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  1. I love your quote about the fire!

  2. Yea nice....Shut down the forum...Great idea

  3. I dont know exactly what effect you are trying to achieve. If you want to get like a star wars blaster effect there is a nice tutorial here: http://theforce.net/fanfilms/software/anim...asers/index.asp You could always replace the blast with another model using the same technique.
  4. Yea. Thanks for the encouragement. I have had A:M for a while but i just picked it up again. Thanks though.
  5. Sorry....It slipped my mind...Here is the body...With a huge crease in the front! Nice
  6. Here is my attempt at a landspeeder. I had a really difficult time modeling. I still was not able to make it w/o creasing. I did not (and still do not) know how to make the cockpit area without having major creases. For this model it is fine because it is only going to be seen at a distance and for only a short time. I am still learning how to model without creases...I guess it comes with practice....And the usual any comments would be welcome on the model. :-)
  7. Thanks....thats exactly what i needed.. i tried the method suggested by Ganthofer and it worked fine but it took a long time to set up. I tried this method originally but i didnt know about the shift-click deal
  8. how do i attach the path to the blasters? A:M wont let me constrain the path to the blasters as far as i know.
  9. It is created with an object with a material....but thanks that is a good idea
  10. Im trying to get a rapid fire effect.... http://www.hash.com/amfilms/search/entry.php?entry=682 this type of thing... I can do it with a path but i dont know how to constrain the path to the space ship
  11. I am trying to get a laser firing effect on a moving TIE. I know how to do it on a stationary object via a path. However I cannot get it to work when the ship moves. I tried making two extra splines coming out of the guns and constraining the blaster bolt to them but i couldn't find any way to constrain it to the splines. Is there anyway to constrain a strait path to a moving object to constrain the bolts too? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Cool. Thanks for the help! Also this is kinda off topic but do you know of any tutorials for SSS? I searched the forum but nothing came up.
  13. I bought AM resently and so i have the 2007 lisence. Should i download the V14 update? If so which one? There are a lot of them. Are there many new features? Animation Master workes fine for me but i want to know if i should get the update? Also will i have to download it this year? Will they not be avalible on my subscription next year? Thanks
  14. Well im glad you will. When is the next raffle?
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