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  1. Blender is not a difficult package to use, and you don't need to 'be a programmer' to master it-- as Rodney said, it's a matter of which package you started with. I started with Blender and find it very intuitive and easy to use, particularly the latest incarnations of it. It's also just as appropriate a package for a beginner to start with as any other; there are plenty of books and tutorials out there to help get the beginner up and running quickly. That being said, there's no reason not to use any number of tools depending on the job at hand-- and since Blender is free, there's no reason not to have it in your '3D Toolbox'. Bryan
  2. OK, thanks, y'all! Bryan
  3. So I'm finally starting to wrap my head around modeling with patches, and now I'm digging into various texturing techniques... https://youtu.be/dVVwayFoPMQ Question: when you apply an image per patch (i.e., by selecting a patch, right-clicking on it, then choosing 'Add Image') can the UV's be adjusted for each patch to better position/size the image? Thanks! Bryan
  4. Is there any way to keep 'Copy-Flip-Attach' from crashing A:M? It crashes every time I try it... Thanks! Bryan Never mind-- in case it helps anyone in the future: I had the pivot point around which the flip was going to be done too close to the center line of the model I was flipping... Thanks! Bryan
  5. OK, awesome! I was trying to drag a material onto a selected, named group in the 3D window per the instructions in TAOAM, but that affected the whole model. Dragging it onto the name of the group did the trick. Thanks! Bryan
  6. Question: how do I assign multiple materials to a single model? For example, a 'skin' material for a human character's body, and an 'eye' material for the eyes? Thanks! Bryan
  7. Awesome! Thanks for all the info, Rodney! I didn't even think to select a patch then invert the selection to choose tails. And this selection plugin looks very useful.... Bryan
  8. This exporter works VERY well! I have a question, though: does A:M include a function for selected all 'tails'? The model I've imported in A:M needs to have hundreds of tails deleted, and it's very time-consuming and tedious... If not-- does the A:M SDK provide functionality for choosing tails? Thanks! Bryan
  9. Awesome, y'all! Thank you so much for all the advice. Much appreciated! Bryan
  10. First of all, let me say that A:M is pretty amazing-- the very first thing I've tried to model (after being away from 3D art for over 5 years and never having used A:M before) is actually coming out way better than I expected. On the other hand-- it also has some major issues. So-- as the attached images show, I have some weird stuff going on with my topology, and when the model is rendered, it has nasty creases all over it. I'm looking for some pointers on how to manage topology in A:M, and, more importantly, how to go back and fix things after the fact. Can someone point me to some good tuts on this, or where I should look in the manual for guidane? Thanks! Bryan
  11. Another quick question: since A:M is patch-based-- can it import polygonal models? Thanks! Bryan
  12. OK, thank you, sir! Bryan
  13. How do A:M subsciptions work? Does the software stop working after the subscription period? Or do you just not get software updates after the subscription expires? Thanks! Bryan
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