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  1. Hi there, is there a list of the new features found in R19? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Heiner
  2. Hi, the modelling is done and now comes the export and uving. I continue to document that on my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPYrrS8e-b5jiG-ue-bMfKA
  3. So, I changed the tumb pad and he has a gun in his belt now. Regards, Heiner
  4. Hi, like I said, I pistol will come, and here is a first example of the work on it. Modelling is sort of a bit*** to me because while I am at it, the character can undergo so many mutations. Right now I am thinking about having a coat and maybe instead of the shoe have a boot like a musketeer or such. Man, it all starts nice and little and evolves over time ... Regards Heiner
  5. Which part do you mean by "Pad". English is not my mother language and I never heard that. For the angle, how many degrees downwards do you think it shoud point? best regards Heiner
  6. Hi Robcat, good point. More like this? Regards, Heiner
  7. Hi there, so, a little different angle, and four fingers and one thumb. Semi realistic cartoon style like in franco-begian comics ;-) The pegleg received a little more attention and now there is the pistols left to do. Regards Heiner
  8. Four fingers, one thumb? So five in total ... Or Four finger including thumb?
  9. The next stage, I decided to go for a pegleg. He has teeth and togue now and I did the hand anew. Still I can not decide if I go for three fingers or four ... I am getting close to the end of modelling. There is the Hands issue, I will add two classical pirate style guns and than thats it. Then I am at the point when the UVing will start. Still have not made up my mind if i go for one stamp or if I will have more. Regards Heiner
  10. Hi, right now its all about the shape, texures and colors are all up for further modifications. Right now, i will finish modelling and then apply the UVs. Regards, Heiner
  11. Hi again, just wanted to share the next stage of my pirate. Its amost done, and then I will give him a treatment with Malos exellent tools and make some UVs in Blender ... Regards, Heiner
  12. Hi there, the reorienting of the normals took away the weird look. That leaves the strange artifacts and the seams ... any ideas on that and how I may get better seams? For stills that is ok, there it could be fixed with a paint programm, but for animations its not working at all. Regards Heiner
  13. Hi there, @ Rodney> Good point, I will give it a shot ASAP! Regards Heiner
  14. Hi there, working quite a while with A:M, I noticed that there is quite some areas where undo will not work at all. First and foremost if you make changes to the bias handles of a CP, Undo will not take those changes made back. Also when you work on a model with a Decal applied. If you delet something, take the changes back with undo, the undo will not restore the deleted and restored CP in the stamps. Cheers Heiner
  15. Yeah, I should have done the modeling directly in Blender but I I thought that would get me to far away from my initial idea ... Anyway, check out the second video, there I cover the re-export / Import and put your exporter to good use. Cheers, Heiner
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