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  1. Thanks Rodney! Good to see you're still around. Some things never change. Construct2 is pretty similar to GameSalad but personally I think it's a little easier to use. It supports lots of plugins too. One being Spriter: https://www.scirra.com/blog/119/spriter-support-in-construct-2
  2. Check out Construct2. It's all html5 based and you can render to many platforms. It has a visual coding language that's very easy to pick up. https://www.scirra.com/
  3. What next? A phallic milk jug?
  4. KenH

    Windows 8

    Windows 8 on a non touchscreen makes sense if you want to take advantage of cloud syncing. Think of the start screen as a place where you can quickly view any updates at the start of the day....then click the desktop icon to get work done. I think W8 will go down well with the consumer market. Enterprise were always going to stick with W7 for a while anyway as they don't update every version. So in that time, MS is going after the consumer market. By the time they come back, W8 will (hopefully for MS) be accepted and understood. Then in the next version, the desktop will be more integrated.
  5. I've heard bad reviews about it....it gets a bit too childish later on? But I may go see it now.
  6. Sometimes I get tired of clicking with a mouse. Sometimes I'd love to be able to take off my screen and touch it. I say! I think a surface type device has a market. Why pay for a laptop and tablet when you can combine them. If you want a large screen, use the hdmi port. Anyway, we'll see.
  7. Welcome Josh. If even a small percentage of your Dad's talent was passed on to you, I look forward to seeing your work! No pressure.
  8. So sorry for you and family Josh. Paul had a talent and drive that will be missed. Thanks for updating us. May he rest in peace.
  9. Big brother isn't just watching, he's getting you to do all the legwork!
  10. KenH

    John Carter

    You could feel Carters pain in the beginning....you just didn't know why at that point. In some ways I like that, but some people might not connect his behavior to his previous loss. And when he found his princess (well he didn't have much choice on Mars) he could have found another soul mate, but you couldn't really tell because he didn't really get on with her at first. In general though, I'd give it a 6 out of 10. Script wasn't great. The best characters were animated. I expected better from the director.....but then like Carter, he was in an alien world with less control over the final product.
  11. Strange. I originally thought it could be a power options issue, but I remembered this. Don't know if it'll fix it (or even relevant to your system), but worth a try. Go in to Device manager and the properties of your network card and there's an option to untick that allows the card to wake the computer.
  12. Buying an expensive card for my Amiga which made it twice as powerful. It probably brought it up to the power of one of todays calculators. Ah well, it's all in aid of progress. (I'll balance that by a good purchase.....I bought a little program called Zbrush when it wasn't cool. Ever since, I and others have been getting updates for no cost.)
  13. Have a great year everyone! Dusan...the card! What? How?
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