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  1. ok I got the activation code but where do I put it when I download the program there is no master.0lic file on there just tried to dl it and it just keeps going back to the same page I think im going nutts
  2. thank,s Robert ill give that a try will let you know how I get on
  3. yes there was but it was only for two seconds sorry about this but page is not working properly and I have to log in every time to post very strange
  4. no it don,t find it anywhere yes I was on v19 not sure wich version it was the last on before v190j
  5. Sort By Sorry Robert I mean this one Recently Updated Title Start Date Most Viewed Most Replies Custom software update V19.0j
  6. I think I kno the problem I downloaded the oj version ,so theres not really an update its a beater version and that's why it didn't load properly so witch is the latest version im a bit mixed up now
  7. Thanks for your reply guys yea its gone I over writ it when I tied another backup file but not the correct one Ill see if I can find v18 if that would work I was looking for goback but cant find it on win 10 shame that was handy
  8. I seem to have lost the lic file and cant find the backup anywhere.I dld the latest version update and now it tells me the host is wrong any help would be good thanks
  9. I tried davinci resolve but couldn,t get it to load so I gave up it started to load then just froze got win 10 working ok now what a job getting qt pro to load
  10. The problem is getting it into AM somehow or do it after the render .having problems with the internet at the moment lots of storms here and mucho rain .I installed win 10 and am trying to put apps back on have some that it tells me its not allowing for some reason beginning to wish I had stuck with 7 lol
  11. Thanks very much that sounds good will go get it for someone like me that's not good at lighting its very handy to use lut files
  12. Thank,s for your reply guys and the links David I use it on images sometimes and it changes the lighting very well but I don't have a video editor that will use lut files just wonderd
  13. can anyone tell me if its possible to use lut files in the cho please thank,s
  14. congrats everyone that was a great video Robert well done
  15. now that's pretty realistic looking nice one Rob
  16. thanks John I like these clean looking models
  17. good looking model nicely done sir
  18. I saved as AVI but that was a large file so I used AVG video editor to change it thinking I had it set for mpg 4 a nice small file have no idea what 3gp is lol
  19. This what I got so far lo falling.3gp falling.mp4
  20. Ive tried tom dropping on another character but got a bit carried away and killed AM lol will try again later this is interesting stuff
  21. that's working very well like to try it with a charector
  22. I just got the idea that newton had been changed for something called bullet sorry if im wrong
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