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  1. Trivia: lotsa people think NBC's 3 notes - G,E,C - refer to General Electric Corp, which started and owned NBC for a while. The problem is, GE sold NBC right around the time the 3 notes were first used. Dunno if anybody knows for sure, but it's an interesting hypothesis.
  2. Hmm. I seem to have found the problem with disappearing lines in the time line. Whenever I copy and paste a keyframe, from then on the lines don't show up. If I click on the choreography, the lines are there, if I can sort them out...but not when I click on individual objects. Closing A:M and reopening temporarily fixes the problem. If I copy a keyframe by writing down the coordinates, moving the cursor, and typing in the coordinates the problem does not occur. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Still using V13, don't want to migrate to V19 til the current project is in the can
  3. Thanks for the clarification, I'm going to subscribe to v19 as soon as my last deposit clears, then we'll see what happens.
  4. Ah. Clear now, thankee kindly. Now that I think about it, best if I do not try to talk Jason into a multi-seat deal, because the other computers are XP and who knows what will happen if I try to run V19 on them. As long as V19 runs fairly glitch-free on my W7 machine, and I can import the models & chors I make in V13/15 on the XP machines, I will be happy.
  5. Okay, please elucidate. 18/19 won't run on W7, or I won't be able to import V13/15 files?
  6. Hmm, lessee...my other computers are XP, and I'm going to keep using them cuz they're never on the web and I never import files, only export, so I ain't much 'fraid of viruses. So yer sayin' if I bite the bullet and license the current version...18?...it'll run just fine on my W7 machine, and be compatible with version 13/15 files I bring in from the other machines? Cuz I can't pay for V18 licenses for all my computers, and I shouldn't have to, I only use one seat at a time. Tho if I keep gaining weight, I'll have a seat and a half. Am I right?
  7. Rodney, switching to direct3d helped...it doesn't hang any more, doesn't lose patches, rarely loses decals. Timeline still not working right, the lines always show for camera and choreography, but not for individual objects or bones. Sometimes I can get them back (for a while) by completely closing and re-opening A:M. Can't really be a video card problem because it was happening before I got the card, when I was just using the computer's native capabilities. Something else just started happening. I'm getting long lists of "attributes" in the pws. Where did they come from? Dankey Showin'
  8. Hmm. Thought I posted this last nite, but don't see it. I've made about 1,000 models in A:M, but only now started to animate. I must be doing something wrong: A:M loses things. About every 5 minutes I get a real time render error message, so I save, and when I re-open the project, patches and decals are missing. Also, even more of a problem, in the timeline the lines and keyframes show up...and then they don't. Dunno what I'm doing to cause this, they just disappear, and they don't even wait for a save/reopen to do it. I click on a group and see the lines, click on another group,
  9. The best addition for using A:M is a second monitor. Amen amen amen amen. I have three monitors and just got a new video card so I can go to five. Two of my monitors came from a landfill (one single pixel broken, NBD) and one from Salvation Army for $10. So it isn't a big financial hardship.
  10. Hmm, that does change things around...hafta experiment a bit, I've never worked with some of those settings. Thanks for the pointers, I think I can get it from here.
  11. That does help, thanks. Reducing initial velocity also helps. And adding a third surface, a 100% transparent copy of the bottle exterior helps. Each reduces the number of stray sprites. I tried still another surface, and the alpha-transparent squares around the sprites started to become visible. I'm not animating this yet, I'm just creating a still image, so I can go thru and remove the few remaining strays later. So, problem solved for the moment...still kind of odd that this happens. Yes, I'm talking about specular reflections. Glass has always been a challenge for me, I can't get
  12. Also: can I get the lights to reflect in the glass without turning on Reflections? Or fake it somehow? With hundreds of sprites, the render time goes through the roof, and all those reflections jumble up the image.
  13. Hi yall. I want to show gas molecules bouncing around in a bottle. I've got Collisions turned on to contain the molecules, and for the most part it works, but about 5% of them zip right through the glass. Judging from the angles, many of these are escaping on 2nd or 3rd bounce. (Drag set to 0.) Still using V13 (blush). Any ideas?
  14. I would experiment with distortion boxes. It seems to me that would be a good way to show how normal physics breaks down.
  15. I dunno, the bending is what convinces my eye/brain that it's really paper.
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