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  1. The fur and the model itself looks really good... nice work. CHEERS!
  2. Thank you, Mike... The SSS render looks pretty good... Thank you for sharing... CHEERS!
  3. You really have that drawing skill... I really your concept. CHEERS!
  4. Your cartoon rendering looks really great... cannot wait to see him in action. CHEERS!
  5. Your SSS looks so great... I have some ideas in mind and may be we can use it as a starting concept, or we can start from your concept... I still have to learn a lot as far as the animation part in AM... I think I am getting a hang of it as far as the modelling part... I am not realling good in the mechanic part, I have started to dive into with one of my model. CHEERS!
  6. The render look pretty good! CHEERS!
  7. That looks prettey cool!!! I like the animation... Great work! CHEERS!
  8. Thank you, Jirard! I will give it a try again... CHEERS!
  9. Thank you, Gerry! Thank you, MasterFunk! I lost my concentration due to losing my job lately and still trying to look for a new job... I decided to finish it last night and share it... , so there you have it... May be the Hereos Contest, I will make it... Thank you, Rodney! I am still learning everyday, and I hope to finish it someday... But I need to find a job first... I still need to learn the SSS from you too, because I am not sure if I got it right... Thank you, Jirard! Here is a complete both halves model... still more work though.. CHEERS! Ryo.mdl
  10. Jirard, Sounds great to me... Please let me know if you are working on any project right now... Still lots to learn for me tho... I just lost my job, so this will be the best time for me to get back to AM project... Thank you for your comment... CHEERS!
  11. Here is the model file... CHEERS! Ryo.mdl
  12. Well!!!!... I was planning to enter the Mascot contest but cannot get it done on time... so I would like to share... I only finish his right side... not perfect, but I hope this would be a good start as a base model for some... Learn from it... Rig it... Bulk it... Tear it... and Animate it... CHEERS!
  13. Yet, another great WIP by you. CHEERS!
  14. WOW!!! The model looks so great... excellent work!!! All i can say. CHEERS!
  15. What I meant to say is that what your scene and the surrounding will look like. Will it look like those old time Japanese movies? CHEERS!
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