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Found 16 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I am having a problem with rendering a scene at the correct length. I have a scene that is 14400 frames long, and I am rendering at 24 Frames Per Second. But I am getting a file that is a little over 8 minutes long when it should be 10 minutes. Does anyone have any experience in which render options I should choose to have the file rendered at the correct length? I have a clock in this scene, so it is important that it is the right length. Thanks in advance to all those who help. Andrew
  2. do not notice "roughness" on ground while rendering but shows in finished render neworb.avi norb.zip
  3. Hi! I tried an action with my overly complex character models last night and the action worked differently in the chor. The Torso control bone key frame gets dropped. There are no key frames on this bone in the chor. Can you think of anything I'm missing or anything I can check? Thanks, Rusty PS: Note the head is attached in the chor.
  4. Sprite starlet.tga it acts strange showing only edges getting color flowera.prj project file flowera.mov 32 bit version qt flowera.avi 64 bit version avi
  5. I am a little confused about how to use images in the forum. When I start a new thread, then there is the uploader and I can add a attachment. When I reply to a topic, even in a thread I started myself, I can not add atachments any more. How can I add images in this case? Regards Heiner
  6. Hi Last week I lost the ability to open v17 and v18 in mac Mavrik and mac Yosomite the problem started after taking a break and relaunching (up until then no problems) I can use v16 but v16 will not render any files even though it says render complete (to clarify the render issue v16 goes through the render process says complete but I cannot locate the files anywere I suspect the the master0.lic thats my only guess and I'm not do to expire until 2-2016 I did the usual disk management on my drives and tried moving the master0.lik to v17 v18 but they fail and crash on load I did send an email to tech support but as of yet no and, so I'm here Thanks all jim
  7. Is there currently any known problems with it? Just asking, maybe someone knows ... However I already send a email to support as well. I attach the error I am getting ... Cheers Heiner
  8. This may already have been addressed but I didn't see it mentioned... In trying to export via an Action to .X (Direct X) format but the export dialog has an 'Open file' dialog instead of a 'Save As' or 'Export' dialog. Hitting Open just results in a error message that the file cannot be found to open (which of course I don't want to do in the first place). I can't see any way to get past this and before I go about trying to locate an older .hxt to file to test I thought I'd ask here. Anyone have any insights into how to successfully export to Direct X format?
  9. I started using the 64 bit version of A:M and loved the way it operated. Then I tried to render. Then I looked online for a solution as to why it would not render. I discovered an answer that indicated we were to look for a license file and transfer that to a 32 bit version when we wanted to render because we were licensed for both versions. I went back to the 32 bit version of Version 15i which I had before because I did not want to change versions every time I wanted to render. My question is whether the 64 bit version of version 18 will render soon (it's been a while since I tried it the first time and maybe the current build already renders. I don't know.)? If it doesn't render, am I supposed to install the 64 bit and 32 bit versions on my computer and move the license file back and forth as I render and work? Is there an easy way to do this? I did not stop to investigate all of this at the time because I was working on a project and wanted to move along with it, rather than figuring out how to make this work around go smoothly. Has anyone been using the 64 bit version, and is it a big hassle to change back and forth, or is there a good way to do it that is not too time consuming? Thanks for your help. (I really hope the 64 bit version now renders. Working in it is wonderful. Rendering is the only problem I noticed.)
  10. Hi - I'm trying to get my trial version A:M v.18 up and running on my Macbook Pro OS 10.9.4. I followed all of the download instructions in the email I received from Hash accepting my request, renamed the downloaded license "master0.lic" per the instructions, and placed it into the folder next to the application, yet when I try to open A:M, I'm greeted with a dialog box requesting an Activation Key. I have been using A:M15j on an older Mac and want to try the newest version of A:M on new hardware before I decide to buy. Can someone please advise me how to address this issue. I've contacted tech support by email and tried by phone, both to no avail. Thank you.
  11. OK, trying my hand at TaoAM since it has been some time since I last played with AM and in exercise 5, using rabbit, I am trying to mirror keyframes BUT it appears the paste Mirror does not work on Nulls (hip and feet for example). Is this expected or a bug or have I missed some step? (18i OSX) Cheers David
  12. Working in V17g with OSX 10.68 Got back to trying to finsh Ska Lake, spent the last two days correcting for the new model,it seemed to work ok and intended to go back today to start adjusting te detail poses and timing. Using the 2008 rig. `For some reason (?) the keys don't appear to set in the PWS when the bones are moved. It was working as normal yesterday but curious things today. You can see no keys set in the timeline, even when its moved or rotated, No key when the force key option is set to inividual bone keys set when heirachy selected and force used, but no key when individual bone moved. When Body Null selected and whole body key forced, it turns through 90 degrees ? Can anyone kindly suggest what might be happening and how I might fix it ? simon
  13. Is there a way to get rid of unwanted poses in the pose slider window,I deleate them from the user relations but there still in the pose window,any idea anyone please
  14. I'm having to prepare something for a course starting in October and have encountered a curious problem in V17G. I set it up last night and left it rendering away. Saved it, "Saved animation as" and reloaded the project. Only to find that the chor had lost the names of the model shortcuts. I redid those and rendered again and, while that was going through thought to use Multiple master to animate the next part of the idea. When the project was loaded into the multiple, the names had disappeared again, even though it was going through on the same machine in saved form ? This is the first, with names in place. This is the second, same project, same chor and models. Notice the names missing. Any suggestions as to cause and how to correct ? simon V17G OSX 10.68 Imac.
  15. Hello Hashers- I have a copy of Version 18.0F SSE4 on a Windows 7 computer that did not have any animation previous animation software on it. It runs great. I also bought another copy of Version 18.0F SSE4 at Comic Con so I could bring my old computer (which already had an older copy of AM 17) up to the latest version. This machine performs well except that it won't render avi files when rendering.(?) while running V18. I know V18 has no problem with rendering avi files because the first machine renders them easily. My thinking is that maybe there is something that V17 has on the machine which is preventing the newer updated V18 from rendering avi.'s properly. Should I delete Version 17 from the computer? Or is there some specific file hidden somewhere which is preventing the newer version from rendering avi.'s properly? Many thanks for any insights! Tom
  16. Front view is upside down. All other views and shortcut to camera display correctly. I don't know what I pushed. I cannot find a way to turn the front view right side up. This is not a camera issue as far as I can see. I've done two searches in the forum and did not find this question answered. This is probably something simple, but it hasn't happened to me before. I did not save. I closed out the project and started the file up again in a different project, but the front view still displays upside down, while all other views display correctly.
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