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Star Wars Characters WIP

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seeing your recent characters... i cant WAIT to see CHEWIE... he will be AWESOME.. :D


Thanks Caleb. Lol...right after you said this, I found out that I wouldn't be doing chewie. Theyr'e going to do him 2D <_ thanks for the support anyway>


The next character was just a generic monk based off of the first one--not a whole lot to show here-just a new head sculpt




Next character is IG-88. I always thought he was the most goofy looking of all of the bounty hunters. I went for speed for sure on this one. Done in almost exactly 2 hours. 90% of the work was done with the lathe tool. 4,045 patches










Fixed his neck and armed him





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Thanks Muff! You should be in for some animation here pretty soon


Yeah...Chewie would have been cool (but a nightmare at the same time) Caleb...who knows maybe the other guy will fall through :)


These are looking great--especially the texturing. Do we have a Bossk in our future?


We just might--his name has been popping up on all the right lists for it ;)


Here's the newest character, Jix. I'm really dissapointed with myself on this one. There was very little modeling done--it was all copy and pasted--but speed is what really counts on this project. I'll do the pretty stuff later :D


He's a little too red and his eyebrows are out of control!




I wouldn't mind some crits on this guy


Anyone for Animating? Anyone for modeling?


Anyone for Lee?

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Thanks Caleb! You'll be able to do that soon, I promise :D


I hope people aren't getting sick of this thread--I have to do these models so I assumed people wouldn't mind seeing. I think I'm keeping it interesting though.


Here's a more updated Jix and now he's got a swoop bike! In the comics his bike is a flat grey with hints of specular highlights. Well...just because I was too lazy to give it a REAL texture job, I went with the extreme of this look--all chrome baby! If this was going to be for anything more high-res the model wouldn't even be close--but I think I may call this done.







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Thanks guys!


Okay, here's where things get ugly


Here's the same last render except with Jabba's number one man Bigg Gizz. He's big, he's ugly and he's a huge jerk. Tell me what you think--could I make any improvements?







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Nice work Lee!

Your a modeling animal! How are you turning this stuff out so fast?


...uh...magic? I'm secretly a wizard...shhhhh. Thanks Jirard!


I cant wait to see jabba!


Alright then, here's a WIP. In the end he'll have a lot less symmetry in the face. So far I've only done the major wrinkles, the rest will be added with decals.





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Im kinda new just checking stuf out I am a Starwars fan and all i have to say is AWESOME models. I hope to be able to do that good of stuf somday. I have photoshop CS2 and was wondering if maybe you could give me some tips with textures and stuf. AWESOME work though ill definetly keep checking up on this!! :D

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Thanks Ethan!


Lee, Big Gizz needs a lot bigger hands. The first time I looked at him, I thought he had hooks for hands.


Oh man, your right! I didn't even think about the size of his hands, I'll fix this right away. Thanks Matt!


I have photoshop CS2 and was wondering if maybe you could give me some tips with textures and stuf.


Thank Geoff! I'm a little busy at the moment, but if you have any specifics go ahead and PM me and I'll see if I can help you out!


Here's Jabba, I think he looks like a frog too much in the face, any suggestions?




Thanks everybody!



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Thanks Caleb! I like strombolli too :D


Here's the textured version--as you can see, it was rushed...use a LOT of photo reference. This one was a lot of fun--each one of these models could be improved a whole lot, but rendering resolutions are low enough that they don't need to be.




Thanks for the comments--Lee

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From what I can tell on this image, he's tail and his back is mostly green.


Thank you thank you thank you for that reference pic! Some things clicked in my head when I saw that--the only pictures of Jabba that I could find were always obscured by Leia in her "outfit". Ive tried to change some basic shape issues (mostly in the head)...tell me what you think


Thanks also Ken and Geoff for your compliments!





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Hey forgot this in my last post r we going to be seeing any wampas or crate dragons?? Those would be awesome and if u need any refernce pics i can scan some in and send them to u do u have the book "The Illustrated Star Waes Universe" art by Ralph McQuarrie Text by Kevin J Anderson it has some awesome reference pics for planets and species

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(Sorry Colin, no Lost World entry yet)


No sweat Lee.. as you can tell, from my seriously late post to this thread and the fact that I'm not burning a new record to start my own lost world thread.. I'm pretty busy to. Besides.. You look like you are having wayyyyy to much fun on this stuff as it is.


Its all looking awesome. You seem to have become a modelling machine.



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Thanks Caleb, Stian and Jay! It's nice to get compliments from such accomplished fellas like you!


Man Colin, how far back did you have to hunt to get that quote from me? I actually didn't rememeber saying that until it showed up. Good luck getting all of your stuff done! You're just waiting around until you can blow everyone away, right?


Dude impressive jabba the only thing i can say is his head looks a little pointed but looking awesome.

Keep up the good work!!


I agree--and in the post before that it was not pointed enough...oh happy medium where art thou? I don't have that book--but I'm already set up with tons of Ralph McQuarrie art. Thanks!


I'm going to try to keep going with this project while finishing up the others that I have going. Whew!



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On 3/13/2007 at 7:02 PM, LeeAnderson said:

Thanks Ken! That's a big complement coming from a top-notch modeler such as yourself




Thanks! I'm not sure that I could write a tutorial about anything that's not already out there. With these kind of models it's really just a matter of finding the workflow that's best for you. Just keep practicing and learn how to do decal work--that's what makes up half of this model. What's your fanfilm about? Good luck!


Here's Boba in his finished form: 5,033 patches. This wouldn't be bad for a next-gen game model if I do say so myself!




Still looking for animators--all you would be doing is basic actions: walk cycles etc.



I wish I had a time machine

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