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  1. Hello all! For those of you who may remember me, and remember my annual Thanksgiving videos, I did not stop doing them, and did not stop using Animation Master to make them! This one was done in a short amount of time (like usual because of procastination, but mainly because of my new school, new job, and life just becoming more busy). But I did not want anyone to think I forgot about you all. This community is the reason I still have the passion to animate and am pursuing it to this day by attending school to get a degree. You have to have that piece of paper to show you can do it, portfolios are only half the game. But there is so much for me to learn still and the school has been great. But here you all are, the annual video for my family's crazy Thanksgiving Tradition!
  2. Every year since 2007 I have been creating a video to hype up our family's annual Carpet Ball tournament. Some of you here may recall me doing my WIP threads every year and im sure everyone was questioning where it was. But probably not I didnt have quite as much time this year to put into it. Next years is going to be far better. I am planning t recreate new models and retire these characters. They have had a good run but its time to make something I am more proud of and would show to potential employers. This year's was just to be more 'epic' and I based the whole video around the song With Great Power by Immediate Music. Very epic movie trailer style music. I didnt even have much time for planning this year I made all the stuff in order and just winged it a lot. But hopefully you see it being a little entertaining. Thought'd I would share since I have shared all of the previous ones.
  3. Hah. Love seeing other Minecraft fans on here.
  4. Not sure if you have already figured this out its been a while since you asked.. But i think your best bet would be too make 1 door and animate it opening and then just copy and paste it in unity. That way if you get this far in it will be easier to batch or something like that. But yeah I think you should do 1 door and just copy and paste.
  5. And what all did you do again for the rig? Some one else might follow but im not sure I do. And the way I did it involved a lot more work. I used 3ds Max to UV Map and texture the models that way. But I also had to do a lot of fixing to the rig in 3ds max and export it from there. It took me a little time to learn how to do that. The skinning process is sort of similar to Animation:Master when adding control points to the bones but it takes a good bit more work. So I think if you can figure out how to get them to work from A:M to U3d and then to Unity that is going to be the fastest way to go. I had some other things to worry about which is why I had to go through 3ds Max.
  6. Yeah, Fuchur's tutorials will help you out there. I went through different programs to add textures to my models.
  7. Did you use any other software to get A:M into unity ? Yes I had used Ultimate Unwrap 3d. I exported the model with all of the animations as .x files and then imported into Ultimate Unwrap 3d and then saved them as .fbx's.
  8. Thanks! The coding is all finished up. The trailer was actually the last thing finished, hah. It was sent out for iPad approval today. When that is approved it goes to iPods/iPhones and then Android devices very shortly after. It is already up and running on Facebook, though!
  9. I have been doing a lot with going from Animation Master to Unity3d , if you have any questions let me know I have been dealing with it a good bit recently.
  10. Wow, this is amazing! Really helps me see that there is a lot more potential with using this program for quality animations. Cant wait to see this get finished.
  11. Here are two animation sequences I've almost got complete. Some more fine tuning that I will go back over when i finish up all of the other scenes. There is still some lip syncing to be done in the Scene04 video and more to it but just thought I would share where I am at right now.
  12. There isn't a set script I guess is my only way to explain this. But what i want is some deep exhales or whatever noun would be best for the action of sounding very bored at work. He is going to have a phone call as well. Want it to sound very annoying and bored with it. Along the lines of: "Hello, this is Blah, how may I help you? ... Yes mam ... No mam ... Sorry we are not responsible for that ... Thank you have a good day" This is a generic office, no idea what they are selling or what services they provide so could just do any sort of boring phone call with a customer. And preferabbly in short exerpts so I could shorten or lengthen the call if need be. And in a different voice someone saying. "Oh sorry I didnt mean to do that. Ill clean that up" & "What are you going to do?" both of those sounding a little more happy then the other guys tone. And in same voice as guy doing phone call "No, no, its fine you actually just gave me a great idea." "Watch this." [he is about to roll down the hallway to knock down the trashcans.] I dont know if that is too much to ask of, considering I can not offer any sort of payment [at the time being. if things take off i can pay whatever amount is reasonable]
  13. Is there anybody that has some sort of recording equipment and could do just a few lines for me for this trailer? I wasnt really going to go with dialogue with this trailer but I really think just a few lines will sort of help it out. I cant really offer any money just thought I would ask to see if anyone is willing to help out. I plan on having my first three shots at least animated by the morning.
  14. Yeah I was thinking the same. And I was also like.. an animation minute is a lot longer than most minutes we deal with. And it'd maybe be more suitable if our game had more too it then just a guy bowling in his chair. It would have to be like really really funny or I dont even know what. I am going to get him to go down to around 30 seconds or so. I am just going to go with my plan and how I see it and see where that takes me.
