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  1. Wow, you're good at modeling! Great work!
  2. Wow, amazingly smooth and accurate. You've got some real talent! Keep it up!
  3. That's a really good start! I moved my fanfilm to 3DS for more realism, but I'm in the game, too. I even have a full scene done! Great work!
  4. You do amazing work with A:M, you should be proud!
  5. Cool. The walk cycles looked very shaky, so I'd work on those. It's hard to comment on anything else, as it was extremely small...
  6. How do you do that!? Great work! Amazing realism.
  7. Wow, great work! I can't wait to see more!
  8. Yeah, it's bulky compared to the other robots, but if you're not duplicating them, it's great! The materials are leaning towards photo-realism, too! Great work!
  9. Anyone know where I can get these? I need a police-type car, a truck, and a motorcycle.
  10. I'd love to animate that thing...
  11. Can anyone give me about how long it should be in between each position? Or should I just experiment?
  12. I am working on a short animation and am doing a run cycle for my character right now. How do I make a run cycle that looks believable? I want him to be running fast, but sort of hopping. He's pretty agile. Even a cycle sheet would be of help.
  13. Wow, I must say, I'm impressed with your experience and your site. Great work!
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