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  1. My project The Revenge of Red Riding Hood has outgrown my expectation. It's scenes and acts became such demanding that I fear I can't handle it all by myself. Still now I'm the only animator in this project. Are there any animators wanting to animate in this film for little or no pay? I can pay a little but not much. And that after finishing of the film. I wonder if anybody wants to get in this. The interesting part is that the scenes are very challenging, and interesting to work. And this film will be available throughout the world and in film festivals anyway. I know it sounds like a pep talk. But I don't have much to offer right now. If you like the project and like animating challenges you can mail me at satyajit@satyajitchakraborty.com. Satyajit
  2. Hi, I'm in the need to build up a medium sized team trained in A:M. The TAoAM course is a good staring point. But the beginners need hands on training. So, Educators/ Teachers are needed to provide online lectures and guidance to students and trainees of A:M. I was wondering if I can get the regular forum visitors like you to provide such instruction. There are so many Hashers like you who are excellent in providing tutorials and training. You'll be using WebEX type of tool and can work from your home. You can conduct a full course or give lectures on areas of your expertise. This will be a paid contract. Please contact me at satyajit@satyajitchakraborty.com with 'Teacher' in the mail subject line. Satyajit
  3. Thanks a lot mate for helping me out. There's so much in A:M that I don't know. Mark Strohbehn, I'm sorry. You did a great job on the Rig. David, thanks for pointing out my mistake. Satyajit
  4. Hi, I was studying the face rig portion of the squetch rig. Hat's off to David Simmons ! However, I noticed a translate relationships are applied to NULLs (as shown in the attached screenshot). Can someone tell me how's this done? How a translate relationship can be applied to a NULL, such as when the NULL is animated a pose or a muscle animation is done. Like in the FACE RIG? Satyajit
  5. Paul, I'm using A:M 11.1 and TSM 2.0.6. I always use pre-existed channels for keying. It's absolutely impossible to manage the keyframes with 'all channels'. May be I'll repeat my problem. When you start keyframing a TSM rigged character. After hitting the force keyframe/make keyframe, with 'key entire model' selected, a range of hidden bones gets keyed. Mind it, I haven't selected any specific bone, this'll work on any bone. Anybody got thru this problem, is there a workaround? Also, there must be someone who use Paste mirror in a TSM rig. If not, would I ask morgan? Satyajit
  6. Please forgive me if this is addressed before. 1. Problem 1 While animating with TSM2 rigged characters, a series of hidden control bones gets keyed when I try to make keyframe. Again all of the bones are not keyed, I have to initialise the unhidden bones. Those which are keyed are not required to be keyed during animation. So, too many unnecessery channels in the timeline is creating a problem. This was not like this in TSM1. 2. Problem 2 Paste Mirror command for keyframes are creating weird poses. It is also creating weird rotating fingers when I tried using it in a walk cycle. I usually take help of paste mirror command for keyframes in walk cycles. Again this was not in TSM1. Can anyone help me with these. These are causing real problems. Or am I missing something easily understandable. Satyajit
  7. Hi hashers, Modelling takes skill, I understand, you'd like to get a complete hold of it? And modelling is an art. I think, you'll agree that art begins with a pencil and paper. I'm trying to understand the need for an online art and modelling school. Where, you'll learn figure and environment drawing one to one from an artist. It can be a bootcamp for you to be more comfortable in visualising your characters and animations. And you can start regardless of your background in art. Also, from here would you like to go on learning modelling in depth using A:M one to one from a mentor? Would you like to join such a online school if available? Satyajit
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