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  1. My heartiest congratulations Dusan, 'Chicory & Coffee' is not only the best work yet done with Hash A:M. but also it's the first to get so much of recognition from the mainstream film festivals. We all know what you and your team have gone through to make this masterpiece. 'Chicory & Coffee' and you will remain as a true inspiration for all the future independent animation filmmakers. I'm glad Hash Inc. has a special place in this forum for 'Chicory & Coffee', the work behind it, and interviews of the crew.
  2. Oh. I misinterpret you too. Glad, that we are now on the same page. I have only one film making kit to offer, It's based on Aesop's Fables. And I can say that it's sale has not improved significantly after the recent pricing change of A:M. The Revenge of Red Riding Hood is not a film making kit. It's a 30 mins mid length short in production. I hope you'll find it helpful David. I tried to take great care designing it. Satyajit
  3. Yep. The voices are in English. It's narrated by the girl who did Red in this project. Okay, let me see. The walls are all painted. Shouldn't be a problem. let's have some variations. Just learning? Well, I don't agree with that. It's much more. I use TSM2 Rigs for skeletal animation, and Jason Osipa set of poses for facial animation.
  4. 180 degree rule If you are using multiple cameras and plan to edit the different shots in a scene into a seamless sequence, an important rule to keep in mind is to place all the cameras on the same side of a line of action. A line of action is a path which your subject is traveling along or an imaginary line between two characters who are interacting. This rule is called "180 degree rule" If you can imagine an actor walking or running in a direction then you can picture the path they are following as a line. If two actors are talking to each other then draw a line to connect the two places where they are standing and extend the line in each direction to the edges of the set. Even if there are many actors in the scene you can still draw a line connecting the two opposing sides of the action. All coverage should be shot from one side or the other of this imaginary line. The audience subconsciously forms a mental map of where the actors are located in the scene and from the first master shot will be thinking that "Mary is on the left and John is on the right". Satyajit
  5. Thanks Yves, I'll be careful with the camera angles this time. Satyajit
  6. Thanks Ken. thanks for pointing out the shadows. Sometimes shadows are not very prominent at the intersections. I wish I could use AO. But, wait! I think I can put some fake AO maps here. Kamikaze, I use an Athlon 4200, 1 gb RAM. Satyajit
  7. Here's my take on the Granny's House. What do you think? Thanks for lending a hand in modeling the house Ken. Waiting to hear your feedback specially. Environment 2 : Granny’s House (Exterior) The Render times are typically near 3-5 mins depending upon the distance of viewing, and @ HD res. Satyajit
  8. Of course you will recognize Ken. You've made this model yourself from the concepts of Nep. This concept was developed by Som over your model. The chimney was not visible from this view. Hmm. should include that. Satyajit
  9. The concept artists are becoming merciless. Nep and Som, my two artists have teamed up, conspired behind me and look at what they've come up with. Environment Concept Art 1 - Granny's House I have to do this in 3D, the textures, lights (looking like AO, my god), with the leaves and displacements, fog and what not. And all within my render time per frame. Now, that's something worth challenging. Don't you think? Let's see how I manage that. Satyajit
  10. Hey, Flog! How are you doing? Long time no see Man! And well noticed errors. I'll take care of that. Neplox is a great artist and great to work with. Tell us about you. What were you doing until now? Satyajit
  11. Soundtrack Composer Benny Oschmann is doing the soundtrack. He has already made a wonderful theme of Red. Gives so much character to the movie. I'll post that theme soon. Satyajit
  12. Wonderful work Dusan. This is going to be one of the greatest short ever made. Satyajit
  13. Here's the mother character model. 3D Model 4 - Mother Satyajit
  14. Yep, I'll work on the chimney. Alter it's shape a little. Regarding the leaves, yes they are cookie cut maps. I couldn't do the look with hair/particles. I guess this cookiecuts will hold. Camera won't go near them. Satyajit
  15. 3Dartz : The mountain range is a painted panorama image. Ken : Nice suggestions. I'll break up the ground and house intersections. Gutter?! Hmmm. Also, the chimney looks a bit odd to me now. Thanks for the Crits. Setup - I'm using a dual core athlon 4200 with 1GB RAM(Got to upgrade), 512mb Nvidia graphics. A:M V 14.c. Render Time - For the Render at the backdrop - 4 mins utilizing single processor @ 1280 x 720 pixel. Wallpapers? Sure! Let me work on it. Satyajit
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