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  1. Just Curious, What sort of material have you been using to get that nice glossy sheen? I cant for the life of me figure out how to use materials effectively...
  2. Here's a Quick list on who's working on what pokemon. Thanks for your offer! Does this mean that I should pick something? If you would like, For the moment, I'm still waiting on getting my own personal computer. I'm out of commission for a while until i get a new copy of A:M as well. just, anything that we haven't chossen yet
  3. Incredible... I am DEEPLY humbled. When i have the money for my own computer, I will have a much easier time using less control points, and such, perfecting my models. However, with the school computers i was using, it WAS vital to have such detailed splining for the lack of detail in the computer's renders. I hate having to work with so many points, to be honest, I would much rather work in a format such as the one that you you have shown with the links. THIS is the sort of animation i aspire to. I really want to push my talent this far, if not further. True, the detail in his models i
  4. Thanks again Tot. Seems like you've got an eye for my stuff... Here's my final project that I'm giving my client.
  5. HAHA! Finally she's Fixed! Thanks to all of the Support staff, i really appreciate it! Here she is, All finished! Anyone got any ideas for a background?
  6. Thanks so much! Un fortunately, I went to save the project a while ago and it became corrupt. The flaw is that for some godforsaken reason, there ended up being a duplicate of the "Actions" and "Choreography" Folders INSIDE the Model's GROUPS folder. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?
  7. Done with Saber, my independant project (thank god.). Now i've got to get to work on Flareon!
  8. Okay, finally Done with the modeling for Saber. The only part left to model is the Blade (see picture). WARNING: The wireframe is Terrible looking. Waaaay too many points. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to detail, however...
  9. Thanks! Saber's beginning to grow on me. I'm really enjoying it now that she's taking form. Hahah... trust me, wireframe hurts, but when i get time, i'll break down the pieces for viewing. I don't have Hash at home so this is all i can show for now. I should have the results by tomorrow. I'll probably be done with the boots by then as well.
  10. Fixed up a ton of things. As for the shoulders, they seem that way, much because of her not having her gauntlets on... no less hands. They will thin out with the gaunts, later.
  11. Takin a small break from pokemon to make Saber from Fate Stay Night. I've got a cash offer from someone to make her so i'm doing my best. Here's what i've got so far, tell me if you can see if there's anything i should change.
  12. Thanks so much! i really appreciate the assistance! Taking a short break from Pokemon at the moment to work on my independant project. It's going to be part of my portfolio for a few institutes.
  13. Thanks! And thanks to all of you guys who are keeping this thing alive. Here's my Jolteon! Just got done with him a few minutes ago.
  14. Ah yes! Very well done too! ...and they aren't from 1 to 150 are they... I'm so forgetful. Still... post them here for completeness sake. Pretty please! As requested, here's the unown alphabet.
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