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  1. Great work Michael. Did you touch up te render in a paint program? If not would you mind upload the choreography without the model? The style reminds me of another member, I think his name was Dark Limit or something like that.
  2. Thank you Michael I think that when I start a model, I always plan on animating it but it never happens lol.
  3. Thanks David, Attached is the project that has the woman model and a modified version of the male model. I also put the Skylights that I use for rendering. I get good results using them and it's pretty quick. 36 passes in 4 minutes on an old computer. Initially both models were just faces. I quickly modeled the bodies for rendering purposes so they are gonna be a mess. I added the porcelain to smooth while I am modeling. So if someone does not use it the models will have severe creases. I don't give any thought to any kind of organization either lol. If something is missing from these project files you guys can let me know and I will upload it. Nu1P.prj Nu1.zip
  4. Here are a couple of characters that I have been working on. The dad from Family Dog and another character I made yesterday. There are issues with models but I'll upload them if I can clean them up.
  5. A few more unfinished faces. I used porcelain on all of them so they will have creases. boy11.mdl sface.mdl sface21.mdl
  6. I thought the latest version of A:M only ran on Windows 10. Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. Ouch If the 5 point patch won't close, there usually is a hook next to it. I detach the hook and close the 5 point patch. That sucks... For stubborn 5 point patches I select the points, press H, select all and that usually works or I select them all in a different order.
  8. Thanks Rodney Yes it's particle hair. I downloaded Holmslices hair tutorial and it had dreadlocks in the zipped folder. The lights are skylights and a 5 point light setup.
  9. Working on this one. Decided to add a Disney background and a blue light.
  10. Thanks Nice work, I like they topology. Especially the hook and 5 point patch placement.
  11. Looks good guys! Would you mind showing a front and side view of the face wireframe?
  12. Looks good Dan Would you be willing to show a wireframe?
  13. I'd like to see them. I have problems creating teeth and ears. teeth.mdl
  14. Yeah the sphere fits the look. It was too hard to line up teeth. I made stylized teeth but theylook like horse dentures.
  15. Nice work Matt Someone else will have to make the teeth. I have been trying but they look like horse teeth.
  16. Love it! I'd like to make the teeth and tongue after you upload it
  17. Wow! All of it looks good. I think I will respline the upper lip. I used too many. Great job, hopefully more people will add to it.
  18. I see, I will have to use it from now on. Porcelain has always given me the soft look I want. It even works great in face poses. What are your SSS settings? Oh I also replaced the model last night after looking at the pic. I realized her head was too wide so I used distortion mode to shape it.
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