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  1. what do u mean is there a converting program from quicktime to covert it to an animation etc????
  2. I did the 30 frames per second and Animation Master took the footage,but then it says 16bit quicktime not supported.What does this mean?Any ideas,or solutions?
  3. Thanks!For all the tips and advice.Get Back to me when u can about the tutorial bro
  4. Hey wats up everyone my name is Alejandro.I've been looking around the Animation Master forms,SynthEyes forms,and can't find the right form on how to use Syntheyes with Animation Master.If Anyone knows the right form that will explain everything clearly on how to work with Sytheyes,motion tracking then getting it to work with AM that would be great! I've got a big favor.If anyone Can!I'm not saying U have to!It would be great if someone FINALLY MADE A video tutorial,explaining how you,motion track in SynthEyes,with Animation Master.WHAT ARE ALL THE STEPS,the right video files.This would mean alot to me! I will be checking everyday for Anyone's response!
  5. Whens That Zandoria Studios Offical Web Site Ganna Come Out? Last Time I Checked It Said Rethinking My Vision
  6. Thanks I Hope It Works When I Get My New Windows Vista Pc Computer. And If It Dosen't I'll Just Buy An Upgrade. Thanks For The Feed Back Guys.
  7. Does Animation Master Work With Windows Vista? Pretty Soon I'm Ganna Be Buying A Windows Vista Pc. I own Animation Master v12.0
  8. I'll Just Buy The DVD.Thanks Again
  9. I'm Not Seeing The Flatten Button On My Screen I Followed All The Steps In The Tutorial But I Don't Get A Flatten Button.Is It Because I Have A Different Version Of Animation Master?
  10. Thanks Caroline You Always Got The Anwsers.
  11. I Wanted To Know If Anyone Knows Any Tutorials On Decals,How To Flatten Your Models,Then Ways To Import Pictures,Textures Onto Your Models.
  12. Thanks For All Your Help Caroline.You've Been Great Help
  13. Heres Another Screen Capture. I'm Not Sure What Type Of Angles You Need.
  14. A Picture Test With My Bunker.The Americans In The Picture Are Real From WW2.I Didn't Put As Much Effort Into It.It Was Just A Test. Heres 2 Screen Capture Pictures I Took.What Type Of Position Camera Angles Do You Need?
  15. My First Model With Animation Master.For A CG Effect For An Upcoming WW2 Movie Im Ganna Make.
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