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Stalled Trek: The City on the Edge of Foreclosure


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I've been keeping hush about this one for the last month waiting to see if I was really going to jump on the wagon again, but am happy to announce that I'm well-in on doing my next Stalled Trek parody!



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Thanks, guys!


For the most part, I'm starting from scratch. The old models were a bit too clunky and all of them were 6 1/2 years old. I like to think I've improved a little in that amount of time. :-)




I really wanted to rebuild the bridge after visiting the Star Trek Tours set in Ticonderoga last year. It was definitely helpful to have walked around on the set and I took lots of reference photos. The new model (which isn't quite complete yet) has a much lower patch count and makes liberal use of decals. The scale is more accurate and it's mostly a single model, whereas the old set was broken up into many pieces. The advantage here is that I can easily set up a new choreography and move the set. The old one was a hodgepodge of different sized elements that had to be assembled and couldn't be moved as a group very easily.


We learn our lessons.


I also knew that the old puppet models had been viewed (rightly or wrongly) as making it look like a kiddie show. That prompted me to try to make them look a little more sophisticated.


I am going to make use of the backlot buildings I built for The Wobbling Dead, though. My reasoning for choosing to model that particular backlot was that I knew I'd need those buildings when/if I ever got around to this.


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The old one was a hodgepodge of different sized elements that had to be assembled and couldn't be moved as a group very easily.






One work-around is to constrain the different models to one master null in a chor.


Save that chor for re-use later. It can also be imported into other chors with the constraints intact.




An advantage of keeping the elements as separate models is that you can temporarily hide the ones you don't need to see for better real time performance.

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Being able to hide the pieces easily definitely was a thought at the time, but the reality is that I can open up the model and hide portions nearly as easily or make copies of the model with different sections deleted or patches changed.


If I were making a new episode every week, the modularity would be more advantageous. As it is, I only have one sequence on the bridge and it since it didn't require the full 360, I didn't model the parts I know won't be seen.

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Hi Guys!


Just launched my Kickstarter this morning to make Blu-Rays of "The City on the Edge of Foreclosure!"


You can check it out here. I'd love your support, but I also appreciate spreading the word.





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Looks like you've already exceeded your goal by a considerable amount! :)


Quick, get some other bonus tiers in there! (and maybe allow those who pledged $100 to trade up (in some way) if they think it's a better deal.


As cash is tight I may have to sit this one out but we'll see.. 29 days to go... I still have lots of time to add to my collection of Largento DVDs. .

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Thanks, Rodney.


That was a very pleasant surprise. I was hoping to make it in 24 hours, but I certainly didn't think I'd get there in 7. I've been getting messages from all these third party businesses that promise to help you reach your goal and I'm like, a little late, pal. :-)


I'm pondering the stretch goals now. Somebody asked me if it got to $12,000, would I do two episodes? I hadn't even considered it, but I think I would. I doubt it will ever reach that kind of level, though. :-) I am considering making a $6K reward where I would re-render Amutt Time in HD and include it on the blu-ray. It would be a ton of work on my end, so I haven't decided yet.


If it were to happen, I'd do "Balance of Terrier," which would pretty much bring the whole Stalled Trek thing to completion for me. At least as far as the ones I'd really considered doing. It would be neat to have them all on one disc, but I think it's highly unlikely.

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It's the final day of my Kickstarter for Stalled Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever! It's very close to reaching the 4K goal, which means I'll likely be remastering "Amutt Time" in HD!


If you want your name in the credits, this is your last chance...


My Kickstarter.

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A kind of shocking comparison between the first Stalled Trek and this one:




Of course, the big deal is going from 480 to HD. I've updated the Secondprize model a bit and now the dome lights on the nacelles rotate. It's a fun effect. The planet rotates slowly and the surface moves just slightly faster than the clouds, which is a neat effect.


I created the planet and space animation in AE using a new plug-in called "Orb" that is designed to create realistic looking planets. Even the stars are mapped to a sphere that rotates slightly.


There aren't a lot of space shots in this one, so I'm trying to wrap them up at the beginning.


As much as I love the cheeziness of the original Amutt Time, I love being able to make this new one a kind of "deluxe" version.



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A trio of Tricorders!


Tried to simplify this one, but needed the top with the viewscreen for close-ups. There's a bit of business with how they devised a way to mask the attachment of the shoulder strap, but that wasn't necessary for how it's going to be used.


It was fun to knock off a prop in half a day.



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Just a post to close out this project!

After much longer than expected and many, many obstacles, Stalled Trek: The City on the Edge of Foreclosure was completed on April 10, 2021! 


As you can see from the poster, I ended up going back to an updated version of the original character designs from Amutt Time. I resisted it for as long as I could, but since I had to remodel everything in a new application, I gave in. I'm glad I did. I think they're funnier that way and even though this one and Amutt Time look different, it's good that the characters aren't too dissimilar. 

This was easily the most difficult project I've ever completed! I knew it would be tough, but I wasn't prepared for it! 

Amutt Time was a breeze compared to this one. So many speed bumps: a new full-time job, learning new software, health problems, and a world-wide pandemic!

So many setbacks, but I kept at it and finally reached the finish line. The hard work was worth it, though. I'm really proud of this one.

Hopefully this will be some encouragement to all the people who are struggling with their own films. There's a light at the end of the tunnel!

I should be getting the blu-rays back from the duplicators in the next couple of weeks and I've already started submitting it to a few film festivals. With the pandemic, many film festivals are still shut down, but I hope to be able to see it screened with an audience.



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An update!

It's been a wild six months! 

The film just won its 10th award! I hoped it would do well, but I certainly wasn't expecting the success it's had!

One of the big thrills was that I was invited to premiere the movie at the big Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas! It was held in August and the screening was hosted by the film critic, Scott Mantz, who seemed to genuinely love it!

For a Star Trek fan like me, showing it to a Star Trek audience was huge. :-)

The next week, my boss arranged for me and my fellow employees to see a screening of the movie at a Movie Studio Grill. Seeing my movie in an actual movie theater was a dream come true.

I hope this inspires some Hashers to go ahead and make a film. It's been a long time since I installed A:M that first time, but I never thought it would get me here. :-) 

I've entered more festivals that will take place next year, so fingers crossed, I'll be able to add a few more laurels to the poster.

Cheers, everyone!




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Those are funny shows, Mark! I'm disappointed you don't do them in A:M anymore but they are entertaining none-the-less.

If this were three decades ago I'd say, "You need an agent!". Someone who can make the contacts and make the deal with whoever can make it happen such that you're making money on this stuff.

It worked for the "South Park" guys and Mike Judge and you have more to show for your creative potential than they did when they got deals.

Today...? You have it on Youtube, are you able to monetize it yet?

It would be cool if you could get a deal to produce a limited series of  "Paunk Show" parodies on a streaming service.

Whatever... congratulations on your success!


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Thanks, guys!

Switching to Blender wasn't my idea, Robert! :-) 

I don't know what will happen with all of this in the future. At 55, I'm not really actively looking to start a new career, but if somebody showed up with a dumptruck full of money, I'd certainly listen to what they had to say! :-) 

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