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  1. No, deleted everything AM some time ago when cleaning up disk space on PC's and backup drives - need to start from scratch. Have been using ZBrush to sculpt my own busts and 'fix' models that I have been generating out of DAZ3D. Some samples - 28mm miniature diorama (all paint - no lighting effects), one of my own sculpts as rendered in ZBrush and the actual 54mm printed bust, a Daz3D model printed at 90mm (after being fixed and made printable with a judicious amount of effort in ZBrush) and a Soldier Bust by a very talented sculptor named Duncan Louca and 3DPrinted at 54mm. Each of these p
  2. Well damn, cannot believe AM is still going strong after all these years - well done guys. Been busy doing other things, the most recent of which is Miniature painting and 3DPrinting (Resin stuff - lots of DLP Resin printers to keep me busy). Hell I am going to have to start subscribing again. Question - Is the Mac version as 'reliable' as it ever was - ie should I stick with the Windows version?
  3. No, I don't spend enough time in AM these days to do any level of testing. It fails more than 3 times in a row doing the same thing I just move on. The Mac version of AM has never had a good rep for stability. I was a little more successful with 18k but I think I need to go back further.
  4. Can someone tell me what the last stable Mac version of AM is please. Latest version (18L) Standard and SSE4 just crash continuously - I can't even create a project, load an object then save the project without a crash (everytime) or the Mac version really hates Tars assets! I literally can't get more than 5-10 clicks before it crashes - can't render, can't save though it does seem to let me just pose a model as long as I like....
  5. OK - looks like the Key Skeletal Translations button was not turned on by default. Pressed it on and off a few times now it copies and paste mirrors just fine.....
  6. Looks like the Translate X, Y and Z's on the Nulls are not getting copied.
  7. OK, trying my hand at TaoAM since it has been some time since I last played with AM and in exercise 5, using rabbit, I am trying to mirror keyframes BUT it appears the paste Mirror does not work on Nulls (hip and feet for example). Is this expected or a bug or have I missed some step? (18i OSX) Cheers David
  8. Surface Pro 3 : i7-4650 8gb RAM 512gb SSD AM: 18.0h 64bit 2:03 Cheers David
  9. OK - having posted the image as a thumbnail I see the first problem - everything is happening on the same same horizontal line and the explosion is in the centre of the image (not a good start)
  10. Hi all, A few points. First I am treating this exercise as an AM showcase so I am not interested in prizes. This also means I would like as much input into my image as possible to make it as good as it can possibly be (even if others wish to enlist to provide resources). I wish to 'showcase' as many features in AM as possible and produce a kick ass image - but - I am not the greatest/most creative artist out there (I'm a bit of ahack really). Any amount of critique/help will be most welcome. My image thus far comprises a background generated in another APP (a 3D Landscape AP
  11. I'm hoping it isn't too hard given I only need a snapshot of it.
  12. Both shoulders (I am assuming those bones are supposed to act as FAN bones - I could be wrong of course)
  13. OK so for the SciFi contest I want to have an accurate looking explosion in the image. The image will involve multiple layers: Background/Sky (Matte) Terrain model for the middle ground (in AM) My Warhammer Base (in AM) Explosion (??) Foreground Terrain (in AM) Lead Character (in AM) Now given I am going for a 'realistic' look and knowing how long it can take to render stuff, I am thinking that I will generate the explosion separately then apply it as a layer in AM. I want to create the explosion in AM if I can so I am thinking smoke and particles for the job. So deconst
  14. Looks like some Fan bones aren't working - but hey, can't have everything. Rather than digging further I might just practise rigging with the new rig system in AM. I may as well try to do one sooner or later Cheers
  15. Wow - as simple as a leading space in a relationship name....... Looks like it is workign so far - will keep you posted. Many thanks for this Robert. Cheers
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