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  1. I dont know how to make put something on a model as if it were....i guess you could could say the paint job of it. What im trying to do it put lines of color on my model and at any view it looks like its part of the paint job, and i've tried making a material for it but that hasnt worked for me. If anyone can help me that'd be great!
  2. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to put bones on, i read the booklet thing but i still don't understand it. When i click the bones tab thing it comes up and theres a bone there, but when i got to test it out it doesn't work. And i wont let me add another bone. So if you could help me that'd be great
  3. When i make something, and i pess low quallity shading it looks for the most part fine and when i make it high quality it looks terible and theres all these andom lines that i didn't make. why is that and how do i prevent it from happening if you know? Pictures:
  4. Ya, i tried to use the extras disc, but i don't know how to put them on. If you know that to, could you tell me? If so thanks!
  5. Hi all, I can't make any good models, and i want to use other ones, so i was wondering where i should go to get models for free that i can use on AM. If you know it'd help me out a lot if you could tell me. Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm not sure if people are able to send the models they have made to other people. If you know can you please tell me? Thanks
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