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  1. Holy cow!!! Welcome back Martin! I always loved your spirit and and also reading your Martin's Minutes columns. I got Animation Master back when the commercial software was super-expensive and I could afford it. I also enjoy watching Scarecrow of Oz and Tin Woodman of Oz even to this day, even getting to help out a bit on them. If you want to make another animated movie, count me in! -Sean Wall
  2. Huh. That is something else -- nicely done! Looks like a tree to me.
  3. Quick question - I assume the v19 alpha/beta is a closed process? You have to sign up for it? I think I saw on the forums somewhere where they were asking for people to beta test. Just curious!
  4. Yeah, I agree. The Blender sequence editor is supposedly very good and can even do things like transitions between clips and such. The Blender UI is not the easiest thing to pick up, though, IMO.
  5. Typically, the integrated Intel graphics is used primarily most of the time to save battery power. The discrete NVIDIA GPU would kick in when an application needed it. On my Mac, the Intel graphics is used to display the desktop most of the time, but if I launch any kind of application that uses OpenGL, it will switch to the NVIDIA GPU. I would assume Windows would do something similar?
  6. That is completely awesome! Thanks for the video showing the process...it was fascinating.
  7. I'm available most evenings with the exception of the second Wednesday of each month. My ham radio club meets on that day. Otherwise, I'm pretty flexible.
  8. Oh, wow. Didn't realize it was the anniversary of his death. Walt had a lot of talent and creativity and he was smart enough to surround himself with people who were just as smart and creative as himself. He was never afraid to dream big!
  9. Very nice! Thanks for sharing it!
  10. I'll get to working on it!! Very cool -- thanks for offering.
  11. Oooh! I'd definitely be down for this. I saw in your other post that you're looking for a simple animation as a kind of "entrance exam", correct? Either a bouncing ball or character leap animation?
  12. CaptBobo


    For two years I had a Lego advent calendar. Each day was a small Lego model that were all Christmas themed. One was even Star Wars Lego themed. I still have those models.
  13. Do you know what your subdivision level is set at? When viewing the shaded mode model, have you tried pressing 'Page Down' until you hear a chime? That will set the subdiv level to the minimum. See if that speeds up shaded mode. If it does, you can gradually press 'Page Up' to increase the subdivision level to a reasonable level.
  14. So I just installed the latest A:M (18.0p+, Intel SSE4) on MacOS Sierra. It launches okay, but then I can't change any settings without A:M crashing. The crash log doesn't really provide any useful insight as to the problem, other than it's a segfault. I also tried the non-SSE4 version (just for completeness), and it behaves the same way. So, I have to say if you have MacOS Sierra, installing a fresh copy of A:M seems problematic right now. update: sometimes A:M won't even launch - things have not improved!
  15. Yes, I've noticed that A:M settings in general are not saved in between launches of A:M on the Mac. Not sure why.
  16. Very nice! Looking forward to the new Wonder Woman movie as well as the Justice League movie.
  17. That's kinda funky! That seems to be an animated procedural texture?
  18. Very cool Rob! I wasn't expecting the rabbit hiding under the pile.
  19. Hello everyone! I've been an A:M user since way back in version 8 or so. (My best guess!) I should say I've been an A:M owner -- I kind of fiddled with it on and off over the years and even started the AoA:M exercises, but my full-time work kind of kept me away. However, I recently started working for Disney as a software developer (I'm a huge Disney-phile, BTW) and working for a company that emphasizes imagination and creativity got the animation bug resuscitated in me. Anyway, I did get to work a little bit on Scarecrow of Oz back in the day. Has there been any talk recently ab
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