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  1. MAN this is GREAT!!! I got to give you your props. You Started this back in JULY!!!! Hard work really does pay off. Good Job. Very Inspiring!!! Thx BRO
  2. Well i got the paint to look how i want it to thx to DUBlight but now if somone could tell me how to change that green to white. I looked at the link but i dont get it.
  3. Well here is my first test with the skylight. Mag wen im done the model then il send the thing and u can try ur crazy renderin skillz ight.
  4. Thx for the links guys. Mag im almost done but not there yet i have to do lights still and glass and finsh the other side with C/F/A. Thx all u guys i realy needed the links.
  5. Well i kinda got the paint to look how i want it to but, now if some one could point me were to get that skydome AKA skylight that would be great ( I checked the rigging forum NO lUCK) . So i can finsh ths model.
  6. Could somone post a skydome? I want to try another test render with it.
  7. I assume you want suggestions on how to make your composition better and praise on how you've done so far. Praise first: The design is unique (at least to me). The modeling is smooth. I'd have to see a wireframe but the mesh looks efficient. The camera placement is dynamic. Suggestion: A lot of image space is taken up by the tail of the car - which is not lit. This draws your eye right-to-left rather than left-to-right like most western art should. Put the (white) Fill light on the right pointing toward the car's back then put the (blue) Rim light to the extreme left and t
  8. Here is a nother test render. comments would be nice.
  9. Ya i will do that. I i have like 3 days off work so i should be able to find some time to work on the Nixus. and Mary Xmas to all AM users.
  10. well im back at it. I have to finsh it some day dont i. Well I fixed the wheels up and i also removed some spline that are not needed to make the model more smooth.
  11. That is a sick grievous you got there Dark jed... Keep up da good work!!
  12. hey mag ill try but why dont you give it a try. You did get better at rendering now sins my nixus is far from done.
  13. Ya that is kinda wat im trying to get but in a white background like the lightsaber render. I just need to get myself that lightdone. Do you know were i can get it i lost my.
  14. I think i used lightdome to get the effect but, I lost my could someone hook me up with it?
  15. Now this light saber that i made a long time ago is using a c2-ico-f2 (20).lit and model i think. I am trying to get the same render effect on the rim. I will give it a shot myself first then maybe some one can help me more on it.
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