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  1. Whether it works or not Thanks!!! ....I'll Give it Try Forgot to mention...I have a PC!
  2. Whether it works or not Thanks!!! ....I'll Give it Try
  3. Can you or Anyone Send me a Copy of a DXF htx exporter file? That way...I can Freely Export as a DXF! Thanks!
  4. Did that but the Option isn't There. OBJ, 3DS, etc are there...but not DXF! Like I said..I have A.M. 13 Someone gave me the Plugin for the OBJ Exporter last time I was here. So now I can Export OBJ's This time...I need DXF!
  5. I have 13... I need to know how to Export DXF files or where the Plugin is for Exporting DXF Files. I see Option of IMPORTING DXF but Not EXPORTING DXF Help Please! Thanks!
  6. You are Just Too Much! Keep On Keeping On!
  7. That's what I thought too. Why_A00eComp.mov I tried bringing this guy into A:M 15 and had some problems with an action that I had made in A:M14. For some strange reason CPs in the face had become offset across the y-axis and nothing I could do would correct the problem. I checked their assignments and all was correct, including the weighting, but I couldn't get them to jump back into their correct postions. There was a "Splines" folder in the Action but A:M15 wouldn't let me delete it. Eventually I gave in and deleted the action alltogether. I then set my displacement map back to 'displacement' instead of 'bump', something that appears to be neccessary in A:M15 in order to be able to work with the realtime display, and A:M instantly became unuseable so I rebooted, set the displacement map again and it "took" so I tried a render. Everything that has the displacement map refused to render at all so I compromised again and ditched the displacement. (Sigh) HAHAHAHA!!!! LMAO!!!!! GREAT!!
  8. Thanks! I've made a few changes to the octopus: Blue_A01.mov He still needs loosening up and he also needs his 'suck and blow' apparatus. All of these textures are still temporary. WOW!!!! GEAT WORK!!! It has Both a Cartoony and Realistic look at the same time. Very Impressive!
  9. There is a 3rd party facial mo-cap solution available called ZIGNTRACK at the hash store for $99... I would'nt hold my breath for an entire body solution, there are too many other companies all over that- and that's really not Hash's deal... HERE are some of my mocap samples: http://campbellanimation.com/BoxerMoCapTest.mov http://campbellanimation.com/MoCAPtest.mov Several companies are All over 3d Amimation Programs too...yet Hash is coming up Strong. Its something that they Should consider. It would be nice to have a Motion Caption System that is Indeed affordable to General Public just like A.M. The Big Companies are already Heated at Hash for this affordible program alone... Imagine the possibilites of an affordible Motion Caption System to Creative Independent Artists like us!!!
  10. I think this is good advice! CW's Speeder looks Real Good! I just thing you're a couple touch ups away! Just keep on keeping on!
  11. THANK YOU! One of the Capture Places Im looking at does Indeed use the BVH files. Im Glad to hear it! I wonder if AM will come out with one of their own....(hmmm) I think thats something they need to think about. Thanks again!
  12. Im Looking to Buy One soon and I need to also know if it can be used in AM! Im Working on something pretty Serious and any Help would be More then Welcomed!
  13. Hmmmm......Very Interesting! You know...I saw this, passed to the next forum, but then came back again with Interest! I actually LIKE this Character for some reason. He seems like such a simple Robot and it makes me wonder...What exactly can this little Robot do? I mean....there's a movie coming out caleed Wall-E about a Robot that kinda of like the one from the move Short Circut. You may or may not add to the Robot but I think I want to know this... ***Rob the Robot*** is about!
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