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  1. That looks great. Thanks for doing this.
  2. Shannon, I've sent you an email concerning a model. --Tim R
  3. k. Please try this one. Looks like I trimmed up the URL somehow. Actually read the BB Code help. Looks better now. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13988455/TimRobert...berts_Final.zip Thanks for the quick reply. --Tim R
  4. Should be ready for download. JPEGS and soudtrack in the zip. Test download worked. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13988455/TimRoberts_Final.zip --Tim R
  5. Added some much needed sound effects. Again, thanks for folks reviewing and commenting. Calling this one done-done. Lots of fun. The tone is a Quindar tone as used in Apollo (so says the wiki). Movie_Final_Sound.mov Getting the zip together now.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, Chris. I adjusted the hop action. I found that I had some hold keys on the hips that would pop out the left leg. Should be a little smoother. Thanks for pointing out. Now that I have a little more time, I've added the watch animation . Need to add to the model. Great ideas about the sounds. I'll try to record some effects this weekend. Latest WIP attached. YourName_0000.mov
  7. Here is my contribution. I used an action for the hop cycle, but then couldn't figure out a way to go to pose in the choreography. I ended up using another action to turn the character around. Not ideal, but seemed to work. Feedback appreciated. Movie_Test1.mov --Tim
  8. Correct. You will need to compsite the solid over the shadow. AM can do this, but I haven't tried this myself. I also haven't found a single pass solution. At least not for png. Good Luck.
  9. Gene, Is that rigged or not?
  10. I troubled through something similar last year. This is not an issue w/ the Toon Render. I have a method that works, although not as simple as it could be for PNG. It seems that what is needed in the PNG Buffer Options is the Shadow toggle (present in Targa). 1. Set the file type to targa 2. Set Buffers a. Alpha = on b. Shadow = on 3. Return file type to PNG 4. Render. You know have a layer with the shadow (and the toonlines) 5. Go back to targa and turn off buffer:shadow 6. Return to PNG and render to a new file name. This will be the object. Hope that helps. --Tim
  11. I'd highly suggest an image sequence for you video output. You're not at risk of losing your work w/ a failed video render. At the very least, you'd pick up on the next image after the failure. You can choose a nice lossless format like .tga or .png. Also, many of the video editors will accept an image sequence.
  12. wow. Great work. Can you post a wireframe of the little devil? I'm always looking for ways to improve my splinemanship.
  13. Just in time. Holiday animation of a Santa character that I modeled and rigged. santa_final_test_smaller.mov
  14. OK, I watched about 10 times. Fantastic! Agreed, the tracking is superb. What programs is used for that? So, what elements were modeled? The man and switch. Lamp?
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