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  1. Hi I just want to say thank you again, Rob, for entertaining my questions. I get kind of worked up if I spend too much time trying to figure something out. It's better to ask, sometimes, than get into that frenzied state. There are some problems that are unsolvable, like graphic card incompatibility for example, but most problems are user error or lack of knowledge. I am working on my .bvh files as usual and trying to tailor the constraints to make the model work fluidly with the motion capture. I am cleaning up old models and realizing that I know more about troubleshooting rigging than
  2. yes indeed. I turned off the constraints and then was able to access the target bone. Still struggling with the rig in general and hoping for a breakthrough! Adam
  3. Is there any OTHER reason besides parenting hierarchy why one might not be able to choose a bone applying constraints ? I'm trying to rig a model and the right arm bones are not appearing in the dropdown nor can I apply constraints to them. I have tried moving them around the heirarchy and am pretty certain they are correct, yet I cannot associate anything to them, specifically translate/orient. I am tearing out my hair just trying to get this simple thing done yet I cannot see the bones in the dropdown no matter what I do. What am I overlooking? Please help ! adam
  4. fortunately for me, I have A:M on a PC with a different license. I'll probably move some of my operations over to there while I figure this out. Thanks again for all the suggestions. What an obscure problem ! Adam
  5. It looks like I solved the problem simply by reinstalling. I forgot the whole, "Have you tried turning it off and then turning it on again" routine. What's weird is that at first the "Import as an animation or a sequence of images" box disappeared but then it reappeared (after re-install). I know this might be a very unusual or unique problem to have but I am wondering about that little box in particular, why might it disappear at all? Oddly, when I used to use v16 that box did not exist for me but that window seemed to just know to import an image as an 'image sequence' so the little box
  6. Hi Rob, that is a great suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn't work. What a weird predicament ! Any other suggestions? thanks, Adam
  7. I'm not trying to be a negative complainer, that is not my purpose here. Perhaps I should have got in on the beta testing. I'm not sure what that is or what it entails. I wanted to mention that I am back to using v18 for the time being but now I can't import image sequences. Not at all. The option to import an image as part of a sequence has just disappeared. Right clicking on images and importing an image sequence/animation does nothing. Is there something I turned off somewhere? Can someone help me re-establish the ability to import image sequences? thanks, Adam
  8. I just loaded another model into my v19 and am having the same problem with the decals acting erratically
  9. sorry for the late reply on this, I'm still experimenting with it. I think I had a crash at some point and I had to add the roto model again, delete it, and then reload a roto by itself to work again. I'm trying to stress the system so it will reveal its limitations. More on this later. I'm just glad as hell I got it to work using some form of voodoo. It's a great thing having a roto to work off of, never take it for granted ! * I wanted to say that I *did* have a major graphics meltdown the other day that was a terminal flaw. I have been working on a particular model for quite som
  10. thanks! I'm always looking for an easier way to rotate images so that the motion is fluid. It seems like it would be such a simple task but it gets me every time ! adam
  11. I have just made the rotoscope a flat model with a targa sequence decal and added it to the action I am working on. This dragged my system down to a halt for some reason. I am using .bvh motion capture data so there's a lot of points on the timeline, so that obviously slows things down, but adding the targa sequence model to the action dragged it to a crawl. I removed this sequence model and reloaded the sequence as a rotoscope again and this time the rotoscope is showing up every frame. Perhaps the sequence is still in memory as it was when associated with a model. If someone can transla
  12. Imac and macbook pro are self-contained. They are not like desktop Pc's with accessible slots. Again, why do most graphic functions work without a problem but these specific functions do not? Also, I have a built-in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M card.
  13. I use a late 2013 imac. I also had this problem back on my 2012 macbook pro as well. I will check the previous thread for advice on this matter. This problem doesn't seem to affect any of the other graphics in this process. Why are rotos and pre-decals different? adam
  14. Rotoscopes and decals (that you are positioning) almost always look like they do in the above image. You have to render each time to see it. Sometimes rendering an entire sequence makes the images normal for a minute. It just has the feeling of being unstable and unpredictable. The other strange thing has been that the decals/rotos typically show image fragments from other files on the hard drive rather than the intended image. v18 was no better. I believe that one day this can be fixed. if other images show, these ultimately should as well. Also, the file menu still freezes until you
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