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    In limbo

    I model and animate with both AM and Maya.. tried Max.. hated it.. won't touch it with a ten foot pole now. AM is without a doubt the easiest when it comes to making and animating your characters. If you want for examples feel free to IM or email me for some. C
  2. Chris, First off congratulations! I don't have to tell you that its the best thing ever having kids Thanks so much for releasing the code. I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of it. Question. Do you know if the .dts files exported from amx .dts work with Torque Game engine advanced? I know that there where some differences in the .dif files supported, but not sure if the .dts had any. I'll try it out later and let you know how it goes. Thanks again, Colin
  3. Hey Greg, I assume you know about the resource on the Tourque site that allows you to use the Wii remote with PC games? Its based on an open source initiative that escapes my memory right now. If you cant find the resource, let me know and I'll look for a link. C
  4. first off.. 2nd life does not use nurbs. They say that a nurbs program can be used to create scuply objects. I use this currently. The reason nurbs are a good fit for scuply objects is because spherical nurbs use the exact same Mapping that scuplies and most 2nd life objects use. So theres no need to mess around with mapping on the object once you create it. Sculpies in 2nd life more resemble Displacement maps than Geometry. Except they displace in 3 dimensions instead of displacing based on Normals. Its weird stuff but the gist is that the Red displaces points in 1 direction the Green another and the blue another. The effect is a 3d object created from an image spherically wrapped around a point. So.. What you would need to do to create scuplies in AM is the following. A way to create an image based on a spherical projection around the object. Sorta/kinda similar to the flattening you do to uv map heads/ or perhaps more similar to the neat trick Dusan Kastelic figured out when trying to come up with that nifty spherical facial mapping trick. What you would have to do after you got this mapping thing done is be able to determine a point on the surface of the objects location around its center and map the x, y, and z of that point to the red,green, and blue channels of the image map you are creating. That would give you a sculpy map. You might even be able to trick this with a little lighting mojo. ie.. figure out how to get the camera to see your object as a sphere (how the hell this might be accomplished I do not know) then light the object from 3 directions with Red, Green and Blue lights. Combine these images in an image editing app and you would get a sculpy map. Hope that helps. For the record. Sculpy's in 2nd life have a limited resolution. You wont get the smoothness you might have in AM but you will get an approximation. To create really complex objects like a human body you'd have to create parts made from several to many sculpy objects. Still much less prims than you'd normally use but not near as efficient as AM ;-) Oh and polygons for sculpys really isnt a great mix. For one you have to get the UV map normalized, which is a pain in the butt and almost always has issues. And after you get that done you don't end up with anything as nice as you might get from nurbs or splines. Not sure why, maybe it has to do with distortions caused by the UV mapping or something else. There used to be a nifty exporter from AM that could export Renderman files. The great thing about that was that you could then convert those RIBs to Nurbs patches fairly easily. That would be a better option for export from AM since the resulting objects would be easy to map and export smoother from whichever Nurbs tool you where using. C
  5. Not sure about the dev box.. but I know you'll at least need an emulator to test it out. I'm not sure where you'd go to find out how Wii dev works. But they mentioned that you'd need to license the Wii dev tools from Nintendo. So I'm assuming that means another pack of tools to do the dev. C
  6. yep saw that. I've been joined at the hip to Torque advanced for months now.. and I must say.. I like it One of the reasons we went with advanced is for the Xbox 360 export, but since thats rediculously prohibitive do to Microsoft's politics and policies.. the Wii is looking better. Since the Wii is more fun than any other console, I'm in Nirvanna now. I love it when a plan comes together. C
  7. 1. Looking for 3d developers with games experience. Preference given to people with Torque experience. Extra Preference given to people with experience in Multiple applications. a. Modeller/Rigger/Animator/Lighting/Texturing all required. b. The work will be for a MMOG that is currently in development by IBM for release early next year, with possible further releases to Xbox at a later date. c. Positions to be filled within the next month and to continue for the next year and possibly beyond. d. Contact me.. Colin Freeman at... Freemanw[at]us[Dot]ibm[Dot]com The work will be on a contract basis and you will have to work through an approved IBM subcontractor. email me with links to previous work, and a resume. Don't! email your salary requirements to me. That will be between you and the Subcontractor. Ability to work at IBM in Atlanta, Georgia or potentially Somers NewYork is a plus but not required.
  8. cfree68f

