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  1. Ho TRN I have been trying that for this past year, then about a month some how ( with a lot of help here ) it just came together. I took a video clip in QUICKTIME and exported it as a TGA Animation (Image Sequence) The next step I don't remember exactly but I imported either the first image of the sequence or the whole set of clips into AM under 'images' Then I dragged that into my CHOR under Camera 1 as a rotoscope, it worked! WOW I saved it before I screwed it up again. From that I imported a model and just played with it 'frame_by_frame' and it all worked. When I rendered I had to turn OFF the Alpha channel thing so the rotoscope would show. Then I removed the rotoscope and replaced it with a photo and imported another model and have been animation it to match the original model. Hope this helps Wally EvanPindit3BEST.mov Lilufobuzz3Nevik.mov
  2. Hi Rob Ok, now do I do it with the models or in the choro window, and/or with the main bone of each model or some other way? and "offsets" ???? not sure what you mean there.
  3. Hi All Well here is what I have come up with, which will work for now. I am planning to present this to a friend that created a comic book. This is his company logo (which was just a still 2D image) and I am hoping to get him and some friends together, get excited, and to get on with some business. We played around with RayDream many years ago but never got anything going, this time with AM ( which is great by the way) I am going to look for a more fun and adventures to come. It just so happens I have another question. (like you didn't know that was coming) ha I have two models, I am trying to put one into another and to get them to work together, example: person inside a car....car moves but person doesn't. Should I combine them as one new model, use constraints or something else? By the way thanks for all the help and advice! Wally ScatteredMatterlogo.mov
  4. Hi Spleen I think this is where Rob is talking about any way this is what worked for me when I had the same problem Wally
  5. Hi Nancy So does baking have some effect with the alpha channels thing? I am still a bit in training with the alpha thing.
  6. Hi All Thanks John for the files I have looked over your 'transfer prj' and still cant figure out how you controlled the amount of sprites, I did see some differences from the 'form file' you sent above but still cant quite figure out how to make the sprites stop sending. I did notice you have pose sliders in both, can you explain them and the difference? I have an idea but not quite sure. Still working on it. I love this stuff, way to much fun.
  7. Well I got something I did the left side, rendered as a tga sequence, in the system I renamed them all backwards. ( frame 30 as 1: frame 29 as 2, and so on ) opened it in QT and saved a QT movie......looked good Went back to the right side, did the same render but DID NOT change the order. (both attached) So now the next question ha (bet you all hate hearing that one) How to combine both sets of tga sequences together? ScatMatLogo1.mov ScatMatLogo.mov
  8. How do you reverse the footage, been clicking on this for 4 hrs. found all kinds of new things but nothing to reverse.
  9. Goodmorning All John I have been looking over your 'form' file and I do have a few more questions but I have to wake up first. I found 2 of the movies I think I could use; 1st one is yours with Thom and blobbies, you controlled them and they formed another model the second is by Vern where the model is created by reversing the animation to form the model Robcat (above) said to reverse an animation but at 5am don't quite understand what he said. yours" Attached File drip.mov ( 443k ) Number of downloads: 52 Attached File drip.zip ( 38.38k ) Number of downloads: 2 ------------------- this from Vern Attached File drip.mov ( 443k ) Number of downloads: 52 Attached File drip.zip ( 38.38k ) Number of downloads: 2 Will get on with the business once my brain wakes up. Thanks guys
  10. Hi Rob I saw several references to reversing the footage , so how do you do that? ( Ive had a dickens of a time going forward )
  11. Greetings again everyone Well now I have been trying to do something I asked about a while back http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;#entry297368 Any way I was looking at one of the archives about sprites and so on and saw some posts by Paul Forwood, Johnl3d, and heyvern that I think will work. I don't know how they did it but I LIKE IT!!! Now my question here is, is it possible to control sprites like the attached image? I have attached my sprite emitter to a path, that worked but they still seem to fly all over the place. I also have figured out the 'transparency' to make one fade and the other appear. I have played with the collision thing and it doesn't seem to work except on a 'ground' like snow fall and laying on the ground. I need to have an object on the left transport into a different object on the right. Can sprites be controlled to end in a specific area??
