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Found 9 results

  1. Jason Simonds


    Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log Fixed All - 6885: RED (and Green and Blue) ALERT: Rotate manipulator rings not selectable. Fixed All - 6882: Export transforms (.xform) crashes A:M Plugin now included in the distribution, OSX version too Fixed All - 6879: Crash when setting Render as Line parameter Fixed All - 6881: Rendering this project will crash A:M Fixed All - 6880: Crash on model Swap, PRJ Save and Reload Fixed All - 6877: Group Constraint Target list empty Fixed All - 6873: Bullet Constraints added with Wizard simulate incorrectly Fixed All - 6876: Corrupted Multiple Model on a Path wizard Fixed All - 6853: Leading space in Pose name causes crash Fixed OSX only - 6874: Colors render in Negative Fixed All rendering transparent hair was broken
  2. Jason Simonds


    Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log Fixed All - 6834: Project with Hair Material does not load anymore and blocks A:M... Problem too much particles to render in realtime view Solution 1: hit escape key twice while project is loading (escape key stops now also realtime render for hair systems) Solution 2: set the "Density Factor" to 0,1% or lower (Default is now 1%) "Hair System" -> "Realtime" ,if "Quality" is set to "Shaded" Fixed All Bullet Constraint / Bullet Soft Constraint , not longer possible to attach this constraints twice to the same bone Updated All BulletBatch plugin added "Rolling friction" and possibilty to set the values back to default New All Plugin to modify parameters for bullet rigid constraints on multiple models a chor, only parameters where the checkbox "Set" is active are applied to the selected bullet constraints on choreographie -> "Modify Bullet Constraints on multiple models" New All new constraint "Bullet Soft Constraint" added, model with this constraint applied act as softbodys (deformable hull) in bullet simulation New All menu for Choreographie has now a entry "Remove Bullet Constraints" starts a dialog, where You can select the Bullet constraints , You want to remove from models (Extended selection in the listbox) Updated All help for Softbdy constraints added ("Display help for this propertie") Fixed All - 6835: Bullet simulates incorrectly Fixed All - 6832: Bullet crash Fixed All - 6837: Loss of "Play" and crash Bullet constraints are only attachable in a chor , not in actions. Fixed All - 6836: Fails to load project with external object under a folder Fixed OSX Only - 6845: v19D SSE 4.2 Fails to Load. Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libHalf.12.dylib A small note I have this for a bit but just got the chance to post it.
  3. Jason Simonds


    Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All - 6824: SimCloth crash Fixed All - 6823: SSS + Displacement Material = crash Fixed All - 6819: Hair guide CP's not easily controlled. Fixed All - 6821: Crash on Save after Model Swap New All Speedup for Simcloth with OpenMP , to disable this option set "Tools->Options->OpenMP Threads" to "Disable OpenMP" Fixed All - 6817: Mirror Bone crashes Fixed All - 6818: Simcloth crashes Fixed All Simcloth plugin fixed memory leak, when cloth simulation is aborted with "Esc" Fixed All - 6816: Group Select>Deselect>Copy causes PRJ corruption New All - 6813: Suggestion: CP Weights dialog box to remember last position Fixed All - 6812: Mirror Bone not mirroring CP weights completely Fixed All - 6815: Duplicator Wizard does not duplicate hooks Fixed All - 6808: Backup not saving current state of PRJ backup can now also maked as single backup (not timed) started from menu entry "Backup Project" or button (Commands->Standard, button can be added manually or with "Reset Toolbars"), a keyboard shortcut can be assigned ("Project:Backup Project") New All - 6809: Feature refinement: Progressive Render Limit Partially Fixed - 6796: Kleig light rim not blocked by object not fixed yet,when volumetrics is ON
  4. Jason Simonds


    Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All - 6808: Backup not saving current state of PRJ Fixed All - 6807: Crash when starting to render this (benchmark) project Fixed All - 6805: Extruder Wizard crash additional change for Extruder Wizard if the spline for "Path to extrude along" is looped and Method is "Extrude" the created segments are connected as loop, if the Checkbox "Extrusion looped" is "ON" too Fixed All - 6793: Unable to Select Control Points in Curve Editor Fixed All - 6794: Copy/Paste not copying decals Fixed All - 6745: Zbuffer Shadow Only does not render correctly when penumbra on Fixed All - 6744: Feature Save before Render New All - 6804: Feature suggestion: user defineable grid highlight interval defineable for Model, Action and Chorview seperat Fixed All - 6795: Render ignores plugin shaders Fixed All - 6802: Simcloth simulations much slower Fixed All - 6803: Choosing wrong menu causes crash(plugin related) Changed AllSimcloth "Customgroups" now only editable in material instances makes no sense to edit the cache self new propertie "Remove previous simulation Data" Deletes the simulation data from previous Simulation. Setting it to "OFF" is helpful, when the cloth objecthas many cp's. Default is "ON" I know that v19.0a was missed but all the updates are included in v19.0b
  5. Jason Simonds

    v19.0 Release

    Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log New: Interface: Save before Render: saves the project, if it is modified, after hit "OK" in the "Render to File Settings" Dialog can be controlled with the "Save upon Render" checkbox at Tools/Options/Rendering , Default is ON Physic: Bullet Integration into A:M added Bullet Constraint for physic simulation with the bullet physics engine Alpha Documentation Modelling: Scale to X=0 option Before we do a Copy-Flip-Attach it is good practice to select all the CPs we presume to be on the center Y axis, go to their properties, set their pivot point to X=0, then scale them to 0% in the X axis. It would be a convenience if we could select the CPs and then just >"Scale to X=0" to accomplish this frequent task in one step. Interface: Clear Undostack (menu Edit) removes all entries from undo/redo , has also a button Modelling: Fix Internal Patches "Remove internal patches" Tries to break internal patches , detach cp's from detected internal patchesand create a named group with this cp's. for 3 and 5 point patches it works only partially depends on the spline layout Interface: Reset Toolbars (menu Help) Reset all toolbars to their default layout Particlesystem: Hair support for Turbulence on forces Interface Rendersettings[bug]6782[/bug] Render UX 000: Maximize Render Dialog Window [bug]6783[/bug] Render UX 001: Add Render Option to File Menu [bug]6784[/bug] Render UX 002: Allow Render Setting Open/Collapse State to Persist works only in "Advanced mode" Two new buttons here too, "Expand All" and "Collapse All", expand/collapse all possible properties Plugins: [bug]6759[/bug] Feature: update .ai importer to accept other vector formats added a plugin for importing the SVG format Plugin to add bullet constraints to multiple models in a chorRMB on choreographie -> "Add Bullet Constraints to multiple models" Interface View:[bug]6720[/bug] Feature suggestion: Birdseye View Queue undoing/redoing for view position have now a seperate undostack has their own buttons and shortcuts shortcut for view undo Shift+Alt+Z shortcut for view redo Shift+Alt+Y If You don't make a new install or "Reset Toolbars" You must manually add the buttons from Tools->Customize->Commands->Standard Choreographie [bug]6779[/bug] Feature: Right Click/Duplicate Menu entry "Duplicate" for objects in a chor If the Shift key is hold down , while clicking "Duplicate" keys from the source object are not copied. Interface Timeline Constdrivers displaying now their values in the timeline Interface CPweight dialog [bug]6772[/bug] Feature Request: Weight Menu Undo the weight dialog has now a "Cancel" button , which reverts the changes done in the dialog to the state before the dialog was started. Weighting has now also a general Undo/Redo , if the dialog is exited with the "Done" button. Interface Modelling [bug]6773[/bug] Bias Handler Snap to Grid New button for this , Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator default key Shift+2 act's like "Snap to Grid" Existing installations needs to add this button manually to the toolbar or "Reset Toolsbars" additional: new menu entry for the menu, if a group of cp's is select "Snap Bias To Grid", snaps the in and outbias for the slected cp's to the nearest grid interval Interface Modelling [bug]6771[/bug] deleting all "Relationships" new menu entry for models "Remove User Properties" , delete all user properties and relationships for this model avaible only for modelcache, not for instances Warning : This action is not undoable Interface Modelling new menu entry for