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  1. Thanks Rodney! Good to see you're still around. Some things never change. Construct2 is pretty similar to GameSalad but personally I think it's a little easier to use. It supports lots of plugins too. One being Spriter: https://www.scirra.com/blog/119/spriter-support-in-construct-2
  2. Check out Construct2. It's all html5 based and you can render to many platforms. It has a visual coding language that's very easy to pick up. https://www.scirra.com/
  3. Welcome Josh. If even a small percentage of your Dad's talent was passed on to you, I look forward to seeing your work! No pressure.
  4. So sorry for you and family Josh. Paul had a talent and drive that will be missed. Thanks for updating us. May he rest in peace.
  5. Have a great year everyone! Dusan...the card! What? How?
  6. Enough interest has been expressed for now. Thanks!
  7. I'm engaged in a commercial project that may require extra hands on board soon. So I'm really gauging interest for now. It's a "structural engineering project" so it'll be mainly mechanical modelling/rigging/animation for use in Flash. Therefore a knowledge of that program would be beneficial as some coding (AS2) work may crop up. Should we need anyone at all, it won't be for another month or two and it should last for about six months. Perhaps a year if all goes well. If you're interested please email me: kenhes (at) gmail dot com Thanks.
  8. Thanks Fuchur! I'm sure I'll be in need of this sometime in the future.
  9. KenH

    Face Rig

    Combined poses with the pose sliders have to be predefined. With the Face rig, you can do it when/if you need it. The time difference is negligible for short animations, but when you're making a feature, it adds up.
  10. KenH

    Face Rig

    No not me Paul. Brown Bag are located in the same city as me. Maybe I'll work for them one day.
  11. KenH

    Face Rig

    This shot is from a Brown Bag who make shorts. I was interested to see a face rig in their characters that looks not quite like the one we used for TWO: Rig
  12. A bounding box with the right mouse button? Not that I know of. But you can with the left button in the chor if you're in muscle mode. Those changes made on the cps in the chor won't be reflected in the model window though.
  13. KenH

    Action Transition

    I'm not sure what Robert did, but it's the action order that's causing it. Just drag Chor action 2 above shaggywalk. You want the transition to be between the walkcycle and the handle action. Chor 2 only holds the model bone information.
  14. I think I'd fall asleep watching a fight that lasts 5 minutes. Unless there was some interaction (other than fighting) mixed in there. Two minutes for a pitch is plenty IMO. Edit: I remember an episode of Family Guy where he fights a chicken. That fight lasted something like five minutes but I think that was the irony. And he was fighting a CHICKEN!
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