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  1. John, enamel is what makes teeth white, though perhaps this model's teeth texture could use a scuffing up. Thanks, Nancy and Robert!
  2. Happy Halloween, everybody! Carl
  3. For this update, I've added the 3 main toes; hopefully I can get to the 2 vestigial toes this weekend. The model now stands at just under 16,000 patches. BTW Rodney, I am trying to be economical while remaining true to the overall shapes. Of course, the problem with almost every bone is that the great number of protrusions, dents and holes in/on them really get the patch ticker going. And I just did a rough estimate of what the vertebrae are going to entail, and they will likely run me another 30,000 all by themselves. I haven't rigged the legs or feet yet, either, and that's high on
  4. Sorry for the delay in getting out an update. Holidays, job-hunting, head colds all played a part in prohibiting further work. For this installment, all I've done is add the top metatarsals. It's not much, and I'm terribly excited about moving on to the toes, but these were definitely tricky to model. Here's the update: BTW, robcat, I meant to say it in my last post - you're right, an AO render would reduce render time and look largely similar. However, I do prefer the radiosity render and, given that I have two machines in my render farm, it's not a problem for me to send something of
  5. Thanks for the positive feedback about the model, and for the kind words about my site, Rodney and Nancy. Rodney, one of the sources that I've been using is the Black Hills Institute site - they have a number of amazing replicas for sale, including a full T rex (for the modest price of $100K). They sell 2 different arms, one gracile and one robust. The gracile they attribute to a male and the robust to a female - the justification for which is that in most other animals, the females are larger. Of course, the most famous female rex is Sue, another amazing resource to have just a few miles down
  6. Hey everybody, It's time once again to post my latest work in progress, a T rex skeleton. For anyone who knows me (or even my handle), this won't come as the slightest bit of surprise. Several years ago, I completed a T rex skull, and I always wanted to complete the skeleton, especially since Joe Cosman's Albertasaur is such an amazing model and has long been a wonderful bit of inspiration. So here we go: The goal at this point is get as many pieces made and in place. I am going for fidelity to my source material, but not extreme levels of detail. This is obviously a subjective stand
  7. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone. I've started adding texture to the skull: A material for the skull as a whole so I can add bumps and pits, and texture maps (though, right now there is only one, on the face) for the sutures. Here's what I got so far:
  8. Great stuff, Robert! Did you animate the Rocket and string by hand or is that a dynamic constraint at work? Either way, it's a wonderful clip!
  9. Fantastic work. What a treat the movie was, too.
  10. Absolutely. I haven't started texturing it yet for two reasons: 1) as I add detail, I add, remove and reshape the geometry and 2) I'm still only working on the right half, then copy-flip-attaching for a render check, both of which would necessitate a lot of reapplication of decals. However, maybe it's time I added them anyway, since the reapplication process is not terribly difficult and the inclusion of details like the skull sutures can only help. Thanks for the feedback! Carl
  11. Finally got a chance to start in on the jaw. Here's what we got so far: Carl
  12. Thanks for the tip, Matt - I'll give that a try when I create another set of renders. I saw your post too late for this one, though, so it still contains some radiosity artifacts. I think, at least for now, that I prefer the radiosity render to the AO, so your tip is very timely! Nancy, I don't yet have anything in particular in mind for a final image of the skull. I want only to model a complete one. Once that's done, I'll be able to make a range of variations from freshly bleached to having sat exposed on a mountainside for a decade. Right now, the renders are only serving as a means of
  13. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! A special thanks to MJL for finding Eugene, though I still haven't been able to locate him on any of the CDs I have, though I haven't found all of those, either. Nancy, you're right of course, though I think more troubling is the buffing this person would have had done in order to get a cranium that smooth . I plan on getting to the texturing when I'm closer to finishing the model. I'm actually only working on the skull's right side and copy-flip-attaching it before I render (or when I want to make sure things are looking as I think they should
  14. Here is another update of the model. I've reshaped the cheek bones, and added 2 (mostly hidden from this vantage point) structures. I think my next step will be adding a little more texture. I removed the bone color from the teeth and just left them a pure white in this render. I also replaced the radiosity render with an AO for fun. I'm not sure which lighting scheme I like better. BTW, am I just misremembering or was there really skeleton AM model named Eugene? Carl
  15. Jason, If you still haven't consolidated the file, I recommend doing that. I've consolidated many over the years and here's how it works: Save your file as a Project. This is may be the simplest and most obvious step, but needs stating in case you've only saved out Materials, Models, Choreographies, etc as their own files. Go to Project->Consolidate Project. AM will ask you to confirm with "Do you really want to copy all project data into a new diretory structure? It is recommended that you create a new directory for the destination of this operation." Create a new directory per
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