  12. Welcome Dalton This is a great program and it is much easier to work with than Maya or some of the other big guns out there. All the tuts are great and easy to follow. I have had this for less than a year and modeled, rigged and animated my own stuff and for me thats says a lot. The best thing you can learn to help is the 'keyboard short cuts' made a world of difference for me. AND BY ALL MEANS use this forum, ALL these folks are great to help and give advice. Wally
  13. Oh ya tool cool for a first, beat the heck out of mine. Great job
  14. Thanks Now to understand what I did and how it worked, I now must heed the wisdom of Vern, 'One must repeat, repeat, repeat until it is settled.' or something like that.
  15. Hi Gang Well I did get it he way I wanted, not sure yet what I did or how but. I did. Here is a little clip of two tests combined in iMovie. with sound the_Search_test4.mov
  16. I think my brain is sweating I did the following images from the animations on the PC The 'not so good' is the first render, nice in the center but a mess on the outside The 'better' is after I scaled out the rotoscope to fit the chor. window but it somewhat distorted but more what I want I will try the alpha thing tomorrow Rodney after my head goes to Neverland. Thanks for all the help and advice, I will keep working till I get it figured out and let you all know Wally
  17. Hi Folks Just got home from work, have been thinking about this all day and think I have an idea about it. 1st I did the above on my iMac with AM v15. at lunch I work on my laptop PC AM v15 and I have found that of the 3 different animations I have done I used a photo, or, as above a video clip, as a rotoscope. Today I did just a simple one with Thom and no rotoscope and it worked fine. So my thoughts are that the Choro. window is a bigger size than a photo or a video clip, and as such it renders all the outside stuff in the choro. as a mess. So is it possible to adjust the camera window, or the choro. window to fit the size of the photo or video? or for that matter to adjust the rotoscope up to the size of the choro. window? I am going to test it here in a few minutes to see if my theory is correct. ( gosh I felt like Spock when I wrote that) A note: I sent the above image to show how the render window looks, the final animation looks the same or else it comes out totally black and then AM crashes. Another note: I bet those cinnamon rolls were great !!!!!!! Now here goes, I will let you know if I ma correct or not.
  18. Me again, sorry. I worked on this all day yesterday, changed settings, did every thing I could think of, even Reset AM to defaults. I just cant figure out why my rendering looks like this. Any Ideas? This is what my finished animations look like or just Black. After it finished then AM crashes. Have to go to work now just to clear my head. LOL Wally
  19. Maybe they mean to have a rig with poses to use with several different models, I would love that myself. Example: My 1st model is all rigged and posed, My second model is a smaller version of the first made as a female and would like to be able to use the same rig and posses for each???? Working on it now.
  20. I think you should write new manual for AM, you make is so much simpler to understand. Hey thats an idea several of you experts should do a video manual. Whoo! that would be great. Just kiddin, But on a more serious note, if not for all the video tuts. from you and many others I would not have gotten as far as I have now, I do appreciate and thank you ALL for all the time and effort you have put into helping others.
  21. Thanks 'mtpeak2' that was the problem. I have been looking and looking at everything, didn't think of that. I tend to get a bit brain dead, and frustrated when something little like this comes up. Guess it's the old guy mental block. LOL Thanks to all of you for looking and helping. I sure do love this forum. You are all great.
  22. Ok I tried that hope it works. Thanks Nevik11.prj
  23. I must be doing something wrong that my prj. and model files are both sent as text files, sorry.
  24. Thanks for the quick response. Here is a shot of the bones and control bones. model also I have gone through and checked attachment and they seem to be correct. But I am still a bit cloudy as to what should be attached and not and if Lock IK should be ON or not. Nevik11.mdl
  25. Ok folks Heres one I hope you all can help me solve. I have rigged my dude, go to action to make sure all is working well, which all does seem to be fine except,,,, when I move control hand down it seems to keep going further than it should and it stretches the fingers all out of shape. OUCHHHHHH I have attached the proj. files with this if anyone can figure out what I did wrong this time. Thanks Wally Nevik11.prj
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