models "Remove unused drivers" , delete all drivers without a key avaible only for modelcache, not for instances Interface Rendersettings [bug]6744[/bug] Feature: Save before Render saves the project, if it is modified, after hit "OK" in the "Render to File Settings" Dialog can be controlled with the "Save upon Render" checkbox at Tools/Options/Rendering , Default is ON Changed: Plugin: Brickit's now possible to add Bullet Constraints for the instanced model z position can be set models can be imported in userfolders save/restore settings documentation Plugin: Simple_Scatterit's now possible to add Bullet Constraints for the instanced model models are now imported into userfolder documentation SDKadded Bullet Constraint (HConstra.h) added Userfolder for chor (hhashobj.h HHashObject::InsertUserFolder) (sample how to use both at HXT/Brick) added OpenView for HChor [bug]6687[/bug] SDK missing method for joining splines? (HModel.h BOOL JoinSpline( HCP *cp1, HCP *cp2)) GetObject() is changed to GetHObject due a nameclash with wingdi.h [bug]6689[/bug] No API method for CP detaching (HModel.h void DetachCP( HCP *cp1)) added GetPlayRange and SetPlayRange for HChor, HAction and HActionCache example: BOOL CTestPluginApp::OnChor(HChor *chor) { TimeRange tt = chor->GetPlayRange(); tt.m_end.StepFramesBack(5, GetHProject()->GetFPS()); chor->SetPlayRange(tt); return TRUE; } Help AMAindex.txt rebuild ("Display help for current property") Particlesystem: HairForces need not longer high magnitudes to affect hair dynamics groom mode selected guidecp's now drawn with the selected cp color added possibility to select more than one hairguide for operations except the "Brush Mode" operation two new buttons"Select Hairguides" if You press this button you are now in the selection mode, and can select more than one Hairguide Limitation, it's only possible to select one HairguideCP, for the other selected Hairguides the HairguideCP from the first selected Hairguide is used "Deselect Hairguides" deselect all selected Hairguides Distortion Action Objects [bug]6686[/bug] Distortion Action Objects Resolution limited to 10 Has now the same resolution as the modeling window (maximum 1000), and use as initial value now the same settings as for the distortion in the modelling window Bake Surface [bug]6732[/bug] larger border for Baked Surfaces Plugin: Ai import AI import can be find now under "Plugins->Import" (before at "Plugins->Wizards") Interface [bug]6777[/bug] Increase size of Info Properties Description and Notes Fixed [bug]6755[/bug] computation error for normals [bug]6748[/bug] Space Marines project renders differently than original (tweaked darksimbiont materials) [bug]6749[/bug] Flocking birds does not render correctly in Render Lock Mode [bug]6737[/bug] Animated Material loses animation in saved file Particlesystem: HairHair dynamics are not updated, if project fps was set to 25 undo/redo now working as expected when some patches hidden , not all hairguides for the visible patches are drawn Distortion Action objectchanging the resolution for the distort action object after the target is applied works now as expected (distortion box is updated properly) bug fixed , when the Target is set back to the default value (default values for the distortion box was not restored) All Particlesystems redraw error for all Particlesystems fixed , if the model or group is translated,rotated or scaled [bug]6740[/bug] A:M crashes if try to render to file with multipass after reset Decal crash, when a decal has two (or more) images with maptype "Other..." ,the driven properties are the same and one should be deleted [bug]6739[/bug] Hair renders white in netrender ChoreographieIf a model is scaled and a constraint with transform properties added,scaling is incorrectly chor translate mode broken [bug]6733[/bug] 5-Pointers seem to have a different behaviour for hair particles... [bug]6728[/bug] Bullet Rolling Friction > 1.0 suddenly halts object [bug]6727[/bug] Three-point patches render texture incorrectly [bug]6718[/bug] Mirror Bone not mirroring CP weights correctly [bug]6730[/bug] loading old file causes crash [bug]6729[/bug] Adding CP causes crash [bug]6717[/bug] Slow Paste when DSTS material present [bug]6722[/bug] Smooth Plugin causes crash [bug]6724[/bug] plus key not always working for frame change [bug]6721[/bug] Props view inside-out in shaded-wireframe Note: Normals can be displayed now for Props too [bug]6716[/bug] CP at Bone origin is ignored by Compute Bone weights. [bug]6725[/bug] Using Sweeper on this model brings A:M to a crash [bug]6713[/bug] Changing CPs from Peaked to Smooth doesn't "dirty" PRJ [bug]6714[/bug] PRJ is already "dirty" when loaded [bug]6715[/bug] Can't adjust bias of CPs next to Hooks [bug]6704[/bug] Rotate Manipulator doesn't work on D-box in Action [bug]6712[/bug] Altering hair doesn't add asterisk to PRJ [bug]6711[/bug] Undo not working in Hair Grooming mode [bug]6707[/bug] NetRender