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  1. Thank you very much Jerald I have forgotten so much
  2. I have somehow managed to move all the bones in a model down ,I need to kno how to move them up again thank,s for any help
  3. very good use of mufoof and a really nice model in a short time
  4. You even got nice bevelling back then nice find Robert
  5. That's brilliant such a difference between them nice work Nancy
  6. Thank,s Rodney it looks a really good tool and I enjoy comping
  7. Me to he he was allways funny and good at AM
  8. That is excelant very good to look at and listen to
  9. That's looking real good David ,nice modeling
  10. steve392

    From 1994

    Thanks a lot Gerry and Mark ,still not sure if its a good move but will see ,Do you remove IE when you add firefox
  11. steve392

    From 1994

    Thanks for your reply Fucher ,I think I will go with Firefox as you sugest .I am moving to Spain in 2 days and my own pc is packed but will change it as soon as I can .ill probably be out of touch for a few weeks untill I get the internet set up ,hope I can get a reasonable connection there.I will be around 30 km from Valencia
  12. steve392

    From 1994

    I get a removed by user is because im using ie 8 on xp still,I seem to get a lot of bad things happening lately with it ,but don,t kno what to go to to replace it
  13. Thats terific graet animation and charectors
  14. Thanks a lot Marcos thats a graet model and textures ,will be nice to take a look at it
  15. A really nice bit of modelling David
  16. Graet stuff ,you must have put a lot of work into that to get it that good ,well done thats really good
  17. Thats a graet cartoon Rodney Iv never seen it before, thanks for showing it . The pose image is good to see as it has the timing on there aswell wich I find veeery dificult to get
  18. I thought some might find this interesting http://www.karmatoons.com/drawing/drawing.htm scroll to bottem
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