    Need ideas

    If your goal is to introduce them to AM then what you have is a good start, though pretty ambitious for 10 hours. If your goal is to teach them Animation, then you might cut to the chase by skipping the modelling and using premade models and characters from the cds or modelling a flour sack or something and teaching them Disney style. Just some thoughts. Good luck with the class.
  9. I think you can purchase a dongle, not sure if thats still the case. Contact Hash and they'll let you know.
  10. AcccK.. NOOOOOOO! I'm just about to start work on an MMOG with Torque and I was hoping to use Your exporters for it, and your expertise ;-) sigh. Well good luck with your future ventures and I hope that you don't have any issues finding homes for the code. If you do find it hard to find homes for the code, can you let us know. We have a games group in IBM that works with Torque and we might be able to find a spot and further support for the code with them if know one else can support it. Thanks for all the hard work and effort!
  11. Not really. If you look at the left frontmost leg you'll see there isn't a shadow. If you sharpen the shadows by decreasing the width of your light you'll see those other leg shadows start to disappear if they aren't in the light. Because your shadows are so soft you are getting bleeding where the back legs actually appear to be in some light. Try making the light with very small and see what you get, unless of course you want really soft shadows in which case there is no work around that I know of.
  12. this is an incorrect statement. What you need is transparency. If you want to make the light bounce and hit other parts of the room other than parts that are inline with the hole/window then you will want to use Radiosity, but it isn't required to get light to pass through a hole or a transparent part.
  13. Thats a good first ear Tot. Jeff is right. I hardly model faces from scratch unless they are very different from ones I have already. That 40 minute face was painful to start with since I was a little out of practice with "from scratch modelling" But like a bike it came back. Feel free to disect it as you wish. If you see the alien on my avatar. He's actually the cooper model I did but tweaked for about 15 minutes using the distortion cage tool. Keep up the good work. Oh and take any criticism with a grain of salt. Everyone started out learning to model and some people still can't model a good ear ;-)
  14. keep it up, like drawing you can only get better with practice. I've got a couple of models and faces under my belt so with the "handicap" (sporting term, not the other) you actually beat me by a mile ;-)
  15. See.. not so hard after all is it ;-) I worked for about 40 minutes and figured I'd gotten far enough. its not perfect.. but its got some kind of character.. maybe a mardi gras mask.. Happy MardiGras everyone. and the model. Keep it up.
  16. Um yes there are. But they aren't permanent like other apps. Try out material effectors. and there might be another way to do a boolean but It escapes me right now. Man I'm getting old.
  17. Depends on if you know how to tweek the AO.. I've had lots of success rendering it for animation. You just have to know where the shortcuts are. I've yet to come accross a situation where you couldn't avoid the need for a render farm with a little tweeking. Radiosity.. thats a different story ;-)
  18. more to the point. AM does do Hardware acceleration of realtime renders, just like maya and 3d games and everything else. So your card will work most likely with AM, you may have driver issues.. I've never had any, but I've seen threads where a user says they have problem untill some driver gets installed. Like I said before.. you have to change or "unlearn" some preconcieved notions you might have from working in a "Polygon" based app. Splines require less Mesh control points to create a surface that appears to be infinately smooth.. more similar to nurbs than poly's in that respect, but much easier to model with. A model done in Polygons would need to have a mesh 15 to 20 times more dense to equal the smoothness of an AM model.. especially if you will be zooming in close on the model. So in some ways AM splines are the best low patch/poly option you'll ever find. But they are nothing like Polygons except that they can be square or triangular. Preferably square (another opposite to polygons which lean toward triangulation for optimal use). I'm wondering why you seem so concerned in purchasing a $300 application when you have laid out $7,000.00 for one which you seem to not want to use. Seems like a no brainer to me with the information you've given and recieved in this thread I'll lay off the input at this point. I'd only be repeating myself.
  19. Maya Unlimited can do certain things programatically with dynamics that are nice. Per particle control comes in handy. Fluids is nice. Other than that.. AM does it all and beats it hands down. Maya wishes it was in AM's ballpark when it comes to animation and constraints. I wish it was in AM's ballpark, because then it wouldn't be so painful when I have to downgrade to Maya. And I can tell you another thing. Maya crashes on every machine I run it on about 4 or 5 times a day. Even AM alphas give me less trouble. Like Rodney said. use the two together and composite.. don't try and take objects back and forth unless its poly's from Maya to AM. You can convert Splines to Polys and AM's modeler is definately funner and easier than trying to model organic stuff in Maya (mechanically its a toss up). Everyone has their preferences, but every person I've introduced AM to that actually bothered to give it a try stuck with it and liked it much better than Maya. There will be a learning curve, because AM does things the right way and Maya does them the complicated way. In some respects you'll have to unlearn what you assume with Maya, in order to clearly grasp AM, but when you do? Welcome to Nirvana :-) ohhhhmmmmm....
  20. I use both.. one for work, because the other idiots at work insist on using it and one at home and sometimes at work because I love to use it. Guess which one I love to use ;-) That said with 14 years of experience in 3d modelling and animation and 10 years of AM and 7 or Maya. Easy to use, fun to use, fantastic to use, I could go on and on.
  21. try setting the initial velocity to 0 or something near that. That should let them stay close to the hand and fall from it.
  22. Hey Karl, Actually the mouth and chin arent far off from his royal highness's. You could push and pull a few points to get a good likeness. I'd love to help you out but I'm slammed, and I don't think I could look at his likeness to long. I have enough issues with pictures. I'll ask around and see if anyone I know using AM is up for it.
  23. or you could just set up a smartskin or relationship that positions bone A where you want based on bone B ;-) You'd just have to make it work for as much rotation as you want from bone B. No math required, although I Love math. You may want to only move bone A 179 degrees for 90 degrees of B so it always takes the right path to the solution.. otherwise it might move backwards to bone B, which could be another neat trick I suppose.
  24. First off.. its pretty good for a first shot.. I recognised the mesh right away! of course I should.. I've been staring at it for almost 6 years now. You also have some odd things going on in the cheeks on the side. I'm guessing that they may crease as well but they can be fixed easily. I really need to update this tutorial with what I know about modelling faces now. to much to do not enough time. To get rid of the klingon ridge you can just select the center spline and pull it back into the face a little where it needs it. If you see creases try using hooks or 5 point patches instead of 3 or more splines running into the same point. And one other thing you can try is moving the offending crease to a point that cant be seen (sometimes hard to do) ie.. take the intersections around the mouth and try to shift them inward into the mouth, same around the nose and ears. Great so far though! C
  25. cfree68f


    Try this tutorial out.. http://www.colins-loft.net/new_coop_tutorial/CoopEye.html and if you want to tear something a little more robust apart.. here's an "uber" eye (ie.. it can change its look by sliding pose sliders" http://www.colins-loft.net/free/UberEyes.zip and here's a pic of what can be done with it... C
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