ignores Camera Fog Keyframes [bug]6706[/bug] Crash after moving mouse between windows [bug]6703[/bug] Crash after importing Rotoscope... [bug]6710[/bug] "recall view/position" never works the first time. [bug]6708[/bug] STL export doesn't include displacement [bug]6694[/bug] Dragging Groups causes crash [bug]6680[/bug] Crash after dragging Groups [bug]6693[/bug] Dragging Bones causes crash [bug]6679[/bug] ALT for Free Rotate not working on axis [bug]6563[/bug] Add with Shift-Key pressed does not add a new non-continuies spline [bug]6695[/bug] Undo after extrude causes crash [bug]6700[/bug] On-screen renders very slow Bulletif no cp/patch is assigned to a Bone with bullet constraint , crash occured joints hasn't worked correct new behavior, if the constraint is added to a model, which is created from the "Explode Rebuildmodel" plugin. In such a case , bullet constraints are added to each "Explode_" bone with a breaking value off 1, constraint's between the pieces from the model automatic generated most of other settings not avaible in this case see the Fracture example [bug]6691[/bug] Extruder plugin causes crash Force -Type "Cone" falloff not handled correct Type "Cylinder" false result for Kind "Fan" fixed Type "Box" fixed real time view for "Width Softness" [bug]6685[/bug] Decal placement tools do not work correctly in Camera view [bug]6631[/bug] Depth sorting problems in choreography [bug]6643[/bug] Bias-Handler not showing (the line of the bias handlers not visible) Rendering: material on 3 point patches now correct calculated (in some cases a division by zero has occured) [bug]6511[/bug] Menu incomplete with Patch Group Tool [bug]6540[/bug] copy loose decaling on 5 point patch [bug]6645[/bug] Patches render inside-out in shaded mode [bug]6505[/bug] Layers drawn in front Realtime: crash ,when Draw Normals is on, and a other project is loaded , where the shaded mode for a model was not set[/u] [bug]6647[/bug] Grid only shows when an object is selected Interface: deleting RigidBody constraint from popup menu not possible "Constraint to Path" position updated after select a Pathmodel or Spline from combobox or cursorpicker Modelling Chor creating Pathmodel in chor is back now [bug]6657[/bug] Rendering to file: No file saved... [bug]6661[/bug] Screen stops updating after using CTRL-Z [bug]6662[/bug] After closing PRJ and starting New PRJ, crash on drawing new spline. ModellingCrash, when deleting a bunch of cp's and splines, and heavy use of Undo/Redo [bug]6663[/bug] After Deleting a spline, Undo does not restore it. [bug]6664[/bug] Crash upon drawing spline in new PRJ [bug]6666[/bug] Crash after multiple Undos [bug]6667[/bug] Tutorials Splash screen missing background image. [bug]6668[/bug] Axis handles for Scale mode not drawn properly [bug]6660[/bug] Play range do not stick when saving and loading a scene/project [bug]6670[/bug] Patches not completely drawn in in real-time view [bug]6671[/bug] Distortion Box CPs disappear [bug]6672[/bug] Undo doesn't work in Distortion Mode [bug]6673[/bug] Lens flare errors in Net Render [bug]6571[/bug] Net Render slaves cannot load camera from Technocrane [bug]6674[/bug] Prop not visible after Turn [bug]6675[/bug] rop textures not displayed correctly Note: For decaltype "Color" the alpha channel is not used in final render, if You need this, change the decaltype in the chor to "CookieCut" (the obj file format doesn't know such a type) in contrast the realtime render use the alpha channel , even the decaltype is "Color", but I will not change this behavior due heavy sideeffects Decal crash , when the decaltype for a prop decal is changed to Bump or Displacement Decal Combobox for decaltypes displaying now only the usable decal types for props Decal Bump and Displacement maps for Props now working properly Modelling false menu displayed , when selecting cp's with holding the Shift or Ctrl key and no group was selected before [bug]6791[/bug] Crash when doing Move or Zoom [bug]6787[/bug] Much longer rendertime compared to previous version,if reflectivity is != 0 [bug]6786[/bug] Changing preroll from one particle system affects all other too [bug]6781[/bug] No reflections below reflectivity values of 0.501 [bug]6780[/bug] The Modeling Grid turns itself off [bug]6774[/bug] Crash upon Rendering (Texture Size) [bug]6775[/bug] After fresh install, mfc140.dll not found [bug]6776[/bug] Copy/Paste crash [bug]6770[/bug] flockfx model not saved [bug]6741[/bug] shag hair problem rendering [bug]6769[/bug] Channels not displayed properly with N or R [bug]6766[/bug] Unable to correctly select render quality in Net Render [bug]6760[/bug] Snapshot doesn't remember last directory used [bug]6763[/bug](OSX only) JPEGs cannot be loaded into the application [bug]6757[/bug] A:M stops updating display during SimCloth [bug]6753[/bug] Flag does not wave correctly when doing cloth simulation [bug]6756[/bug] SimCloth fails in V19
  6. Jason Simonds


    Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All: [bug]6687[/bug] SDK missing method for joining splines? Fixed All: [bug]6685[/bug] Decal placement tools do not work correctly in Camera view
  7. Hello, We need a few Alpha/Beta tester for v19.0. To sign up please email support@hash.com with your system specs, reports email, forums name, and Follow the steps below to attach your hostid. https://www.hash.com/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=13&id=17&artlang=en
  8. Mascot Contest rules: All entries must be at least 1440 x 1920 and keep the 3:4 aspect ratio. The winner must summit a rendered image with no background of 480 x 640. All entries are usable by Hash, Inc. and Animation Maser for promotional material. All entries must be emailed to support@hash.com by midnight pst on 09/05/16 No offensive or pornographic material. The winning image as voted by the Animation Master Community will be the new splash screen for v19.0. Rules are subject to change without notice.(I do not plan on any changes but you all know I forget stuff all the time) Winners: 1st place will get to be the v19.0 mascot, $150.00 http://www.hash.com/store gift card. 2nd Place will get $100.00 http://www.hash.com/store gift card. 3rd place will get $75.00 http://www.hash.com/store gift card. Notes: This has no bearing on the time frame till v19.0 is release so please lets not go down that path here. Good Luck All! Jason Simonds.
  9. jnord71

    Disc Golf Short

    I borrowed the pine tree from the forum (thank you, John Bigboote), but I believe I made everything else. My friend Adam (The Toadstool) helped me with the home made Motion Capture. Thank you, Adam. To make this short I used Motion Capture, Dynamic Constraints, Forces, several Particle Systems (hair, leaves, grass/weeds), a little Newton Physics, and Cloth along with animation by hand. Animation Master, Audacity, and Photoshop were the software used. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_j5nGkfCIE