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    Pentium 4 0.5 ram Oh you just got owned..... *sniff*
  1. 1: The ship rules!!! 2: A like the picture for your avatar it shows a great render!
  2. The hand doesn't bend naturally, also the shirt doesn't seem so good maybe you should work on the shirt.
  3. A lot better but I'm sure we could still find points for you to work on
  4. I tend to even record myself doing something bring it into the action then make the character overlay me, that's how you get the best natural movements!
  5. .Hack//Vaccine got turned into a book that's why I sorta of got inactive. But I just got an e-mail from Hash http://www.hash.com/2007web/renewal.htm so I might get active again
  6. thanks for the ignoring tutorial

  7. Hey is simcloth in SimA:M or is it something in the newer versions of A:M sorry if you already posted that, come on there are five pages now
  8. Is there a way to do that with a nice puff of smoke too, like technically. With out dragging in and out a model that will produce smoke?
  9. wow that is awesome man,the legs look pretty cubed in the first picture but not the others, why is that? also maybe add some motion to the first picture while your editing it.
  10. thanks for posting all of this it is neat to see how you did it and everything...
  11. yeah but the neck is really small even for that type of art, that is what he was saying.
  12. nice man, what else did you use? Is it pure a:m?
  13. Yes the thread was lost, probaly means he didn't make it and isn't coming out.
  14. what was the name? Does anyone know how long they can be?
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