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  1. AO can be a very "simple" tool for "fake" global illumination, faster than radiosity. Just remember that it should be a "base illumination", so it should be pretty low light level. Throw in additional room lights from most real light sources. -Daniel
  2. goodguy20k

    STEP 1

    Alright, thanks anyway! I'm eagerly anticipating this release...
  3. goodguy20k

    STEP 1

    What type of timeline do you think that will be? And I understand about not being in your ability, but maybe someone who has the powers will read and help.
  4. goodguy20k

    STEP 1

    These really need stickied to the top...
  5. If you could explain the coordinate system, and how it all works from local to global, I'd be ever so thankful!
  6. Am I the only one catching a sense of floating? Not fond of the environment. (HA! I finally found a critique for his projects! What? It's only part of something he's working on?! SO WHAT! It's a critique! He's HUMAN! )
  7. Um, you might be interested in this: http://forums.cgsociety.org/archive/index.php/t-56175.html It's a little for the other software... But I believe it does BVH, or something like that.
  8. You got me with the mouse! You HAVE to do a short with him, if you haven't! Geez... Such a cute guy!
  9. Nothing helpful, but I just had to wish you good luck on coping with your relationships. I understand just how tricky that can be!
  10. I always thought Grievous had a grasshopper look to him. Hey man, I know how you feel. When I was really learning A:M, I had to share the only computer that could run it with 9 other people. Well, more like 6. Not everyone on my family uses it. That was one computer out of 2! Now we have... Several (never enough... ). Now I'm the "head IT guy", the one who fixes all of them. I sure wish we could go back to just having 2 computers. All that to hopefully put a smile on your face. Your model ROCKS, man! I'd never finish what you finished in such a short time! What you did until you got bumped off I would need a week for. Keep it up! Slow and steady!
  11. Dude, that thing just came out of the ship yard! As usual, you make me sick. I'd like to see you flub just ONCE, Mr.! Just show us you're human! Everything DOES look just a bit too... Clean. But... Anyway. Could I ask for a wireframe of the antenna stack? Seems you went from one update without it to the next with it... How you got that detail in such a short jump... Totally bewildering. (I've been having a lousy time lately, and it was great to see your work. It made me smile. Thanks.) Keep up the awesome work.
  12. Good thoughts on color and waiting, but I just want to chime in with, your color's not far off. Maybe a tint of green? ::shrug:: I think what's very... Evil about his look is the sharpness. Almost everything comes to a point. Very rigid, yet elegant, and smooth. (What a bad guy, eh? ) Texturing should add to it as well, a nice battle-worn look.
  13. Linear interpolation is your friend! Make a keyframe with the sword in, then one with it out, and set the interpolation (selecting the keys in the time line and then RIGHT clicking within the yellow box, selecting Interpolation->Linear.). Before and after those keyframes, you can use different interpolation methods. Should work nicely for what you want.
  14. "Stick to it" is a skill. For years I just putted around with A:M, learning little things here and there. Never "finishing" a project. It wasn't until last year that I got around to STICKING to something, and my bear was the result. I learned from finishing that, and it's helped working on TWO. STICK to your ideas. And plan things out! Don't not dream because you don't finish! (Yes, a double negative. ) Push for the better and the awesome. Then try and pull it into reality. Again I say, "stick to it" is a skill.
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