiled problem. Write it up as a bug report and submit it. Steffen will surely let us know.
  9. I don't have the latest version of those so I can't test it myself. You might check the release notes for versions g h and i to see there is a mention of needing to re-compile plugins.
  10. It's Prehistoric! Background pan from "Daffy and the Dinosaur" (1939)
  11. Crime solving in the future... in the 21st Century! "Rocket Squad" (1956)
  12. Weird thing extruded from back of head then joined together underneath...
  13. I want to make a pteranodon. I gathered some reference to study. The boning of the wing is simpler than I though. it's just a few arm bones and one gi-normous pinky finger. I star by extruding and tapering the upper beak out from a spline ring... I duplicate the top, flip it vertically to make the bottom beak and connect it at the mouth corner... Stitch in a ring at a spline intersection ... Extrude it inward to form the eye socket...
  14. Prehistoric tutorial! Your creature will need some decals to ugly him up. "Snapshot" helps you get your wireframes into your paint program, and get your decals back out with perfect alignment!
  15. How to use the Snapshot feature to create precisely aligned decal stamps. https://youtu.be/TKm0_7HuqMs In the video I forgot to mention that if you want more resolution for your decal than the original Snapshot provides, resize it in your paint program before you do any painting. The higher-res decals you create will still drop into A:M with correct alignment.
  16. Hi Myron, The most recent update can be found in the "Latest Info" forum Here is the post for v19.0j https://forums.hash.com/topic/49452-v190j/ The SDK is for programmers who write plugins for A:M
  17. If you haven't hit one of the common keyboard menaces like Caps Lock or Num Lock and your keyboard is otherwise working normally, try Help>reset Settings. That will set A:M back to the larval stage.
  18. Here's a handy debugging tool... on an object name>Find all references will show you a list of every use of that name including a bit of context as to what is being done to it. Clicking on any instance in the list takes you to the right place in the code, even if you have it in multiple files in the Project.
  19. One month to go! That's like the old days when the contests were just one month long! Don't miss out!
  20. If Win 10 is the problem, message Jason Simonds and ask if he can re-issue your subscription.
  21. I'm not sure what you mean by "can't dl the program" the installer is in this post... https://forums.hash.com/topic/49452-v190j/ You can not download the installer?
  22. uninstall v19 make sure there is nothing in the v19 folder where it was run the new installer That should ask for your activation code After you put the activation code in it will write the new master0.lic file into you v19 folder. you can copy and paste that master0.lic file into your v18 and v17 and v16 folders so they can run also, if you have them.
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