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  1. Thanks a million eric xD and im pretty framiliar with photoshop.. and its alpha channel.. however im not to smart on a on?off pose? and lee had said to unwrap your model then re-wrap the decel on.. i forgot how to do that?? I must add, howver im a little hurt... i was hoping for some other feedback on grievous from people.. what im doing wrong.. what needs to be overly changed.. if anythings right on the button... Matt, grievous' talons are a bit thicker in the movie.. thats a statue so not as acurate.. and what did you mean on chest cavity?
  2. its pretty important to get it done fast.. but its even more important that i do it myself.. lee was the guy who could have helped me since he did texture my trooper guy.. but hes gone now soo i gota look arround.. and i know very little about bump mapping and decals
  3. Thanks eric, but its very important if anyone can help me with tutorials or info on deceling and bump mapping.. i gota get this guy done and fast..
  4. Wow.. hehe sorry guys xD its been kinda a long time since i posted.. anything.. i dunno.. for a few weeks i got nothin done ;3; so i worked REALLY hard this week for you guys so here you go.. i got modeling done (but however as usuall a few tweeks most likely needed) his arms are finished off.. and once hes rigged youll see them split xD Im going to start texturing next.. however im not to bright on the topic.. anyone know of any good deceling and bump map tutorials?? any info would help alot xD C&C is much apriciated ~Kevin
  5. Woah.. sorry guys.. I havn't posted an update for over a week.. I hope you arnt ticked xD I've been having modeling block.. and have been sick the past few days and can't really work when im sick.. just can't concentrate... Anyways.. heres all the stuff you've missed.. The legs are ALMOST done.. just one more peice for the upper legs and once coloured they'll look much more acuarate.. I was also wondering if you guys would like me to post references to lemi know if I'm doing it right.. Im going to be busy tomorrow and the thanksgiving day off.. but starting tuesday im sure ill be back on
  6. Haha, dont worry guys. No way im gunna give up on grievous.. just some weird things going on xS and sadly.. Dad needed the computer about ALL day today.. so nothing really at all to show you tonight.. that and im gunna be gone friday and saturday.. and robably busy sunday.. So it pains me to say.. no more updates till monday but "I asume" I will have modeling of general grievous done by next week (I hope)
  7. *sigh* I'm kinda feeling down today everyone ): i tried to work harder today then the last few days.. yet turned out with less to show for it.. now my pa is wanting to kick me off so i dont even have time for a proper WIP render... so a quick shot of what I got.. Hopfully there will be more and better things to show tomorrow.. ~Kevin
  8. I didnt mean to offend you lee xD Okay.. so for todays update.. im not to happy.. I didnt get as much as i wanted done.. dad took the computer too much today and im lucky i got the time to render this update.. and since this part is very odly shaped.. and i had very little references.. and it didnt turn out right i think I may try some tweeking on it tomorrow.. but all aside after some tweeking tomorrow, im gunna make the rest of the torso and as much of the legs as possilbe.. so here you go guys xD expect MUCH more tomorrow... C&C is much apriciated ~Kevin
  9. The lighting is nothing special.. since my family cant really afford getting me an upgrade... im using a version without AO.. so its just a skylight with some key sun lights? Hey everyone, while I was searching though my computer for grievous pics for more references I came across something.. Aparently.. I atempted to make this model before and by the looks of it.. was about 2 years ago.. tell me how much my modeling has improved
  10. OKay guys, the update for today.. not as much as i thought though.. its just adding the sack to the head.. tomorrow I'll be working at making the outer body shell.. hoping to get most of that done but we'll see what happens.. Thanks largento! and you know.. theres nothing more elegant then a sack of guts Thanks eric, but you know.. my detail will be as detaild as grievous is trying to make this as acurate as posible I never really thought WIP colouring was all that important and like the modeling.. texturing will turn out as acurate to the model as i
  11. I'm actually gunna stick with the previous colour.. after all it is just a WIP and once deceld and such.. will look much more acurate A quick small update I wana give here.. not the final one for the day but just something I wanted to show what I was working on.. I'm making General Grievous' Gut Sack right now.. i think i got it right.. i didnt spend to much time on the guts cause you wont get to see them to often anyways xDD C&C is much apriciated ~Kevin
  12. Yeah I was thinking the same thing.. though its really only the neck that will be the pain xD
  13. Truely amazing work agep! your stuff always inspires me
  14. A very small update for today.. not much time to doo anything.. I finished off his ear flaps.. and tweeked the weird thing in the back of his head.. i also added an extra layer of eye lid if anyone an see.. and i tried to make it darker for you phatso... even though this is a WIP and that wasnt his final colour lol Much more for tomorrow everyone C&C is much apriciated ~Kevin
  15. Update time It's that time again folks the next update on my general grievous So, I got a bit of what I wanted done.. His mech neck is basically finished.. other then a few random wires I need more ref on... I finished his ear muff things and even the back of his head.. I still have to finish his ear flaps and his eyes still need work.. they dont look very grievous like to me.... and no wireframe shot for today.. seeing as I'm having internet probs and your lucky to get this short of WIP xD (the angle the render is in dosnt show the neck update very well.. realised this after render
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