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  1. OK thx i guess your right im going to have to do it my self. When i find time that is to do it right now im working on modeling a car. Can you PM me the password for your free stuff on your site?
  2. I have this nice model i made in AM but dont realy know how to rig and dont want to realy learn it im too lazy could someone rig it for for me. Here is a picture o the model. O ya and i model only for now but would realy like to try somethings on teh model but dont have it riged.
  3. Hey do any of you guys know if 3D max is compatible with AM?I am asking this becouse i want to import a model from 3D max into AM.
  4. If you would like to see my modeling skls check out WIP or show case forum. I posted some models i made there.
  5. Well you know im not bad my self at doing models in A:M. You need some more people to help you out making models i think i would be a great help. I'm looking for a job as a modeler right now.
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