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  1. Nice modeling Jeff. The one thing that I see is the position of the elbow. The forearm is much longer than the bicep. The hand look a little large as well.
  2. You may want to check to see if there is a second ground plane. The textures should be the same as the upper grass level. I also see the road texture is also missing, which makes me think there is a duplicate ground model in the chor.
  3. Nancy is correct. All Geom bones are used for animating in FK mode. The reason for this is to minimize the amount of control bone in the rig. As Nancy stated, the extra bones that get keyed are needed for the constraint setup, to allow for seamless switching. The only bone you need to be concerned with are the ones that are visible in the viewport window. Turning switches (poses) ON/OFF will make bones appear and disappear, depending on which mode you are in (FK/IK).
  4. Thanks everyone! I haven't had much time to work on it. I'll try to post some updates soon.
  5. Here's what I've been working on in my minimal spare time. Works been killing me.
  6. I turned OFF the supports limits/damping in the kinematic constraint on the forearm and the problem goes away.
  7. I've seen these issues before. I see it when I do alot of weighting without saving, more so if the model has porcelain applied and hires decals.
  8. Looks pretty good to me, David.
  9. As I mentioned before, you need to start from scratch and reimport the rig and start over. It would be alot easier than trying to fix all the bones that are out of place. I'm not sure how these bones got so far out of place. Did you by chance use the bone properties to adjust rotation? Mack (Mechadelphia) posted a video tut on installing the rig located here.
  10. Pretty cool app. Made a few trees, but didn't try getting it into A:M yet. Nice find, Will!
  11. Open the community window, you should be able to sign out/log off. Just closing the window doesn't sign you off.
  12. The biggest probem I see is you seem to have translated the foot and hand. The second thing seems to be scaling problems in the hand or you did some manual translations in the fingers. I would go over the instructions again and try another install. Before you start weighting, I can take a look at the bone positions again.
  13. Hmmm, did you follow the instructions? I'm finding hand and foot bones out of position.
  14. It's hard to tell from the video, but it's probably the cp weighting or bone placement. It would be easier to tell if I could see the model.
  15. It needs to be set to the elbow fan. The bicep fan is for the shoulder.
  16. You have it set to the right bicep fan, not the elbow fan.
  17. A rig could be designed to drive poses when a bone is rotated. Poses can be set to -180 to 180, giving you the exact degree of rotation. Each bone would drive 3 poses.
  18. The only problem I see is the lights will not penatrate though the glass, you'll have shadow issues. This may be a problem if you need the shadow lights to light object behind the windows.
  19. Looks great Sebastian! If you have a group for the windows, set the density property to .001. Also there must be some kind of geometry behind the window. Exposed camera background will not render correctly.
  20. Sorry for the late reply. The horse pose is just the first frame of the action that comes with the horse, I didn't edit anything on it. I guess I moved the feet a little to high, I'll lower them a bit. Thanks again everyone and thanks for the suggestions, they help a lot. Hopefully I'll have some time to work on it this weekend.
  21. Thanks Steve. Mark, I do have 2 grass models set to front projection targets, to mask the rear hooves. I'll see what I can do with adding more elements.
  22. Thanks guys. Steve, I can't take credit For the background, it's a photo.
  23. Thanks. Another update. Added hair material for the mane and tail. Also toned down the force.
  24. Here's an update. Added a force for the hair, repositioned spear and took Rodney's suggestion for the knees.
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