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  1. Thanks Robert, It is nice to be be back..Once Am is is your blood it never goes away Jay
  2. Hi i am Jason, It has been a little while since i have been active on the forums which has been down to some slight medical problems.With them now sorted i hope to be a lot more active again ! I know i need to start from scratch again but just loading up AM16/17 i felt straight at home again,a little fumbling here and there and i started to remember where things were and what they did.... It may be a little while longer before i start posting things again but i will starting over in again in TaoAm to get up to speed and hopefully start to create some new works. I have been lurking around in the Forums over the years and have been impressed by the great work created by everyone,and also the improvements in AM implemented by Steffen. I can't wait to get started again. See you soon Jay
  3. Latest test: Version V17 Beta5 = 2.00min i7 3770k @ 3.5ghz 16gb ram Win 7 64 bit Regards Jay
  4. Hi Rusty, I'll be honest,I like all three renders that you have done.What type of mood you are after in the sequence? Jay
  5. Fuchur has a pretty good on on his site. Tank Texturing Jay
  6. Try using the page up button on your keyboard this should hopefully sort out your problem. Jay
  7. Another thing you can do is use the Patch group mode... When you select the patch you require an untitled group will be made in your Pws,just rename this group to red,then in your surface properties change the colour to red etc. If you want to select multiple patches for your group then select your first patch,hold down the shift button and continue to select the patches required.When you have finished just rename the untitled group in your Pws. Jay
  8. One piece of advice ' Dont give up now '. I'll be honest that i never really looked at this thread properly until today as i had never heard of Rush.The work you have done so far has been superb and to stop at this point would be a big shame.The animation you've posted up on youtube shows some real promise so keep going with it even if it's as a secondry project,because lets be honest if you stop here you might never come back to it.You have put a lot of effort into your models and it would be a shame for them to remain static images. **** Keep going Tai Shan **** Jay P.s.After looking at your animation on youtube i had a look at Rush's video for 'Far Cry' I think i might be listening to this band a bit more in the future.
  9. Take a look at page 40 onwards of the Technical Reference manual.This goes into detail on how to create a ponytail. Page 30 - 42 covers the hair system in detail. ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/docs/TECHREF.pdf Jay
  10. Not too sure about the skylight rig,How about trying Johns Skycast rig which will will give you a really nice finish. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30784 Jay
  11. Great work Paul, It's a shame we won't get to see some more of these characters.The Hare looks like he overdosed on Red Bull on his warmup Jay
  12. Sorry i'm all out of puns, This looks really good.Looking at your texturing you seem to be going for a claymation look.(i hope i'm not out of order with this remark). I can't wait to see more. Jay
  13. Hi Laconic, I hope this might be of some help. Soulcage dept have been making some fantastic commercials with A:M over the years and in one post on these forums explained a little on how they went about doing seperate passes and then combining them in a compositing program. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...ulcage&st=0 Check out page three of the post to see the example. Jay
  14. Fantastic image Lee,I now have this this as my desktop image. Also having it there gives me a kick up the backside to try and do better with my modeling. Jay
  15. Could be a number of things.Have you tried breaking the scene down and rendering parts at a time,then compositing the final image. Jay
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