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  1. Geoff

    Plane Tutorial

    Hey Rodney, Thanks for all the time you put into helping people that are still learning. It is much appreciated. Ill check out that tutorial tomorrow because its gettin late and i have school tomorrow. It sux but hey its life. lol Thanks Geoff
  2. Hey, This time i cant get the wheel to lathe properly. It says to move pivot. I dont get it lol. This modeling is a lot of learning lol Hopefully ill be able to be proficent with it soon. Thanks Geoff
  3. Geoff

    Plane Tutorial

    Alright cool thanks man
  4. Geoff

    Plane Tutorial

    Hey, I think i got it. I guess its gonna look alright for a first try but im definetly going to go back and do this tutorial again. You'll see when i post it that i need a LOT of practice. lol Thanks for the help Geoff
  5. Geoff

    Plane Tutorial

    Hey, ummmmm......yeah i was more looking for which ones to move but that works i guess. My problem is that when i move the CPs it completely distorts the plane. Ill try ur idea but could u go inot a little more detail on rotating the slines. I dont get what ur meaning by that do u literally hit the roatate button and rotate it? Thanks Geoff
  6. Hey, Im working on the plane tutorial and its come to the part where you are supposed to form the cockpit. I cant figure out which CPs to mmove in order to make the cockpit with out screwing up the model. Heres a pic of the splines and what not. Thanks Thanks Geoff heres a pic with the wing hidden Plane_cockpit_pic.bmp
  7. Hey, Yeah the animation is still really sloppy i need to find the optimum rotating speed. What happened is i was trying to not go past 1:00 (I think thats how the frame language works lol) and so i made him go to fast at the end. Im gonna try to start on a new improved one soon. Thanks Geoff
  8. HOLY CRAP!! DONT GIVE UP!!! I just now looked at this thread and wish i would have seen it sooner!!! The drum animation is amazing there is only one thing ive seen (and ive watched most of the vids) is the one on youtube thats 44 seconds i saw the drumsticks go through eachother. (im not great at this stuf so dont get mad at me for pointing it out) You have amazing skill i wish i could do what you do. DONT GIVE UP!!! As i read through the thread i was and still am looking forward to a finished project. KEEP IT UP!!! Geoff
  9. Hey, Thanks guys ill try to get started on a new version tonight or tomorrow. The legs do hit the ground at diferent times its just to fast to see sadly lol. Anyways Rodney heres a side view. Question does anyone know how to imprt songs from either itunes or windows mediaplayer into the program for use in a choreography. I wanna do a usic video but i can only figure out how to import stuf i recorded using the free recording thing that comes with windows. I had to hold a speaker up to my comp mic and record the piece i was gonna use and it will only let you do 1minute. If anyone knows how please let me know. Thanks Geoff knightbackfliprender1.3.mov
  10. Hey, Nice models man when do we get to see them fight? I cant wait to see Godzilla destroy Tokyo lol Keep up the good work man! Geoff
  11. Hey guys, I finally did somthing with the backflip. I added music to (my first time doin that) I had to hold speakers up to my comp mic and record it through record pad to get that part of the song. I couldnt figure out how to load music files in from itunes or windows media player, how do you do it. Its a pain in the butt to do it the way i did it lol but the sound quality isnt too horrible. Anyways tips, suggestions, critisism always very much appreciated. Thanks a lot guys Geoff knightbackfliprender1.2.mov
  12. Hey, First off that is awesome lol. Nice work you should get another character and make the gorrilla gun a bunch of them down lol. The pistol he has does it happen to be a Glock? Awesome job man. Geoff
  13. Hey, That is amazing. Awesome work. Geoff
  14. hey guys, i was showing the animation to my mom and cousin and i realized somthing. I left his arms up in the first frame. Im gonna start the third version tomorrow and hope fully get it even better. thanks for all the help phatso thanks geoff
  15. Hey guys, Here is an update. He still doesnt flip with good realistic looking timing(and yes he is supposed to go backwards) he goes to fast at the end but i think it is a good improvement. How do you make the "action" go for more frames in the choreography? I wanna stretch out the flip to make it go slower so you guys can really see what hes doing. Thanks for all the help so far. Thanks Geoff knight_back_flip1.1.mov
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