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  2. My 3D characters are finally created. Thanks to Bruce from http://www.pencilwedgees.com/ for creating my 2D characters into 3D!!! He was professional and extremely helpful. I highly recommend him if you need an animation project done. You can check out all my characters at http://www.bogthedog.com Thanks J
  3. DAMN! That's good to know.. I might be contacting you as well if I don't have time to figure out what I need in the near future. My cartoon characters are now being created. Thanks everybody for your support!!!!! I'll keep you updated with the news Thanks!!!
  4. Where can I find the tutorials? I've been reading the Hash handbook and it's challenging. I think I'm more of a visual learner. I checked out your website, cool graphics:) I'll take your advice...Thank you for your help:) Talk to you later Largento.
  5. Thanks for your comment Mr. Native American Mennonite (LOL)) Thats very professional of you.
  6. A reasonable quote is to be reasonable for both parties. you are asking for a lot of work, so dont be surprised if the quote requires lots of dollars. I understand it has to be reasonable for both parties, but Im discovering I will be on the losing side. I guess I will continue to read the Hash Tutorial Handbook. It's just taking too long. I thought I would find professional animators willing to help out and negotiate a reasonable price. I don't think my graphics are difficult; just my personal opinion.
  7. You are right. I didn't explained myself very well. I'm new at this. You can see my 2D graphics through my website which is listed on my profile. Yes, I wanted them "rigged like Kee Kat and the other characters" from the Hash library. The Ex was abbreviation for EXample:) As for time frame, I don't know how long it takes to create a character. According to the Hash tutorial, some of the animators create their tutorial samples fast, but I do want a professional job:). How many day(s) would it take to create one character? Yes, rigged for speech and facial features. I don't know the difference between phenomes and osipa speech. I would like to see animators work samples and/or websites. Thanks for your response. I hope it was helpful. Francisco
  8. I need to create my 2D cartoon characters into 3D characters with ALL functions (Ex. muscle, skeleton, facial etc.)from the Hash software. I will import them into my computer and animate them myself. Seeking REASONABLE FEE QUOTES, time frame, and serious responses. Any questions, let me know. Thanks, Francisco
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