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  1. This looks great! Is there any chance you could try rendering with toon shader? I have a 2D project coming that will require a dense forrest similar to your scene and I'd like to see how what you've created looks. Thanks! Rob
  2. Looking great! You're doing what I do - hitting a writing rut, heading into A:M to release frustration... and hopefully find inspiration. How's your script coming btw? Rob
  3. Are you using it as "toon" render or 3D? I ask because with toon, you can just model a dome and animate the red/blue alternating lights - not a lot of detail... for 3D, same thing unless you want up close detail... the viewer won't see the rotation inside the light, just the resulting light... Rob
  4. Found these on http://en.battlestarwiki.org/wiki/Viper_Mark_II Rob
  5. What scale are you using? (I decided to work on the Galactica... unless someone else has?) Anyone want to take on a Cylon Raider and a Raptor? http://blog.chriss-baumann.de/tag/battelstar-galactica/ for some images...
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