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  1. Hi there, is there a list of the new features found in R19? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Heiner
  2. Hi there, the reorienting of the normals took away the weird look. That leaves the strange artifacts and the seams ... any ideas on that and how I may get better seams? For stills that is ok, there it could be fixed with a paint programm, but for animations its not working at all. Regards Heiner
  3. Hi there, @ Rodney> Good point, I will give it a shot ASAP! Regards Heiner
  4. Hi there, working quite a while with A:M, I noticed that there is quite some areas where undo will not work at all. First and foremost if you make changes to the bias handles of a CP, Undo will not take those changes made back. Also when you work on a model with a Decal applied. If you delet something, take the changes back with undo, the undo will not restore the deleted and restored CP in the stamps. Cheers Heiner
  5. Hi there, here is a sample of the issues I am having with displacement maps. The general impression is there and also the displacement effect. But there is also a heck of a lot of artifacts and I dont know where they are coming from ... For comparrison there is also a image of the model in realtime ... Regards, Heiner
  6. Hmmm, looks nice, but I think also that displacement would be better. Especialy when you check the area where the coal bumps onto the tender. Thats not really convincing. But then, whe you do not have sich hard contrasts of materials/objects it might work ok ... Regards Heiner
  7. Hmmmm, thanks for that. I was hoping someone uses zBrush or such ...
  8. Thanks for the answer. But, where do you generate the maps? What settingds do you use? Regards Heiner
  9. Unfortunateley not right now, because I am sitting in the Philippines with no real acess to my work. But what happend was mainly that the deformation and the displacement was not smooth. Instead I got very aliased results. As soon as possible I post samples. Regards, Heiner
  10. Hi there, every once in a while (mostly in my holidays) I return to A:M and try to make it really work for me. Still dreaming of an animators career, doh. However, one point where I still have huge problems with are Normal and Displacement maps. While mighty and powerfull I was never able to make them really work for me. When I render in A:M I only get unpredictable results, which by far not what I expect. Therefore it woud be nice, if you could tell me what to look for when using this kind of maps. Info about where you do the maps, how you export, what type of Normal adn Displacement maps you us would be also cool! Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi there folks, since Neymax script established a pipeline between A:M and Blender, you can now do your UVing much more comfortable in Blender and bring the model then with the UV layout as decal stamp back in A:M. The attached picture, which is taken in A:M, shows the kind of UVing you can do in Blender. At the first glance the process is quite complicated, but it is in fact not as difficult as it seems. This is a short tutorial which shows the very basics of the process. If you have questions, just ask. xhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oRehwuOSqI&feature=youtu.be
  12. As promissed.I did a very brief tutorial on how to do the UVing in Blender, focusing very much on the basics. If you have questions, just ask! xhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oRehwuOSqI&feature=youtu.be
  13. Hi there, I thought I do a little but ambitious test and get a riged model out of Make Human into Blender and then from there int A:M. As you can see, that worked pretty nice including the naming! Let me know, if I can be of assistance in any way! Cheers Heiner
  14. Hi, what you have done so far makes my life and work much more easy. It looks a little bit different from what you suggest but nontheless can be archived with the tool you made so far. I can not stress enough the fact that you now can do the UVing outside of A:M. When you look at the attached picture you see a UV layout, which you can not (or almost not) make happen in A:M, not to mention, that it is done so much faster. BTW, the picture shows the UV layout as stamp in A:M! An then you go back to A:M and do the riging and animating, which is so much better, easier, more intuitive then all other apps i worked so far (including Blender). Long talk cut short: You sir, did an awesome job! Cheers
  15. Hi nemyax, yeah, I know that and I also use it quite often. Regarding the skeleton and the CP weighting, I am a little confused: AM to Blender or the other way around? Cheers, Heiner
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