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  1. Might I suggest Newgrounds audio portal? Most of the songs are generously released under a noncommercial license for use as long as you credit the author in the credits. The license allows for edits to the music as well. Just be sure to give the original author due credit. They also have a specific section for game music. (Just check the dropdown menu) Here's what a quick search for "mario" brings up Stay frosty. d()
  2. Oh THAT's why I got a PM notice. I still have the goomba and various others should you still need them. Just say the word. d()
  3. Just to let you guys know, I'm leaving for college on Friday. I'm not bringing my computer, so I have to withdraw from the project. If you need anything from me (textures, materials, ect.) PM me now.
  4. Thanks guys. It was just a cp keyframe issue. Back to it!
  5. I've been playing around with SimCloth for a project. I've got the material all figured out and I know when I want it to act like cloth. So I set up my chors Simcloth settings to "use chor range ->off" "range 3:29-4:29". and then I hit plugins -> simulate simcloth. It looks ok until I scroll back a bit. (to before 3:29) where the cloth material seems to be anticipating the impact. (I'm throwing something at the cloth object.) From 00:00 to 3:28 the cloth model is slowly forming into the shape of the impact. Is this just from a lack of keyframes with the models cps? Or is there something I've missed? I'm working with version 13.0(whichever ones latest) BTW
  6. jpgs. instead of bmps. aaaaannnnndd a paintball gun. or a motocross bike. that's the sort of vibe I'm getting. Maybe that'll change after you get more body armor on him.
  7. Here's the wall light model. Let me know if you need the materials or if it has them already. A couple of them are premade but they might be from the extras CD. As for Peach's room, how about something like in Paper Mario? Link to walkthrough with pics Seems to be a fuzzy light blue with clouds. A nice contrast to the pink furniture I would say. wall_light.mdl
  8. {I can't believe I'm doing this.} BUMP!
  9. Nice. What are the Mario brothers doing? "Hey, Luigi! Look at those stupid little ants! They have no idea what's a goin' on in the world." "What is goin' on in da world, Mario?" "I have no idea...." On the light fixture, how this for texturing? Too golden perhaps?
  10. That's a good reference. Where is Peach's room used in the script? When she gets kidnapped right? Someone wanted a wall light fixture so here's where I'm at after a day. (Been working on Klieg-man) Yes there are bulbs inside. See? I plan on making the shade partially (20% perhaps) transparent with a gold/copper finish on most of it. Thoughts?
  11. Great job on bowser there. d() I'm going to be difficult and say you should merge the awesome-ness of both models. What sort of props? Drapes? A light fixture? I set up the fake wall(it doesn't go very far in either direction) as it might be in a side hallway off a main chamber. I used this pic here for inspiration: Link (Name that game! )
  12. As am I. What needs doing? I have about a month before I'm cut off from AM via college.
  13. Here's the bob-omb for ya. Set up as a prj. so you only need to download one file. unluckyBOB.prj Includes the model, materials (3), poses(angry eyes and burning fuse), and actions (walk and keyturn). Edit as you see fit.
  14. You would usually only see his angry face when he lit his fuse. I was going to try an animation but the ease/action transitions were stumping me. The only pose you don't see here makes the fuse get smaller over time.
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