  15. I am going to be making a CG trailer for my company The Backyard Games first released game Office Bowling. As of right now it is playable on Facebook and it will soon becoming to iOS and Android phones and tablets. It is being made with Unity 3d. All animations done in Animation Master. Modelling with Animation Master and 3ds Max and UV Mapped with 3ds Max. Every visual aspect of the game was done by me. Except, which seems very major, is the main character model and his main 4 skins that come with the game. I came onto the project after he had chosen to use this character. However, I did do all of the animations and rigged the character myself in Animation Master. And there are 4 additional unlockable textures per gender in the game that you can unlock that I did make myself. You guys should go check it out! Here's some quick snapshots we have on our Facebook Page to show some parts of the game. But my boss (we are a team, but he has the money and is mostly in charge), said he was thinking a 2 minute trailer and then a 60 second gameplay trailer. I dont really like his approach and depending on if I can get a decent 2 minutes in or not I may try to talk him down to a much shorter approach because thats a lot for a mobile game trailer. So I am going to be sharing my progress and anything I can get time to post with you guys. I am going to be making this in a very short period of time so I am not sure how much ill be posting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are my first two render tests. Think I got the toon render settings how I like them. Think it need to make it brighter though, but ill know more when more is added to the scene. Not all colored here I know, but it is sure to come as well as other parts.
  16. Wow, I just saw this. That was really a great little project we had going on . I was shocked to see something got finished and it was real neat seeing my Koopa in there. I miss that project.
  17. Everyone needs to go check out and like the page for the game me and the guy I teamed up with are developing. Its coming to Android and IOS this summer, and all the art was done by yours truly. [minus the model of the character and its original 4 skins, but i will be making a different model for special level , and some of my own skins so it counts. But everything else was me. There will also be a few levels playable on facebook within the next week. But not full version of the game. So go help us out and like our page on facebook and help us get noticed. Its really a fun game! Vist the Facebook Page and Like Us! Please :-)
  18. Here are some animations ive done for the project. Character Select Screen Looping Animation Bowling- End of Lane Animations Random People Standing around looping animations
  19. Well this project has for the time being been put on hold. I am currently working with someone else, not my friends, and they are actually good at accomplishing things and they know what they are doing on the code side of things. We are developing an IOS and probably Android and a web player as well game called Office Bowling. The idea is a character rolling down through hallways and other office scenese to knock down the pins at the end of the level. I am the main artist on the project. I am in charge of level design and all 3d models, animation, and more than likely all the 2d elements as well. Here is some pics so you guys see what im up to. Ill post again here when the game is completed and you guys can check it out! level select: Click main menu area.. which is about to get a complete overhaul. Click Here here is the new cubicle.. i had to learn texture mapping. those are not fun. but this is all in one texture file. Clicky animations for the rider. i think someone else is texturing him. not sure. Clicker and everything is being modelled and animated with animation master. just textured with other programs.
  20. Thanks Nancy! This reply will be updated with all the characters. Alligator: A:M Unity UPDATE: Just had some fun with the characters. And showing they've been rigged. However I didnt adjust them enough to make it look too well.
  21. Since I am stuck at being able to convert animations for the time being I figured I would start on all the enemies and stuff we have planned out. I did some concept stuff today and was trying to stick within the style I have already started. These three enemies are part of the Swamp Biome part of the game. First two are Common which you fight a lot. and the raccoon is UnCommon and will be like mini-mini-boss type guys. They are harder to kill and guard important things or make tasks a lot harder. I plan to have these guys modelled by next week.
  22. Okay well this is the third and final of the three main characters we have for the game. No colors are really final because we all are going to get together in person and figure those type of details out. But i am very happy with how this guy came out as well! This project is really helping my modelling skills. In Unity: Quick A:M Render: His fingers are not attached and toes are not attached to the hands and/or feet but in the game engine it doesnt show because of the render style. Lazy, yes, but i see it helping with animating.
  23. Finally gave these two guys eyes! Im hoping to really start getting some work done a lot more frequently. Sheldon Tina
  24. There are three main characters in the game. So you will be playing as all of them at seperate times. Sheldon the turtles friend, is Tina the Crane. and here she is. Again.. no eyes.. i am not ready to make those yet because it will take time to figure out the perfect look. And nothing is to scale. I just want to show some stuff to you guys! {UPDATE--can not sleep} just making some biome specific items.. the crates arent really for here I dont think but i didnt want to get rid of them
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