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  1. Hello! Since the contest deadline is past, I will now post the WIP for my entry, Back from the Dentist. The idea originated from a doodle of mine. Progression in chronological order. WIP This is from a frame of a quick animation I did. I will post later. Final I hope I am allowed to post this now, if not, feel free to delete! Photoman
  2. photoman

    Camaro SS

    Great model as usual Xtaz! I love the soft shadow and reflections!! Look forward to the tutorial!! Photoman
  3. For those participating. DEADLINE is coming up soon!! Photoman
  4. @Robcat Thanks! I plan on doing a more elaborate title for the final render. I am thinking about including a few other shots as well. @thefreshestever Thanks! @HomeSlice I clipped the blacks and whites in AFX. I am trying (trying being the optimum word) to simulate a really shallow dynamic range like transparency film (around 7-10 stops). Also the blooming is from the specular highlights turning into bokeh with the DOF plugin. Been playing in After FX and made a quick breakdown reel of my post processing. Here it is: I am thinking about adding a few more cameras
  5. @Spleen Thanks! @new guy Thank you for the comment. I only started 3D when I was 14, but got serious when I was 15. The best way to learn is by practice. For every project that I consider to be good there are at least 5 different ones that I consider bad. UPDATE! I know have half the footage rendered! Five whole seconds, took over thirty hours!! Frames rendered from 40 minutes to 10 minutes. Here is a little test I made: I know it goes by really fast, I am thinking of dropping the framerate from 24fps to 18~20, plus that would give it a more timelapsy effect.
  6. Whatabout holding shift, I believe this tweaks only the one bias handle. Or wait, adjust the in/out bias under the property panel.
  7. I started the rendering as of now! Based on my estimates, it should take around 56 hours to render the 240 frames. In AE, each frame will take about 2-20 seconds to render with all the post work applied to it. Ill keep updating as it renders. Photoman
  8. Here is another quick update. I am in the process of optimizing render times. I managed to get to down around 8 minutes a frame, but with the lights I added it jumps to 32 minutes a frame. Debating on whether to keep them or not. Anyway here is another post processed render: Photoman
  9. Well, the short movie project was a bust. Never got my head wrapped around such long render times. The AO plus the reflections plus the refractions and everything was just too much. After having that said, I want to render a 720p 10 second video of the timelapse of the sun. I plan on using a depth buffer to get a cheap SSAO pass in After FX. I will also DOF and film grain and whatever to make it more real. I managed to adjust the scene so that the only objects with reflections are the water and the tiles next to it. All the other reflections are just environment maps. This dropped re
  10. Hello! Seniors at my high school are required to complete a project for a final grade. It is supposed to occupy over 15 hours of time to create and blah blah blah... I am choosing analogue photography. I plan on doing a video and I need some titles for each section. Here is the first one, it is for small tank developing: FilmDev_720_A_0.mov I made an 8 light skydome for the cheap AO effect. I used the AA render for the DOF too. I know the 35mm is totally lame looking but it is meant for illustrative purposes only. Photoman
  11. Make sure the mesh with the clothe group isn't touching anything on the first frame of the simulation
  12. The body for my UltraThom model was a generic male muscle body which I modeled off a rotoscope. I believe a good source to use ishttp://www.the-blueprints.com/. Photoman
  13. So here is the final render. I added the vignette, edge blur, and some of the grain in post. The star was added in post as well. It took about 16 hours to render too. Photoman
  14. Update! I have been working off and on wit this project. Mostly distracted with school work and college applications... anyway my Dad wants the final render this weekend so he can get the cards (about 150 or so) printed in time. I haven't added much, just the MMX above the last arch. I adjusted the lighting slightly as well. For the MMX decal I used a bump map and then created an AO (Diffuse) map using Robcat's method on his latest tutorial. Thanks! For the final render I plan to do a 25pass render at 250 samples for radiosity at a resolution of 1500x2000. I don't really
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