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Found 7 results

  1. Damn SEAMS!!!! Can't get rid of them. Only "seams" to happen with bump mapping. Tried stretching, shrinking the seam in Action to compensate but to no avail. Bump is fine everywhere but the seam. It is an image applied after the color decal using the "add image" function. I expected to get some kind of seam from mapping front and back half of the model but wtf is this? Please see attached and thanks in advance for any help. I can't think of anything else to try.
  2. Trying to apply a decal as cookie cutter to a grid that will be curved slightly. Image has alpha and looks fine in Photoshop, alpha is clear w/black all around. See attached pics. Am I the only one who has constant problems with everything I try to do in AM????? Always loved AM but AM don't love me BACK. I'm sure its something stupidly obvious. Any help appreciated-sorry to be such a painus in the anus.
  3. I was wondering if it would be possible to create a decal that had a transparent background and to apply that decal to a transparent model. For example, I am creating a pine tree, and I am concerned about the needles. Probably, I could create the needles as hair on the pine tree branches, but that takes a lot of computer memory. Could I instead make a decal that had a transparent background and apply it to a part of a sphere that was transparent and then attach the part of the sphere to the branches? I have taken a photograph of pine needles to which I could add color for the needles and make the background transparent. Attached is my photograph. I was interested in opinions. (Be kind!)
  4. I have applied decals many times. Now I have one that applies fine when I have the patches that it touches selected and the others hidden. When I bring back the other patches, however, the decal becomes spotty on one of the patches where it was fine before. I have tried to apply the decal with the entire figure showing, but when I do that, the patch that rejects the decal will not cover. I have found normals and flipped normals, and everywhere I could find anything about normals I tried to do something. Please tell me what is going on and why the decal will not apply evenly and continue to stick. Thanks.
  5. I have decaled quite a bit with good results, but today I encountered a new problem. I used a 32 bit TGA as the decal on a character that I made using the decal as a rotoscope. (In other words, the figure fits fairly well with the decal.) When I apply, I see actual holes in the model. It looks as if the picture has worn through with ragged edges. I'm using Version 18j (64 bit). There are no holes in the model before the decal is applied. I have attached a picture of the model below. I'm interested in how to avoid the problem and how to fix it. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I've been wanting to ask about this for some time now... Every time I attempt to apply a decal to a model, I get fragments of other jpegs and whatnot that appear as the decal in A:M. I can't make accurate decal applications as a result. It's really weird. It has always been the case and I've had to do all sorts of voodoo to correctly apply a decal. Is A:M designed to work best with a PC? I have those continued problems like not being able to open files unless I switch to the finder and click on some random file in order to go back to A:M and use the open file commands. I am just wondering, in this case, if there is a way to get the decals to appear correctly and no, it is not a matte of hitting command-D. This is a bug. thanks, Adam
  7. eyetest.mov project file has tga versions on 2 decals start.zip eyeball in jpg
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