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  1. lol! Maybe I should look up the pazzarati photos. thanks jon
  2. I was wondering if anyone new of a site that has famous peoples faces from the left or right view. I am working through the structure of man dvd lessons and want to practice this view before going on. Thanks Steve
  3. very nice , not boring to me at all. great job!
  4. I recently stumbled onto this website, I watched some of the sample tutorials and they seem very good. These dvds are on the top of my to get list, here a link for anyone interested... http://thestructureofmandvd.blogspot.com/
  5. Thanks Scott a simple fix, I am thankful I did not have to start rig from begining.
  6. is there a way to detach a bone in a rig, I attached my pelvis to thigh bone and need to detach. how do I do it,if possible?
  7. Thanks your great responses, another qustion though...Is anyone familar with the Bamboo graphics tablet, a price that for now is more in my budget.
  8. Does anyone use a Graphics tablet and if so, how is the interface with AM? Would it work with the 3d painter program? Just doing some research for a wish list item in the future....Thanks for the feed back... I finally finished a character, just some tweaking to do and now on to rigging
  9. When I select mirror mode, it does not mirror oppisite side. Is there another setting I need to adjust? I am running V15a.
  10. Jet Jaguar! Any ways Finished the Ghidorah Model. Does anyone know how to BLEND textures? very cool. I remember that robot... wasn't it called Giant Robot. As a kid I remember watching all those movies with my cousin on late Friday night shows. The giant turtle Gamera was one of my favorites.
  11. Thanks Ganthofer and John I will check it out, and I am using version 15a, installed the web subcription on desktop as well as my laptop. It was well worth buying two subscriptions.
  12. Is there a kind of template for material combinations and settings already laid out anywhere? x+x+x+X= glass, or chrome ... ect.. or do you play with the setting until you get what yoou want....Thanks for answering in advance.
  13. It seems my laptop has two page up and page down buttons, so I use the other and it smoothes out. Sorry for the duh question, thanks for taking time to help.
  14. yes I page up and nothing changes the peak look of spline, which if i press the peak button, they are perfect peaked splines, if smooth they look less sharp..
  15. Thanks Ken.... I used the page up key and it rounede out. I reset my setting to default to follow the tutorial by Barry Zundel, now I am getting my splines in that peak look, but they are not. I used the page up key and the o key, and nothing happens. The page up key worked before I restored the defaults but now it does nothing except if I page down I hear a little beep from my speakers. Thanks in advance....
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