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  1. Crazy cubes! I recall the Mike Lium's name. https://forums.hash.com/profile/197-mike-lium/content/ Sorry to hear he is gone!
  2. Another possibility for C++ conditions is a simple card (one round) where you have to get above a certain number but below another number to win.
  3. Hi Dane, welcome to the forum! I posted an answer to a similar question here... Note that in step "10" where I direct him to choose "repea,t" you would likely choose "ping pong" If you have more questions, please ask!
  4. Mmmm... For a while I was thinking of having "Food and Beverage" as an Image Contest topic.
  5. Chapter 16 Floats default project Contrive some pair of calculations that should create the same result but fail the == test because of the inexact nature of floating point numbers. Then find what the smallest +- range is that they can be compared and pass as approximately equivalent. Output all with labels. The various formatting and significant digits options we encountered in Chapter 11 might be useful to dust off for this project. Chapter 17 C++ conditions default project Prompt the user to input several factors (example: age, weight, ...) and then output some diagnosis based on the combination of those in a C++ condition For example: to be an Astronaut you have to be over 21 AND under 48" tall AND under 120 lbs. to be a Sumo wrestler you need to be over 18 AND over 60" tall AND over 400 lbs.
  6. That's good-looking critter hair!
  7. Looks well-done and economically splined.
  8. Chapter 13 and 14 combined default project 13 and 14 are shades of the same IF concept. 13 is IF and ELSE . 14 adds ELSEIF Write a program that prompts the user to input the number of sides of an A:M patch and then respond apprpriately as to whether that is an allowed number of sides or needs special treatment or isn't allowed at all! How many sides does your patch have? 7 No, 7 sides is not allowed. Or do anything else to demonstrate IF, ELSE and ELSEIF
  9. The activation code should arrive in your email. Check your email, even the spam folder. you can also get your activation code by logging into your hash store account and checking your purchases, i recall.
  10. it will look something like this... flyby000.mp4
  11. I suggest something like this... Make a half cylinder to put the stars on put the camera at the center of the cylinder animate the ships to travel from one side to the other scale the ships from 0% at the beginning to 100% in the middle and back to 0% at the end pan the camera to follow them If you make the half cylinder VERY large you won't have to scale the models
  12. It did seem a quite magical to be able to play a movie at home. The first thing I ever bought with a credit card that exceeded my ability to pay off the balance in one month was a VHS tape player. I still have my "Telepresence" tape but no longer have a working VHS tape player for it.
  13. Do you really want them to look like they are penetrating a black wall or should they get bigger from nothing?
  14. Hi Kenneth, I was able to apply a decal to a plane in the conventional fashion, and also use that image as a projection map on a plane. Try this PRJ and render the image in the chor The plane on the left has a regular decal on it, the plane on the right has the image applied as a "projection map" material. starfieldDecal.zip Let me know if that PRJ at least works. To try before anything else... make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date. in A:M>Tools>Options>Global... try choosing the choice for Real-Time driver that is not currently selected and restart A:M
  15. The streaks are changing color over their lifetime but the emitted color is not changing (the effect Alan is seeking) For clarity i changed the pink to bright red... streak3.prj
  16. My prime memory of Jean Chrétien is that Mike Myers used to do an impression of him on SNL
  17. So who is he in Canadian dollars?
  18. Alano, I gave it try today with a generic particle emitter and wasn't able to get the color to change. It is probably a bug that needs to be fixed. There is a work around... render the scene with grey particles up to where the transition from grey to pink ends and render it again with pink particles from where the transition starts, then cross fade between the two renders in your video editing app.
  19. The PRJ doesn't seem to have the model or a Chor in it. Project>Embed All and resave it. I will look at this at Live Answer Time today if you want to drop in.
  20. What do they display on this? Jewelry? Butterflies? Sliced Pastrami?
  21. If you could make a version of the PRJ with everything stripped out except for the model with the emitter and the relevant particle materials I'll take a look at it.
  22. This angle that I've put the blue markers on appears as nearly 90° in the image plane. If that is a 90° angle on the real object the camera would have to be close to directly over that corner for it not to be flattened by perspective into a wider angle. But obviously the camera is not close to directly over that corner.
  23. What if the "vertical" side is not actually vertical? We've been presuming it is vertical, but we don't have any proof it is vertical. What if it is leaning in slightly over the base? That might explain why my alignment attempt produces an impossible camera elevation. What if the base is not rectangular? What if it is slightly trapezoidal?
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