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  1. I have v19 og but cant find the bullit plug in plug ins I go to plug in wizard but its not there ,can I dl it somewhere
  2. That looked great Robert made me want to see more, nice face animation
  3. The shark looks a bit intimidating but that water looks really good Robert nice work
  4. a good way to do it nice job matt
  5. I remember that thought it was fantastic at the time and still do
  6. Well I would say that worked very well a nice idea Robert
  7. hehe that was good nice reactions
  8. He or she has a lot of character.Hope you will do a short animation with it and show some emotion now that's got to be dificult
  9. Looks a good face and I like the clothing good stuff
  10. Good looking character and I really like the renders good stuff Mark
  11. I agree the guy on the horse needs to move a little but looking good
  12. hehe looks good enough to eat
  13. steve392


    good stuff and cleverly done I agree with prince Charles lol looks like a taxi with the back doors open
  14. looking good David I like the ref video lol
  15. Im using IE old fasiond I kno Ill try google thanks
  16. Gerald the link is not working to the patch video it says its an invalid file
  17. Theye look graet charectors Steve nicely done
  18. Good looking character looking forward to seeing more of him
  19. That looks graet it looks like a 3d printer is a good idea
  20. that looks good I like the way you done the hair
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