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  1. Thanks Rodney! Good to see you're still around. Some things never change. Construct2 is pretty similar to GameSalad but personally I think it's a little easier to use. It supports lots of plugins too. One being Spriter: https://www.scirra.com/blog/119/spriter-support-in-construct-2
  2. Check out Construct2. It's all html5 based and you can render to many platforms. It has a visual coding language that's very easy to pick up. https://www.scirra.com/
  3. If only they cried tears of coins with their laughter. But it's almost the same. Well done!
  4. Welcome Josh. If even a small percentage of your Dad's talent was passed on to you, I look forward to seeing your work! No pressure.
  5. So sorry for you and family Josh. Paul had a talent and drive that will be missed. Thanks for updating us. May he rest in peace.
  6. To infinity and....oh wrong one.
  7. That's great news! Also, you might consider cell phone distribution...if the content is protected. I seem to remember someone posting around here looking for content. Not sure if it's good or not though.
  8. You beat me to it nimblepix: http://jeffdesom.com/hitch/
  9. That's a great effect! Nice one. Those fingers.....must...resist....bending....them.
  10. Love the TV format....great platform for more shows. Yeah a couple of frames snipped here and there would work wonders. But excellent work over all!
  11. Those look great! I agree about the roughness of the texturing. What about the term "Virtual Puppetry"? Edit: Um...who's the blond chick? I don't remember her.
  12. Very nice detailing too....those creases along the joins are magnifique!
  13. Have a great year everyone! Dusan...the card! What? How?
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