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  1. Following thread, I am interested in knowing of the bone to spring and spring system. This would be a good saturday topic @robcat2075.
  2. I think it would be nice to maybe have a little note somewhere for that maybe in documentation so us trying to use external paint softwares have a problem can look it up.
  3. @FuchurHave you had this problem before texturing outside for animation:master?
  4. Where could we read this more detail explanation at? See #0006973 for a more detailed explanation (in german)
  5. I will animate this model in another program. Get good at animation master to design models that good without sculpt workflow.
  6. So I plan to keep going ahead with animation:master and will get better maybe down road can just model in animation:master could be a opportunity.
  7. Does AM tho import the textures from other models if you did?
  8. That sucks I was hoping to use AM I guess will have to look at another software maybe aketysu or whatever it's called. I'm moving away from lightwave 3d I started with it 9 months ago but not worth it.
  9. Yeah kinda would like to avoid that route maybe someone has experience in here that has imported model and rigged.
  10. Exporting as getting animation master to game engine* now curious import if possible for 3d model with textures.
  11. Exporting as getting animation master to game engine?
  12. Hi, So I learned the exporting process how could I import my model with the textures and maps?
  13. So I am thinking since I am newer to 3d and I started with lightwave 3d about 9 months not very happy with way things are going. Kinda been looking more animation:master to do fun projects. Does anyone use animation:master to do there rigs and stuff for games?
  14. Yeah but I am getting kicked and have to rejoin.
  15. I'm getting kicked out of discord?
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