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  2. The exercise says Pass the ball, not pass a ball. I think passing one ball would add to the continuity and coherence of the exercise and focuses the animators on building character. I think the ball should at least have one capability of animation principles; squash & stretch. My 2 cents; either way I would like to participate
  3. Make sure the ball has S&S capabilities.
  4. I missed my last chance, I don't want to miss it again. Count me in.
  5. No need to apologize, I was just wondering what's next. Sounds great! A TSM Squetch rig is a win/win situation. I can hardly wait. Take your time, obsess about it, its gonna be awesome.
  6. I guess the only thing left is a video tutorial? Maybe? Any time soon?
  7. That's right huh? never mind then. What do you mean? I was referring to Vern's "malicious entity".
  8. I think Vern is on the right track. You can never be too careful. I like the idea of the file having a permenant DL point here in the forum or somewhere on A:M's main page. Maybe it can be included as part of next year's A:M version???
  9. Maybe its a good idea to attach the release letter with the file.
  10. I bought their rig after they discontinued it - but I'm happy to have contributed to them. I also purchased their training videos. They're a great bunch. I will purchase more of their awesome products down the line. Thanks Anzovin. EDIT: Robcat: what do you have up your sleeve?
  11. Sounds like a nice experiment with Limit Translation, Limit Rotation, and Aim At constraints and Nulls on a front wheel suspension system. I saw a tutorial on that particular setup on YouTube, albeit its for a different software, but the principles are the same and easily applicable in A:M.
  12. The hands look too small proportion wise. If you put your hand in front of your face, and the base of your hand on your chin, your middle finger should reach the edge of the start of your hairline (or more than half of your forehead in the absence of hairline). The hand in your character looks like it can barely reaches the eye line. And to be sure, the proportion of the hand should cover from the heel to the bunion of the foot. I think once you get that done it will be sufficient to cover up any other glaring misproportions.
  13. I always refer to these Video Tutorials
  14. Looks pretty good. The hand follow through needs a little attention. To loop your movies, open in QT and select Loop. QT will prompt you if you want to save it when you close, if you click Yes it will save it as a loop.
  15. Is that your real voice, Dale, or did you digitize it? Both sound really good, but Sebastian's pitched one sounds more convincing.
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