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  1. I apologize for missing our meeting yesterday! At 10:00 a.m., I was all ready, but by noon different things at my house had grabbed my attention. I didn't realize I had forgotten the appointment until last night around 10:00 p.m. I'll have to set an alarm or something to remind me of the time. During last week, I reinstalled skeletons for all my damaged characters. I did save copies of damaged characters with foot targets that didn't work so that we could look at them if we wanted to figure out how to repair the foot targets. This seems to be a weak point of the skeleton A:M advises us to use. This has happened to my skeletons on about three different occasions. I use the same templates and morph them a lot, because it saves me from having to put in the user properties, and code the fingers, etc. Usually, everything goes well, but sometimes it doesn't. Then, it seems, there is no way to make a repair.

    Well, anyway, sorry I missed our meeting and hope to see you around the forum. Have a great holiday!


    1. robcat2075


      That's OK.  Maybe next week!

      I'm sure there is some solution but I'd have to see the case to know more.

      Happy New Year!

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