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  1. Its looks rather amazing Gerry! I like the material effect you used as well! Case
  2. Number, Your still leaning toward the stiff side BUT your getting closer and closer each time! Keep it up! Case
  3. Hmm rough around the edges...BUT i'm very interested in this web series! Nice storyline!!! Keep us updated! Case
  4. Fascinating body sculpting detail. In other words nice work! Is this going to be animated? Keep us posted! Case
  5. I'm really looking forward to see the final product of this project! And I also see you took the power line suggestion YAY! ~Case
  6. Looking good Gerry! Keep it up! Case
  7. To add on to Tralfaz comment on detail:The cloth fix up was definitively some eye candy (Crafty Man)! Nice detail keep it coming! Case
  8. Were very patient don't worry bout it! Another note... (If you want) I would run the power lines down the side of the road give the since of perspective!
  9. Looking good for the very beginning! Is that the grid that goes over the blades?
  10. Truthfully moven looks best to me!
  11. This years siggraph looks pretty amazing although it hasn't started the trailers are truly magnificent! http://www.siggraph.org/s2008/
  12. Looks good the front could use some touch up but that's it so far!
  13. Youv'e got some mad skills my friend! Your updates are coming on like rapid fire. Keep it up, Case
  14. I'm with robcat the lighting in your screenshots make the scene look kinda bleak. Also there are books and video tutorials written tutorials everywhere. Keep it up, Case
  15. Wow looks great so far! Cant wait till its done! Case
  16. Caroline your a god like figure. When i'm so clueless and look like a fool you always seem to pop up and put me in the right direction. In other words thank you! Well for a full year with all the new features that is a good deal! And I happen to have $50 to spare YAY! Well I shall consider an upgrade since im so far behind. Thank You! Case P.S. It seems my drill has witnessed the holy spirit the glowing is just there...who knows? But its finished i'm happy!
  17. It only last a year now?
  18. Im with eric! Same question is the hair around the ear modeled?It's sort of invisible on the wireframe?
  19. And the semi-finished product (semi for bighop's suggestion) All my renders of it show up with the sides glowing...cool effect though lol. And by the way in got v11 What would be the proper upgrading route?
  20. Ok i went back and redone the dill bit driver and added deatail with creases in between drivers. And fixed up the front end! Wireframe
  21. Well this morning I was messing around in the garage trying to fix my dad's grill. And right after I fixed it I thought you know I havnt modeled anything in a while...so I decided I would model my dads drill! So far its gone smothly which is bound to change very soon! And I decided I would show yall the progress so far. Well so far for me my work on it has been off and on all day. This is it so far... This is the wireframe from a different angle. The post is supposed to be called CORDLESS DRILL Sorry
  22. MOST classic Greek cultural artist didn't craft the nose nor eye detail closely. For some reason they paid most attention to the facial structure and body features but never nose and eye. Just some input, Case
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