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  1. Hats off to Steffen and Gerald (and to all that helped) for this feature! I'm not much of a modeler and I'm not a big fan of using props, but this is fantastic. This is the first time trying this and this is what I have after a couple of hours. The spline layout may not be the best, but it's a start. Still needs work, but I'm pretty happy with the results.
  2. In the choreography properties, you can animate the glow radius and glow intensity.
  3. I think this is a memory issue. If I import both objects into the chor, they both have issues. If I hide the generic prop, the elf prop is fine. If you can reduce the poly count on the generic object, it may be fine.
  4. I don't recall anyone having difficulty with the hand/finger controls of the 2008 rig. The 2008 rig has multiple ways to control the fingers, main finger control (controls all the fingers), individual finger controls, the null controls (nulls can translate and rotate on the Z axis) and you can switch to FK fingers to manually animate the fingers. Having built in poses for the fingers wouldn't work too well from model to model. Everytime I installed the 2001 rig, I had to modify the hand clench poses. But, there's no reason why you couldn't create your own poses, if you want them. If you want a rig with alot of finger curl poses, maybe you should try the squetch rig, it has alot of them.
  5. It's this cp that is causing the issue. If I break either of these two splines and reattach, I can create a 5 point patch. When Robert deleted the spline, he fixed the problem.
  6. It works fine here. Did it multiple times reverting the project, in various ways.
  7. If I break the top spline of the 5 pointer and reattach, I can make a 5 point patch. I have no issue with the rogue cp.
  8. Try this, break the top horizontal spline of the 5 pointer, then reattach.
  9. I was able to fix it by deleting the vertical spline on the right side of the 5 pointer, breaking the splines, extruding the spline on the right (to the position where you deleted the spline) and then reattaching. After doing that, I was able to create the 5 point patch. I don't know why you couldn't create the five pointer with what you had.
  10. I no longer can see the fellows forum either.
  11. Will's mascot was for v16. It's time to move on to v17 with a new mascot.
  12. My replies were deleted purposely.
  13. The InstallRig plugin is only a helper to organize the hierarchy of the bones. As David mentioned, it deletes bones with INSTALL in their name and reparents (if required), hides the control bones and unhides any bone with GEOM in their name. The squetch rig requires a constraint setup for the installation process, which interferes with the relationships for the actual rig. So the final import model is just for importing the relationships/poses. The 2008 rig uses the InstallRig plugin to delete the INSTALL bones and unhide the GEOM bones. There is no final import for the 2008 rig, because it was designed to use the FK setup for installation, which positions the IK setup (FK/IK SWITCH) while in the action. Both rigs require exporting from an action to maintain the new positions of the bones. This is also true for the literig, but it doesn't use the InstallRig plugin for installation.
  14. Thanks guys! No Matt. The settings I use don't work in beta5.
  15. I found some more free time. Here's another version.
  16. Are you using Multipass when it crashes, or standard renderer. I am experiencing crashes mid-render with the standard renderer, switched back to MP... trying to gather if that solves it... or is SSS killing it. Multipass, I never use the standard renderer. I haven't had any time for more testing, though it has to do with low extinction values. I've had models render with slightly high values.
  17. Back to beta 4 for me, my tests crash on first pass while computing the SSS.
  18. Sorry to hear that Josh! My condolences to you and your family, he will be missed.
  19. In the 2008 rig there is a bone called "MirrorBones", this is the bone that you should be using for the mirrorbone plugin. Do not use the "Root" bone, it will mirror a few bones that should not be mirrored. Second thing, make sure your model is CFA/mirrored and use the EXACT same settings in the plugin as I did in the instructions, that includes using a capital "R" in Right and a capital "L" in Left. These two things are the biggest problem people have with installation. Using the correct settings (and snap to mirrored points on the left side) I had no problem mirroring the rig and cp assignments. The settings Robert posted are INCORRECT! Use the settings that are in the instructions.
  20. I supplied both a windows and mac version of the InstallRig plugin (32bit only) and a link to the MirrorBones plugin on Steffens website. If you are using v16 or v17 (maybe even v15), I believe you do not need to install these plugins, Steffen has added them to the A:M installer already. When I installed v17, I don't recall having to add the install rig plugin.
  21. got mine on friday, it was great Mark! Looking forward to the next one.
  22. Make sure the window you have open is active (click anywhere in the window). Even though the window is in view, it doesn't mean it's active.
  23. Thanks Matt! Testing out Jason's default chor lighting setup and some clothes (still needs work).
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